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  1. 411 tatooedvixen

    I swear those were not the same pics in her profile when I checked earlier this today.
  2. Does DTC cover a massive portion of Denver?

    It is a bitch to drive from up north to down south in am rush hour, mid day rush hour and evening rush hour.
  3. KISSES to you All....last few days in Colorado

    Congrats and best of luck.
  4. How Old Am I? Lemme Tell Ya...

    I 76 ended at I 25 around 88th Ave
  5. bike riding on the trails.
  6. The Stupidity Is Real

    Stupidity in action.
  7. Socks and sex

    Socks and heels do not go together.
  8. PM-friendly hobbyists

    I will do the same too
  9. I also am curious about Nicole of Lakewood. Any info you can provide on her would be appreciated. 

  10. Come out, come out, wherever you are!!!

    Working and bike riding
  11. Suggestions for the Denver area...

    Bike from the National Western Stock Show complex to Broadway and Hampden and back.
  12. BB

    I thought we were discussing blue balls or blue berries
  13. Just Wanting to Say Hello

  14. 411 on Nicole of Lakewood

    Seen her, pm me
  15. Amazon phallic symbol

    Everyone has too much time on their hands