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  1. Teeth

    I too prefer a lovely smile. I have been to a few providers in the past who smoked a lot before the session and she and the room reeked of it. Those were not good encounters. It is one of the reasons I do not see anyone at present. I have two broken teeth and two other cavities so my breath is not all that great. Also because of this condition I will not kiss or go south. I will not risk anyone's safety.
  2. Beware Sextortion Scam

    Yep, the second time I also tell them to suck my dick in Japanese.
  3. Goodbye Aretha, the Queen of Soul

    I was never really a fan of her music but I did enjoy her songs. It is a shame that all the good talent is going away.
  4. Beware Sextortion Scam

    I for one am tired of all the soliciting spam calls so If I do not recognize the number or it is already in my phone then I answer in Japanese with an accent until they hang up. Sometimes I answer in Klingon and they just hang up immediately.
  5. Wife is out of town & feeling kinda "off"

    And people wonder how a trucker could get into such ingenious accidents on a clear sunny day, now we know.
  6. New to this site

    Welcome to our crazy place where we all share a piece of our mind, some more than others and some you wonder if they have anything left. Be sure to read the rules because we can get points taken away for what we post. Just remember to be nice here and take everything with a grain of salt. (More if you wanna tequila with lime and salt.) We all have an opinion and we all have various experience with the biz, just don't let the review numbers fool you. If you have any questions then PM someone or post the topic and get lots of answers. Stay safe and have fun.
  7. Infatuation…

    YEP! That's right I had three dates with her before the encounter. We both knew it was a business but she was never asked out on a real date during which time nothing but a kiss at her doorstep was expected. We both had a great time being out in public knowing that nothing but a fun time was to be had. She could have charged me but she didn't and I behaved like a gentleman so she had no worries. This made the night of our intimate encounter all the much better. Truth be told, she wasn't the only one either, just the first.
  8. Libertarian Party ENDORESES Decriminalization of Prostitution

    I read awhile ago that California has decriminalized prostitution for under age girls too. I am so glad that I moved away from that state years ago.
  9. Creep

    I guess some people have forgotten the Fredricks of Hollywood catalog and the Rocky Mountain Oyster or the Hollywood Press.
  10. Gents, what would you do...

    I have thought about it for awhile. When I first heard about it I invited a girl from SoWet to there just to find out what it was like. She turned me down so I have still never been there. I would prefer a private group of people with like minds to have a gathering somewhere and see what kind of fun we can have by ourselves.
  11. Newbie

    You stop being a newbie when you have tasted the pleasures of all there is available. I am not saying that you have to meet everyone on the list. I am saying that when you have the confidence to be yourself with the date of your choice and act like the perfect gentleman before during and after your encounter. Then you stop being a newbie. As to being a newbie on the board, that will take awhile.
  12. Which path are you on

    I am on the path least traveled, I like the solitude and am prepared for aggressors. It's lonely here and it would be nice to have someone with me.
  13. Where's the Love?

    I used to have blind trust to all the lovely ladies of Colorado. Unfortunately because of a few that have robbed me not only of the cash but of services not rendered I have hardened a little. Trust has to be earned and when it is then friendship and even love may appear. I have to take things one step at a time.
  14. Discretion is paramount

    I never kiss and tell, however if the lady I want to see asks for references I do have to put some names on the table. One of them even asked to to describe another ladies bedroom. She must have known what it looked like because when I answered she then agreed to the meet.
  15. Infatuation…

    Out of everybody here who has posted so far. Maybe I am the only one to have dated a provider before having a paid encounter with her. I cannot mention any names but she was young and beautiful and one of the best figures I have ever seen. On a whim I asked her on a date and she accepted. We went out to eat and then I took her home where we laid down on her folding futon and talked. She fell asleep on my arm so I could not leave without waking her. Turns out it was a test to see if I would do anything while she was asleep. I passed the test and because of it I was late to work that night. We were friends until she left the business and after that she was on my facebook page for awhile.