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  1. Not sure how to handle this, advice?

    I think you went further than most of us would have. Anyone who started cursing or threatening me would have been blocked immediately. I think you dodged a bad one. You did most things right by apologizing and even offering to make it right but I think you let it go on too long once the harassment started. Trust your spidey sense.
  2. Homeless teens

    done and thanks will continue to do so as well
  3. HELP!!!

    You are right! we all need a little help at times. I volunteer at our local hospice and also at our free clinic. I find it very rewarding to be able to offer a little something. I also donate a little time and money at our pet rescue center. I have 2 rescue dogs now. The rewards come from making someone maybe a little happy for a moment. I have also befriended several ladies on this board when they needed a helping hand. Yes we all can use a little help at times and just to let them know that there is someone out there that cares. No I am not extolling my virtues, Lord only knows that they are few but just saying a little caring at times is rewarding for both.
  4. Where to keep the supplies?

    either way is ok. toys in the open can be a turn on
  5. Thigh highs or pantyhose !

    I have to say that in the summer a light summer dress with nothing underneath. I like to see the little beads of sweat between the breasts and smooth silky legs that lead to to an uncovered paradise. Whoops have to sign off now
  6. Would you be offended

    I would not be offended but I agree with mountain rider. It would be less of a possibly singling out feeling if she mentions it to everyone when scheduling.
  7. Cheating

    I have to agree with the opinions of both Danielle and ice. They are just putting their opinions out there. I don't think either was being judgemental. Obviously theirs is different from others. I am not judging anyone for what they do. gosh only knows the things I have done and thought that are not mainstream or popular. the ladies are just providing a service. How many of us have had a job that we did not truly like but did it anyway and maybe even with a good attitude while at that job. Just saying opinions are personal.
  8. Gentlemen post your Fantasy listings

    Hi Beautiful! I am new to Denver and hope to make it a permanent place. I would love for you to show me around. I am looking for just a few lovely ladies that like a woodworking man as I want to devote my time to just a few. I love what I do and I do woodworking and I can really work my wood. Would you like to help me? i have a very nice shop decorated with you in mind. My work tables and tool is top of the line. I have pine and cedar scented oils that smell and feel oh so nice. I will even clean up after myself and make sure all of you is clean as well before we depart. I can also visit your shop and will bring my wood and we can work it together; that would be so romantic. Available for outcalls to Lakewood, There is no extra charge for outcalls. That is how serious I am about seeing you. Hurry I am waiting for you!! Newbie friendly. Available 24/7. Please text first as I sometimes don't hear the phone as my woodworking machinery is loud and powerful. Pictures of my wood available on request!!!
  9. Favorite summertime beverage

    During the day time I really enjoy lemon water. I walk the dogs a lot on long walks in the mountains and it is so refreshing. At night I enjoy tequila with crushed ice a splash of orange juice and a splash of ginger ale.
  10. What's your Unicorn?

    You found me but I only qualify on 8 out of the 10 things you mentioned. You just have to guess which two..........
  11. Fair warning to the ladies...

    I agree. Anyone that advertises with any connotation of the word daddy in it loses me right away and if they mention that during the session I am not coming back. To me it implies management or someone that is too young for my tastes.
  12. I am like Melissa. Like to be able to see the present without the wrapping. I have had the pleasure of having several ladies ask me to shave them. done very carefully and lots of fun!!
  13. Coming up on a long weekend!

    I already started the weekend today by taking a very long hike with the dogs in the foothills. then had to give them a bath as they played in the mud and the stream. Having bbq with friends tomorrow as we are going camping and fishing in a private spot with great scenery and a hell of a fishin hole. I suppose they will need another bath. on Monday will go to memorial day services. I was in the service and had a few friends who died in line of duty. Need to pay my respects to all before and after me.
  14. Mine is Budweiser...

    Tequila is my preference but omlytop shelf. Like they say in Jalisco the rest is mop water. I like it straight or mixed with OJ. I call it a screw you! other than that a Guiness. I am half Irish (really),
  15. Really, how long?

    It just depends on what the karma is. Sometimes the actual time is @10 minutes from the time the hat comes on if the karma is just right. other times a lot longer and I have to work at it. I almost always book an hour though and find other ways to make the time pass.