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  1. People that waste your time!

    So, to try and offer some advice from a hobbyist point of view, I did a quick Google search on your phone number and your pictures. Basically, I found nothing, good or bad, which could be good or bad. It could mean you're either very new or very fake. There's no website or ads to look at which would make life easier on you.
  2. Love SoCal

  3. New To The Board

    Welcome to our little slice of paradise..
  4. R.I.P. Adam West.

    I have an autographed picture of Adam west as Batman that I got in like the 2nd or 3rd grade.. I met him at a car show in downtown Denver.
  5. Ejoying the summer days,... nice!

    You mean poncha springs, outside of Salida. Hwy 50 takes you through Gunnison into Montrose. It passes by blue mesa which is an awesome sight.

  7. Can we just agree on this?

    The only thing I can agree with is ummmm.... Well.... Damn, I know I agree with something.. shit, let me think about it and get back to you..

    This is one of the reasons I don't participate as much as I used to, besides the fact that iam extremely busy. Maybe gaping void is a harsh way of putting it, but that's how the guy feels and is probably the only way he had of describing what he wanted to say. It didn't sound like he was trying to be malicious in what he said.
  9. Horror stories

    I swear her chasing me down the hallway, which was an outside one, yelling you pay me now was horrifying. I think of it now and it's kinda funny.
  10. Horror stories

    Ok, so when I first started in this hobby I wanted nothing more than to see one of the mid 20's sexy asian ladies you always see on BP. My very first attempt I show up at the incall only to find the young ladies grandma waiting for me. Since I was still fairly new, and didn't want drama, I continued with the session. It was a pretty bad experience with alot of rules. So, in my determination to see a sexy little Asian provider, I waited a month or so for the shock to go away and booked an appointment with a different young lady. I should have known better because it was the same hotel, just a different room. Much to my surprise it was the same old lady, just using different pictures and phone number. I wasn't about to go through all that again, so I turned to walk away and the old lady came after me yelling that I need to pay. I told her no, I'm leaving and she pulls out her cell phone and starts dialing. I just new I was going to get busted so I start running as fast as I can to my truck and make a " drive by" getaway as fast as I can.. that's the last time I've ever tried seeing an Asian provider. Hell, it took me almost 6 months to get up the nerve to try seeing a provider again.
  11. Deposits

    So what happens when it's the provider who emails you last minute and cancels? I had a well known and well reviewed lady do that to me Saturday. So if you put down a deposit and she emails you and cancels and you never hear another word, are we just supposed to eat it? I used to try and side with the ladies, but after Saturdays debacle, I'm not sure I can anymore. This situation goes both ways. What assurance would a client have that a provider won't just skip out with his deposit?
  12. Does the Hotel Matter…

    As long as it's not any hotel on I70 and Kipling or the Western motor inn, I'm completely ok with it. Hell, I've kinda grown fond of one on S. Clinton by the Denny's.. hahahaha..
  13. Choosing to see a provider without reviews?

    When I first started in this I used to comb BP and pick a lady at random. I never knew about reviews or review sites like this one. After many bait and switch and even a couple fairly scary meetings, I almost gave up entirely. Then I found this place, and others like it, and decided to change my ways. So, I won't say that I won't see a provider without reviews, because it's entirely possible I will and I have, but I won't see one without some sort of "presence" that will make me feel comfortable reaching out to her
  14. Scenic Drives & Historical Sites?

    Buffalo Bills grave is pretty cool. It's up on lookout mountain... http://www.buffalobill.org
  15. Ladies.... picture or no picture?

    Iam much more handsome than my avatar. Don't believe it? Just ask me and I'll tell you. Oh wait, I already did..