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  1. What's In Your Toolbox?

    I would agree with bit banger word for word. I could not have said it better. I travel a good distance and have been around for awhile so I want to make every encounter count.
  2. I miss you my favorite ASP.

    God Bless you Mrs. calabash where ever you are! I remember fondly, Ocatvia, Jae Sinclair, Sabrina Black, Cheyenne and Kim the All American Girl. May the sun always be shining on you, may the wind be always at your back. May your road always be downhill and may you be in heaven one hour before the devils knows1 your gone
  3. What do you do when . . .

    I have been around for awhile and you are no newbie either and you have a decent reputation as far as I know. I have had my share of not so good appointments as well. Probably my fault for some for sure( different expectations). Unless it was a scam or misleading advertising either with pictures or other things and as long as she was not a danger to myself or a perceived threat on my part to others I would NOT leave a bad review. I have not done so unless one of the above happened. Just haven't reviewed her. It may have been that our chemistries did not match and everyone can have an off day. I certainly do. On the other hand if you thought she was misleading that is what reviews are for as well. You could just tell it like it was and that your expectations of the session were different. Hard choice in some ways: to report your experience knowing that it might harm her reputation OR on the other hand helping other hobbyists think twice about seeing her. Let your conscience be your guide..
  4. Snowboarding!!

    for me I enjoy Mary Jane and Steamboat. usually take several trips a year to Jackson. Helicopter skiing at various places in Canada also rings my bells.but only do that every several years.
  5. Making friends vs. being a loner

    I am a loner as I suspect that a lot of us that partake of this hobby are. My job requires that I be away a lot on things that I cannot talk about. My wife is deceased (early in life) and my children are grown and live in different states far away from here. I am used to this life now but around the holidays it can get a bit lonely. I have a lot of acquaintances and a few close friends and that is what makes things more bearable. I would like to not be such a loner and when I retire I plan on correcting that aspect. Best wishes to all you are alone especially this time of year. Hang in There!
  6. I was just wondering do you call a lady when she is advertising a special but does not list the special and asks you to call for the rate. I know that this is a way to get someone in the door so to speak. We have had quite a few discussions on the board about prices and guys seeking the cheapest way out and you get what you pay for etc. 1. For the guys do you ever wonder if this makes you look cheap in the ladies eyes (if that matters at all ) and does it make you a uncomfortable to call and ask the rate knowing your limit and that you may have to say no thanks....... IF you have the will power? 2. Do wonder if you are going to have as good a meeting knowing that you are getting a special rate? ======================================================================================================= 3; For the ladies what is the reasons you don't list the specials that you are offering and instead ask the guy to call? Some ladies do list their specials rates. ========================================================================================================================== In the same thread when looking at an ad either here or maybe p 411 etc for a Visiting Lady and they say call for rates , 1. Does that make you less likely to call and thus to skip her and search for another lady who does advertise her fee for services? 2. Or does it make you more likely to call if you like what you see and maybe you can talk her into a lower rate or something else? In other words: for the guys does calling and asking for rates make you uncomfortable in any way or it doesn't bother you at all? for the ladies if you don't list the special rates doesn't it lead to a lot of wasted time thus a lot more work for you or does it really bring you more clients? Just something I have always wondered about. I know this is a business like anything else and this type of advertising does generate potential clients but does it do so in this type of business?
  7. elegant stress management

    I almost pulled the plug but the bad weather kept me away. I asked her if her picture was an accurate representation and she responded for me to send my picture. Then heard nothing else. Not sure what the answer to my question is.
  8. Thanks  can you tell me the fees.  She did not mention that in her ad.

  9. elegant stress management

    Colorado Body Rubs I keep seeing ads on backpage massage for this lady who claims to be a miss usa finalist who offers massages. She seems to either advertise as either elegant stress management or only provides email address. she said she used to go by Kelly in longmont. Any info. I only have an email address. one of her ads on backpage is. Thanks
  10. Halloween

    I get into Halloween as well. I am going as a King Bee. Great costume with a long stinger! I can only dream.
  11. New lady Caressa Duval

    Trust me she is for REAL!
  12. If the front looks anything like the back I am sure that you will have plenty of admirers. Welcome
  13. Taking an extended " Break"...

    Best wishes. Thanks for all. Old Irish saying: may the sun always shine on you. may you trek be always down hill, may the wind be always at your back and may you be in heaven one hour before the devil knows you have passed.
  14. I am such a Pussy!!

    since I am in the mood for giving free advice for what it is worth my opinion is to not go at this time if you are planning on doing side work to get you by. I have recently seen some of the disaster personally and it will take some time for things to get back to any semblance of normalacy. Yes there will be a lot of temp. workers there but is that what you want. It will be a struggle just living there with the shortage and high price of anything. There are other places to go so I do not know why you would settle on just one place in light of what has happened. Your 3 years left to go may turn into 6. Just another point of view. Follow your spidey sense it is hardly ever wrong. I have made some decisions based on this sense and most but not all have turned out good but the ones that did not turn out so good eventually did not really matter as other things worked out. Good luck but you are the only one who can make that decision.
  15. Crossing boundaries....

    Audrey you have received a lot of advice on how to deal with this. Personally I would not let him enter into your personal world either on social media or as a client. I would not threaten him in anyway unless he provokes a problem. I would just ignore his requests. If he is not a person who has bad intents he will go away. if on the other hand if he does have other ideas you will know soon enough then you can decide what to do. Not an easy answer to your query in any case but just hang tough and with any luck the problem will resolve itself. If you do by chance run into him in RL and he mentions things then you should politely tell him in no uncertain terms that both worlds do not mix and that is your philosophy. you can thank him for wanting to see you but you do not feel it would be a good idea on either of your parts. Only confront him if he is being malicious. An old saying: you catch more flies with sugar than you do with vinegar. You can catch many but some will still get away and piss you off. then you use the fly swatter Just my 2 cents.