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Found 2 results

  1. Where's the Love?

    Where is the love? It is closer than you think. It is so easy to look to others to make us feel a certain way. To need others to accept us, to support us, to see us, to validate us and yes, to love us. When that desire is met from something or someone on the outside we experience a sense of joy and maybe a certain attachment to the external source. We connect our happiness, joy, and self-worth to that external source. Then sadly things begin to change. Our needs change, desires and wants begin to change. However, In our perfect world, the external source would change with us! It would step up its game, it would know what we wanted before we even opened our mouth to utter a request, in our perfect world. When that does not happen we find a reason why the external source disappointed us, let us down, failed us and then we set out to search for a new external source to fill the void, A bigger, better one and we vow that this time it will be the right one, the right person, the right experience. Then the cycle begins again. What most fail to see is that life does not happen TO you, it happens THROUGH you. When you love and accept yourself unconditionally then, and only then will the external source match how you see yourself. Then you will see everything as just an experience, with no expectations, no attachments, no stories. Just a fun time, a new experience, something to add to your memories of being a human, after all, you are all those things (happiness, contentment, supported, validated, love) regardless of what is happening outside of you, around you. Where does your source of acceptance, validation, support, and love originate from? If your answer is pointing to an external source then this is your opportunity to build up those qualities inside of you and then watch how everything changes around you! Where is the love? It is you, always has been, always will be. Much Love, Tali
  2. When I am a certain weight, make a certain amount of money, am with a certain person, then I will be happy." Have you ever had the thought of not being good enough in the present moment or attaching your happiness to an experience in the future? Who, what and where you are in life is exactly who, what and where you are supposed to be. The fastest way to experience another version of yourself is to accept the one that is in this present moment.