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  1. Hello everyone! Long time no talk! Recently I have had a few providers reach out to me about issues they are facing with Bitcoin, which is what we have to use to pay for our ads on TOB and other places. In the recent months cryptocurrency has been taking downfall, and because of this we are seeing an increase in mining fees. More specifically, "Coinbase" which I have used for years and recommended to other providers to use is charging extremely high fees to transfer funds. What I see happening to providers is they buy the amount of bitcoin they need for their ad, plus the amount they expect to pay for the fees and then they send the bitcoin to their ad. The problem with this, is because coinbase is charging so much in fees by the time you send your bitcoin to your ad, you do not have enough money to cover the ad, so then you have to go buy more bitcoin, transfer it to your ad, and are charged the fee again. So, now you are spending an extra $15-30 on your ad just because of the fees. How can you avoid this from happening? Well if you want to continue to use coinbase to purchase your bitcoin I recommend buying at least an extra $10-15 dollars for fees. Additionally before you send your bitcoin from coinbase it tells you what the fee is in USD and how much will be sent after fees. If the amount does not cover your ad, DO NOT send the money. Instead, go back to coinbase and purchase an additional amount before sending it to your ad. This way you are not paying double fees to transfer money. Another option and probably the better one is to purchase bitcoin from cashapp and transfer it directly from cashapp to your TOB ad. The transfer fees on cashapp are much lower, less than $5, however fees fluctuate minute by minute so it is not a guarantee that your fee will only be $5. Also and this is IMPORTANT, do not buy bitcoin on cashapp until your identity is verified. If you make the mistake of buying it before you have verified your identity then your bitcoin will sit in your cashapp and you will not be able to do anything with it. It will then fluctuate based on the market, which means if you bought $100 in bitcoin you could lose some of it before you have a chance to be verified, because it can take days to get verified. The amount you lose depends on the fluctuation of the market, but it could be a significant loss. I ALWAYS recommend buying the amount of bitcoin you need and sending it over to your ad right way. Now, if your a person who likes to take risks then sure let your bitcoin sit and fluctuate. Personally that's not for me. I am not a gambler lol. Anyway I hope this helps some and if any of you have questions feel free to reach out! Sincerely, Marilyn
  2. Cash App Tutorial

    Hello, a lot of people are struggling with cryptocurrency involving cash app to get to buy bitcoin. Follow these steps and it will help you!
  3. Do You Believe In Giving Second Chances

    Hmm second chance 🤔 that depends on the situation. If they were a no show or last minute cancel, I will likely give a second chance. If they were rude, pushy or aggressive it's not likely they will get a second chance. However, I have informed clients that I did not appreciate their behavior and if I choose to see them again that behavior would not be tolerated. Some clients chose to see me after that and the behavior was better and others just ghosted me, which tells me they had no intention of adjusting their behavior so I felt safe and comfortable seeing them. So in that situation the loss is on them...
  4. Covered Requests

    Never heard of this before but definitely going to try!!
  5. Covered Requests

    You are absolutely right and that is why I do not allow DATY. That is fluid to fluid transfer to a T. Additionally vaginas PH balance is very sensitive so anything can throw it off and cause irritation. They say mouths are dirtier than a public toilet seat so DATY will ALWAYS be a no go for me. Sorry fellas!
  6. Covered Requests

    I think most prefer covered so I cant imagine why anyone would get offended...
  7. Cell Service Issues

    Hello all! I was curious if anyone is having issues getting text messages or other people not receiving your messages. This entire week I have had that issue but it is only with people who have Verizon. I do not use verizon myself but I have heard of other people saying they were having some similar issues. I have no idea what's going on?
  8. Relatable

    Saw this and had to share! Have a fabulous week everyone!
  9. •Safe reporting-Law for Sex Workers

    I agree this is very important information. I know a few providers who just recently within the past few days were threatened to be raped, mutilated and murdered by a client who was messaging them. It is extremely disturbing to be faced with this kind of behavior, especially when all the provider did was say they were not able to see the person. Threats of this matter are never ok no matter what the circumstance, but let me be clear. WE providers can choose to see who we want, and when we want to see them, just as clients choose to see who they want too. Making threats or getting pissed off because we are not available of whatever the situation is, will NEVER work out for you in the end. All it does is ensure you will have a difficult time seeing any provider in the future, because word gets around about clients who make threats and harass providers.
  10. Bizarre Saturday at the office

    Just be straightforward and honest. Apologize again for walking in on her and make it VERY CLEAR that what happened is in the past it will stay between the two of you and it will not affect you or her, or your ability to continue to work in the same office. This would be the best way to clear the air and make her feel more comfortable about the whole situation.
  11. Rub Ratings Replacement

    Anyone heard of Apparently it is a replacement for Rub Ratings and they say the site is built for providers, by providers? Not sure if it is the same people who built rub ratings or not but I guess we shall see how it works...
  12. Girlfriend

    I have had many couples do this and it is ALWAYS so hot and enjoyable! The one thing I can say is if she is a jealous person at all DO NOT DO IT. If she isn't then go for it. It is a lot of fun and really helps spice things up in the bedroom!
  13. TOB vs. TNA - the men & the admins.

    I'm sorry you had that experience! The TOB admin are very kind and prompt. There are also many good clients from TOB. Unfortunately there are also many not so great clients on this board too. Sometimes clients think just because they are a member of this board they can disrespect providers, ask for discounts and expect us to jump through hoops for them. Personally I do not care what clients are a member of. You could be the president of the united states and I would still expect full donation, kindness, respect and no BS games.
  14. Funny Though for today

    Good one!
  15. Trust No One

    As I am sitting here writing this I feel like kicking myself. How in the Fu** could I allow myself to be that gullible once again... For the second time now I have been ripped off from a client for a significant amount of "income" Here is the important thing to know about this situation. BOTH of the clients who ripped me off were people I had seen many times before, they were both people who I felt were trustworthy and respectful. Now how it happened. Both times the clients showed up for their appt and wanted to pay digitally. Both times the clients claimed their "digital payment" was not working but they would sort it out later in the day and pay me then. Both times, I trusted these clients, went ahead and did the appt expecting to be paid for my services later in the day. Both times I was completely ghosted when asking when they were going to send the payment. Now, after it happened the first time, I swore to myself I would never allow that again, no matter how many times I had seen a client or how much I trusted them. However, recently I was faced with the exact same situation and thought I could trust this person. Funny thing is they even said "you trust me right" UGH FML. This happening to me twice now, by people I thought I could trust, really upsets me. IT just goes to show you can't really trust anyone no matter how many times you have seen them or how "nice" they are. They will screw you over in a heartbeat if they think they can get away with it. I hope these clients enjoyed their last session with me, because they will NEVER see me again, and I hope other providers will take caution. DM me ladies if you want the info for these mofos!
  16. Delayed or not shows

    Personally I think agencies are sketch because you never know if the providers are being trafficked or abused by some pimp or something, and like you said Hunter the majority of agencies and pimps take a big cut of the providers earning. To each their own though I suppose. If client's feel more comfortable going through an agency then so be it, but there is a lot that goes on behind closed doors those clients' probably don't know about and they are potentially supporting some very terrible things that may be happening to the providers...
  17. Delayed or not shows

    That is beyond me! I don't know why any escort would no show, or be really late for an appt unless it was a major emergency, or they already got your money and are just ripping you off which isn't cool at all...
  18. Delayed or not shows

    I swear to G these guys must get off on booking "fake" appointments. The number of no shows I have had in the past week are absolutely ridiculous. And the clients wonder why we charge a deposit!! FML!!!!!!!
  19. Mother's Day 2022

    It will definitely be a hard day for some. Hugs to you Caressa, take care of your self on this difficult day and thank you for reminding us all that the day is not wonderful for everyone, especially those who have lost a child.
  20. P411

    Well I guess not because I did that and it did not work. I didn't even realize it wasn't working because it worked fine when I opened it from the browser today but when I click on the link on my ad it does not work. It was probably like Kaduk said the certificate expired. I had that happen to my own personal website before but it was an easy fix. I'm guessing TOB may have to fix the cache on their end in order for the P411 link to work on our profiles.
  21. P411

    If you are still getting a warning then it is probably a cache error so you will need to delete your p411 from TOB and then re add it. That should do the trick!
  22. Trust No One

    A TOB client who ripped me off previously has ripped off another provider TODAY! I will be happy to let everyone know his username and other important information!
  23. Can't upload photos also with mobile.

    You can use to compress pictures to make them smaller so you can upload. Most of the time it is a size issue.
  24. Ladies Beware

    Ummmmm... well ok then.
  25. I figured since this is a thing now I would introduce myself. Many of you already know who I am but for those who don't I am Marilyn. I am located in the lovely Colorado Springs. Unfortunately I do not ever travel outside of this city for tours, but I do enjoy when people take the time to come to my neck of the woods. I try to stay up to date with the forums, but honestly I hate drama so if there is a lot of that I tend to stay away, unless it is something that I just can't keep quiet about, which happens from time to time. I do enjoy writing and have a blog where I write about things going on in my life, a lot of people seem to really resonate with it! If I can give any advice to people on this board, it would be to be kind to those around you. You have no idea what the person on the other end of your keyboard is going through, and for all you know, your words can make a huge impact on someone's life weather it is positive or negative. Trust me I have first hand experience. My nephew was bullied online which contributed to his permanent decision to end his life. So PLEASE think before you speak! XOXO Marilyn