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  1. Where is the Best area to stay in Dallas TX?

    I stayed in Frisco this past summer. Right by Dr Pepper Field and the Dallas Stars Head Office
  2. Yes Benny Hill and his girls
  3. It's Never Too Late

    I miss my GI Joe and my army guys. I had a few model ships and planes that we would destroy with firecrackers.
  4. COS BrownSugarHoney

  5. Scammer's Gender May Sometimes be Unclear

    I don't touch anything under 30
  6. What going on

  7. There will be no more donations

    Stupidity in action
  8. Pre-emptive 411 on Biancaluvsd - Fake

    2 Tineye hits
  9. What are you wishing for?

    Snow. Moved here right before the big huge snow storm of 1982. 41 inches and a new mayor.
  10. Adventures in on-line dating

    90% online is a scam
  11. How long was your blackout?

    What blackout? I have lights on everywhere, nothing went out.
  12. Hope All Veterans Enjoyed today

    I miss my one of my grandfathers, well both to be exact, the stories they told. First one fought in France, 100 years ago.
  13. What Are You Reading?

    Or Death To A Downbeat
  14. What Are You Reading?

    Death On The Downbeat by Carter Brown
  15. Collecting

    2 of my 4 book shelves