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  1. It’s that time again..

    I skied once and that was it.
  2. 411 on Linda AKA Julia Kelley

    And the palm trees
  3. 20%Tip

    I have found that certain ethic groups (not everyone) are lousy tippers. All shape, forms and creeds, and color, in one way or another tip like crap.
  4. Boys and Girls

    I choose "C"
  5. Dining in Denver

    Grab a steak and grill it yourself
  6. New to the board, just wanting to say "Hi"

  7. BBFS Providers

    Operator error on his part
  8. Jane Doe provider

    Sorry my Give A Damn is Busted.
  9. Beautiful People

    I don't want to be stalker
  10. Be kind to your Animals!

    What if I don't have a dog
  11. old commercial jingles.

    Where's the beef
  12. old commercial jingles.

    I wish I was an oscar mayer weiner
  13. TOB Appreciation Post

  14. Brand New To The Forums!

  15. Do you know of any profiles...

    I come here for the pictures, wait, wrong medium
  16. Out of Action

    Get well
  17. Pickup lines

    Is that a turd in your pocket or are you happy to see me?
  18. Wild Wild West, Perry Mason, It Takes a Thief, Mission Impossible, Hogans Heroes, Remington Steele, Hart To Hart, The Avengers, Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea.
  19. I stayed in Frisco this past summer. Right by Dr Pepper Field and the Dallas Stars Head Office
  20. It's Never Too Late

    I miss my GI Joe and my army guys. I had a few model ships and planes that we would destroy with firecrackers.
  21. Scammer's Gender May Sometimes be Unclear

    I don't touch anything under 30
  22. What going on