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  1. Loving the cooler weather....

    My longest is 37 miles on the clear creek trail
  2. Loving the cooler weather....

    Bike riding is good. Done 22 miles each day on Wednesday and Thursday.
  3. Loving life.....and moving on....

    Life is a bitch then we die.
  4. Anyone seen Sasha/Scarlet?

    Saw her once in Thornton a few years ago
  5. Counting Sheep

    Get up at the same time every day and go to bed at the same time too every night
  6. So this happened

    Get well soon
  7. so if you have few hrs to spare in Denver...

    Bike ride around Denver
  8. Looking from the outside in....

    Like the birds and the bees and the crickets?
  9. Tips for buying a home here?

    I know what you mean. My property value went up 71K this past year. I bought my house way back in 1996 for 125K. My boss found a house in my neighborhood for over 285K. This is outrageous.
  10. What to do in Boulder?

    Stay away
  11. What is Your Must See TV Shows

    Wild Wild West , Battlestar Galatica, and Mission Impossible.
  12. Best Exercise Program

    I bike ride three times a week at the least
  13. ID Rant

    I have never asked to furnish an ID