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  1. Play a game

  2. Pearl Harbor

    being a former member of the services I do remember this day and veterans day and memorial day and July 4th. My dad served and was in Iwo Jima. He never talked about it though but I know it weighed heavily on him. He was so kind and gentle I do not know how he survived that. I miss Him!!!!
  3. Dog humor....

    After watching this thread I did not mind taking the dogs out for their evening walk in the cold and the wind. I looked like Ralphie in the Christmas Story. When I came back I got into the outside hot tub and both decided to jump in and play and splash around. Truly funny and lovable. I've had dogs since I was born and will never be without one.
  4. Monogamy to Polyamory

    I would recommend that the moderaters close this thread. getting on the hot side now.
  5. Those Eyes

    If she is Italian it can be the myuke (?sp). that is the look that you don't want trust me on that. They even make a beaded necklace that is supposed to protect you from those eyes. PS: it does not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hypothetical

    I am glad that you are having a somewhat enjoyable time. I know you and you deserve it! I might suggest in the future that you broach this situation before you actually go even if it just the two of you so that there is no misunderstanding. I know that you like vacation dates so do it in a kind and gentle manner so no one take offense. You catch more flies with sugar than you do with vinegar!!!!!! PS your sugar is SWEET! Glad that you are finally getting to meet that special person you have been waiting for.
  7. There will be no more donations

    Violet just read his thread. I am glad you are alright. What the ladies are doing is only fitting and right. No violence as it only begets more violence. He is outed to the ladies only and that should be enough to end his hobbying days. Newbie friendly ladies beware and check your boards to be the safest you can be.
  8. Monogamy to Polyamory

    My apologies for not reading your question accurately. The difference between insight and advice and thinking that the young lady in question was considering the arrangement. It was late and not enough caffeine. My insight not my personal experience was it has not worked out in the instances I am familiar with. I wish you the best in your pursuit of happiness and fulfillment. I think most of us are looking for that as well.
  9. What are you wishing for?

    there are a lot of things that I wish for year around. the usual: that we all could get along in the world, hunger, climate, homeless etc. Around this time of year I wish for something for myself. My family is either passed away and the others are on the other side of the country. I don't like being alone this time of year. I have a lot of friends that we share time together but not the same as family. So I would wish for a family Christmas.
  10. More zero reviews aging up

    No reviews and outcall only not for me. I tend to stay with local ladies esp. this time of year. They have been around and deserve some home town love and affection and Benjarmans. there are many on my wish list that I have not seen. Maybe in 2019. I know that this sounds like a knight in white armourish( think what you be it) but thank you to all the ladies that regularly make our hobby here so enjoyable!!!
  11. Monogamy to Polyamory

    I have been around for more decades than I care to admit to. While I have not tried it I have known several friends who have and it has NOT WORKED OUT! All of them are not together anymore or even speaking . One was an open marriage and the other 2 were to spice things up. While I am not Mormon nor were they; jealousy was a big problem. I am not sure how the Mormons who believe in those things get along with it. In the few episodes on reality tv that for some reason I watched (BAD ME), It did not seem that the sister wives really truly liked one another but that was just tv. Just imagine how you would feel if the wife wanted to bring in another man or for that matter even a woman as your relationship had soured. Would you be a willing participant if they excluded you from a lot of things including most of the sexual encounters or ignored you a lot of the time? Since it is around gift giving time what if the other husband/wife got a much nicer and more costly present than you got? You asked for some advice and all I can give you is DON'T. !! I am sure that it is a rare couple who don't have a happy marriage to succeed in this type of venture. PS: I am not sure of your age but you mentioned that this young lady stripper wants you so I am presuming that you are not so close in age.( I could be wrong.) I am just curious why a younger lady who meets lots of men in her profession would want an older man who has a wife and wants to live with the both of you that have an unfulfilling and maybe even a contentious marriage? I am not a psychologist either. Good Luck in whatever you choose. You will need it.
  12. What would your ad say fellahs?

    I can be anything your body desires and won't mess with your mind!!!! Fantastic reviews. 1* outcalls and incalls no problem. Car dates also upon request. Have gorgeous 1774 pinto. Know most of the Kama Sutra . If its not me its free!!!
  13. the worlds greatest RocknRoll band

    i would have to agree. I have had the pleasure of seeing them 4 times.
  14. I love this.

    don't do synchonized water sports, yachting or water polo but have done the rest. Grew up several blocks from the ocean. loved all of it! took a few spills but i am still here.
  15. Whatcha got cookin'

    wild rice and chicken soup with a green salad and some nice biscuits and hot green tea. dogs ate dry food mixed with left over salmon and water to drink.