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  1. Anyone know of any reliable sources in Louisville?? I know I haven't posted for a while, but am feeling adventurous
  2. Happy Birthday Audrey Astor

    Well shit, looks like I'm a day late but happy belated birthday Audrey
  3. Hey Friends..I wanna Get Nosey :)

    I pretty much gave up on the hobby in 2020. As far as having extra time on my hands though, that didn't happen. The road and highway construction industry went nuts because we finally was able to work with very little traffic in out way for a good portion of the year. So as far as highway work went, we was actually busier than we normally are. But now its time to open back up and hopefully do a little hobbying, although I'm finding it harder to get the ladies to set appointments
  4. Spam Message

    I got one this morning from that person but I got busy at work and forgot about it until now. Damn.. I'll open it back up and report it if it's still there. faicryslabcont was the name I got it from
  5. Lack of legitimacy

    I thought the whole idea behind this was to stay pretty much UTR? I dont have an "other half" to worry about, but I'd still like to keep a bit of privacy. Subscribing to only fans and private snapchat and stuff like that just puts you more out there. I'm not saying it's bad or anything, just saying it's not for me. I agree with the other dudes about having a link to somewhere a guy can figure out your rates and services. If you ask over the phone or through text you get beat down by the provider, but how else are you supposed to know? Let's face it, we all have our budget, just some budgets are larger than others, and it would be nice to know if a provider is within our budget or not before we contact her. 😉
  6. Just a little hello

    Thank you. Its been too long. I miss the get togethers.
  7. Just a little hello

    I really really really need to take you up on that kombucha offer Kali.
  8. Been a while since I've been around but while I'm here I thought id make a stop and say hello to the most beautiful woman on TOB
  9. Just a little hello

    Been a while since I've been around these parts. Thought id stop in and say hello to everyone. Been thinking seriously about getting back into the hobby. Between thinking I needed an actual girlfriend and corona virus, I took a hiatus 😅. Decided I really don't need, or want, a girlfriend but this damn corona shit refuses to go away. Haha. Anyway, any thoughts on getting back into action in these times? I still feel the need to be safe, ive pretty much stayed away from the outside world other than work. But honestly, there's a few of ya I got close with and kinda sorta miss.
  10. Feeling Like I'm Back !!

    Welcome back to the real world jordyn.
  11. Hello! Is this thing on?

    I come on here every so often to peep around but I very rarely post anything anymore. I really haven't been to active in the hobby lately. But I'm still around
  12. Happy new year to the sweetest woman in the world..
  13. Fall is almost here! Favorite things about fall!

    Shorter days and getting dark earlier. The life of a construction worker is brutal in the summer time
  14. It's been a while

    Man, I still gotta stop by and get some of that kombucha Kali.. its gonna happen soon
  15. It's been a while

    Oh damn.. I still haven't made that trip to socal. I've slacked way more than I should have. Time to get the priorities straightened out 😁