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  1. Got a Hug Today

    a person who thinks like me! I am in the habit of giving them money and time also. if I go out to eat downtown I usually take a doggie bag and find someone on the street who looks hungry. I am also a sucker for someone with a dog. Keep up the good work.
  2. The hardest experience

    Elle what can I say. Nothing will ease you or your mothers pain much less your father in laws problems. It is hard for both patient and family to go thru this. I feel than most doctors try their best but sometimes it is hard for them to give up as they don't like losing a patient or admitting failure as they are always hoping something can be done. I have noticed this especially in the cancer doctors. Sometimes they win and the pt either gets cured with minimal side effects from the treatment or has an extended good life. More often though both lose the battle but they can learn from the loss and hopefully offer better treatments to the next person who comes down with the dreaded "C". Cancer treatment has really improved over the years due to research looking for a better treatment and cure. I have had several friends who have had treatment for pancreatic cancer and 2 have survived and 1 did not but all were found in the early stages. I am a little surprised that they proceeded with the surgeries knowing that his cancer had metastasized esp. pancreatic cancer. That cancer I understand is difficult to cure when it has spread it is almost impossible. Did your father in law agree to the surgeries? I presume so. maybe that is why they did it. Sometimes when faced with certain death people will do anything for hope of a cure or an extended life. I had a friend with cancer and besides the usual treatments he even had Mississippi mud sent to him so he could eat it as someone told him it had helped someone they knew. He still did not beat it. It is my limited understanding that all patients must sign papers agreeing to a surgery of any kind. I wonder if he fully understood the risks and benefits and was he of sound mind when signing the papers for the surgery as he may have been under the influence of pain medications. Those are the questions you should ask you father in law and even your mother. Anyway I hope that you and your family get through this and I am thinking of you as I can tell that this is really hard on You and Your mother. I wish there was something that would take away the pain but just know there are people out there who care about you.
  3. Has anyone truly found their purpose in life…

    I have always found that Monty Python expressed my views about the meaning of life very thoroughly.
  4. Plastic surgery is it worth it?

    Yes you are who you are. who among us has the PERFECT BODY? I like yours as it suits me just fine and you know how to use it. You also have a great philosophy.
  5. Moving forward / rediscovering myself

    The only thing in life that is constant is change. Embrace it and it will embrace you. I know several ladies who have "retired" and have loved it but they also come back every once in awhile just for the fun of it. If you need that occasionally do it. What you do does not solely define whom you are as Caressa said. You are you and what you do for a living is only a part of what makes you. Just remember that and enjoy what life throws your way!

    Like you my father is the one I look up to. He was kind gentle and fair but also an excellent disciplinarian. He taught me how to be a person and to appreciate many things in life. He had and excellent piece of advice that I try to do. He said learn something new everyday even if it just the color of your socks. I only hope that I can be half the person he was. I miss him!
  7. Missed retired providers

    I fondly remember Jae and Brooklynne. Hope they are doing well. Who else remembers Cheyenne and Kim? They are great people and providers .
  8. To Review or not To Review

    Things happen. Maybe why she did not respond right away was for personal reasons or getting ready for you. Yes it might have been nicer for her to respond to you text could she have been in the bathroom in the shower. I have been at this for awhile and have had my share of waiting. My personal time for waiting is 20 minutes unless she has contacted me and told me she was running late. I did have a lady return my text about 25 minutes after our appt. time and she said she was sorry but had fallen asleep. I did then turn around as I had only been gone for a short time and she more than made it up to me. I recently had an experience when I was going to see well reviewed lady for the first time. I had a business appt. not far from her and told her the approximate time I would be through and she said that would be fine and to call her when I was through. I did so and she gave me the address. I had a hard time finding the place on my gps. I texted her that as she does not answer phone calls.. When I did get there and texted her i finally heard back 15 minutes or so later and she said we never really had an appt. and she was sure I was not going to be there so she never left her place. I asked her what are we going to do. @10 minutes later she texted back and said she wasn't in the mood. So I went over my time limit of 20 and drove the 2.5 hour unsatisfied drive home.
  9. Happy Birthday!

    Hope you had a Happy Birthday, You deserve at least one great day. Belated Happy Birthday greetings.
  10. Favorite Female Body Pary

    Please don't make me choose! But if I must I like the brain, mouth and the voice. That is what I find the most attractive now that I am older. Don't get me wrong I do like the other parts as well!!
  11. birthday

    For those of you who fondly remember her, or wish they had the chance, Brooklynne has a birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  12. moving back to Colorado ・❥・

    welcome back. hope things work out for you.
  13. How to retire? Or semi-retire?

    being that I live in wyoming I must issue a word of caution. Wyoming has a small population and things spread rather rapidly and frequently reach the long ears of you know who. If you are going to host in wyoming it has to be either casper of cheyenne as these are the two largest TOWNS and the population in casper is dwindling due to the decline of the oil industry. Cheyenne is growing. NEVER EVER DO SO IN GILLETTE!!!!!!!!!! That is why I hobby out of state. Just be careful out there.
  14. National Blood Crisis!

    I just did and do so regularly. Thanks for pointing this out.
  15. Happy Birthday Audrey Astor