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  1. Out of Action

    Hope you get back in form soon! I have always enjoyed your posts.
  2. What's the oddest place you've done it???

    on the lighthouse walk at the top of a working light house in North Carolina in a helicopter flying over the lava flows in Hawaii. A friend of mine was the pilot. I am not a mile high club member but I felt like it. on the balcony of a nice hotel in Colorado at night, 3 floors up overlooking the main entrance with a wedding party mingling outside just below us. not a highly unusual place for that sort of activity but in public it was a thrill.
  3. Have you ever met

    YES on more than one occasion! When you have a minimum of 3 hour round trip it is so much more enjoyable when you find someone that you are totally comfortable with. Hope I meet a few more that fit that description. Also importantly I hope they are comfortable with me.
  4. Test run

    living out of town and having to travel a minimum of 90 minutes to the closest incall I always do one hour or more. Can't see driving all that distance for just 30 minutes.
  5. PAIN

    used to ride broncs in a rodeo one time I tried a bull. didn't last too long but he tromped on me. luckily I was not gored also worked construction for several summers. had a co worker accidentally nail my hand to a wall we were building. they had to use a crowbar to get me unnailed. that hurt one time I was constipated for 4 days after having surgery. passing that one was the worst yet.
  6. Friendly Friday fun for night dwellers.

    All I can say is YES!!!
  7. Does it Matter to You?

    Guess I am in the minority once again. I like music! I have been known to bring my own to an appointment. l prefer the blues with good rhythm but also like relaxing music especially post. A good song gets me going. Not into rap or hip hop.
  8. What's your fantasy?

  9. Did she or he?

    I have always tried to treat others as I would like to be treated.
  10. Zombie or Alien?

    Aliens for me. never got into the zombie thing.
  11. A gorgeous redhead...

    I am a true Irishman and the leprechaun worked for me! I also kissed the Blarney Stone and something else that was soft I think. Hard to remember!
  12. Happy Birthday Audrey Astor

    I know it is late but Happy Birthday! You truly deserve a HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  13. Need someone to talk to

    Been there, done that and still doing it. I have managed to cope with it. I suggest that you reach out to one of the ladies here. I know that Laci is good at it.and probably Megan and Audry as well. They will understand!!!!!!!!!! signed "the secret life of walter Middy"
  14. What do we need for the big one?

    The biggest problem will be with traffic when the storm is over. Up north we are predicted for 18". The main problem is this dammed wind!!! It is howling like a banshee here. Just stay inside for awhile and enjoy the best you can. I have plenty of food and 2 great dogs to keep me company. They like being out in the weather but now that I am getting older the cold bothers me a little more but they still insist on their walks. Netflix has some great shows. I know it must be hard for the ladies that need to work to pay the bills. Maybe just maybe now that the activity has been curtailed the business will pick up a lot when things get back to some semblance of normalacy. I know I will be in the hunt.
  15. Recommendations for Cheyenne

    Charlie, good luck in Cheyenne. I am from there and don't know of any local providers. Just be careful. It is a small town and someone I know who really is in the know say that the powers that be are getting more active in cracking down. something to do with