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  1. 411 on Lauren

    I contacted her and chatted with her. Seems like a very nice girl. Just everything I like isn't on her menu or is an upsell so I passed. But if she looks anything like her pictures, she's gorgeous.
  2. I am a Golden God

    And you must be Mr Rock. Look, darling, Mr. Rock 2018. The the handsomest hobbiest since cassanova, they say. What do you think, darling? Should I hate him? Kate: You don't even know him. Doc Holliday: Yes, but there's just something about him. Something around the eyes, I don't know, reminds me of... me. No. I'm sure of it, I hate him.
  3. Computer vs Cell

    I don't even own a PC. I do everything exclusively on my cell phone.
  4. What sites do you use

  5. Superbowl

    I won $250 for the first quarter score
  6. Superbowl Sunday

    I've totally lost interest in this year's Superbowl man
  7. Brand newbie here

    Post your question in the 411 section with a link to the young ladies ad. That's the best way to get a response to your question man.
  8. Superbowl

    I don't need to the Superbowl as a reason to drink more beer. Lol. I just seriously have no interest in the game today
  9. Superbowl

    I can't remember ever being less interested in a Superbowl as iam this one. Anyone else share my lack of interest in this game??? Might be a good day to indulge in the hobby a little bit..
  10. hello ( :

    It's January so id make sure you bring something warm. Right now it's snowy and in the 20's. It could be in the 60"s next week or it could be below zero. There's no way of knowing what the weather will be in Denver in January. even though it's not alot of help, I hope it helps.
  11. 411 on Itshunterbaby!!!'s

    Look at the Ad. Hunterbaby with one phone number and 2 different ladies in the pictures with different phone numbers. Looks like 3 different providers, different pictures and phone numbers, using the same ad and profile
  12. Flu bug

    Yes, I'm finally getting over this. Took me 21/2 weeks to finally kick it.. but I'm semi-normalish now.
  13. New to Denver! :)

    Welcome to Denver and Tob Monica..
  14. Frustrated

    I don't have 411 man, and I have no problems getting ladies to see me. My advice, unless you plan on traveling and seeing ladies in other states, forget about 411 and concentrate your efforts here. See some newbie friendly ladies, get some reviews under your belt and a few references and you're golden. Just my 2 cents
  15. 411 cheyennecatori

    That is what I'm talking about. A young lady who jumps into the 411 and sets the record straight.. I think you just made a huge fan base and following Cheyenne.. I think it's awesome that you jumped in with your introduction.