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  1. What do you want for Christmas?

    Juan needs to man up and take a couple vacation days and make a weekend trip. 😊
  2. "TOB client profiles shared with you"

    I've shared my references a time or two, but when I do I also send a PM saying that I've shared my references in hopes of securing a future meeting and if the young lady in question would please get back to me if she is interested in meeting. I've had very limited success in that approach and a majority of the time I never received an answer. So I've abandoned that approach and have found it easier to just make contact with the lady and if she requires references then share.
  3. What do you want for Christmas?

    For Christmas I want Santa to kidnap that California cutie, alexissweet69, and place her under my tree with nothing on but a bow and a smile. And when I walk into my sunroom and look under my tree she screams, "take me you big stud and make me yours"!! But alas, I don't think Santa will do that for me so I guess I'll ask for...... Shit, I can't think of anything else I want now... Damnit man
  4. Dude, do you want 400 pounds or 40 pounds? Do you like super hairy gals or shaved ones? Do you like quadruple D's or tiny little A cups?? What's your preference homie?? Better yet, look through the ads and use the search function. Not trying to be a jerk man, just need to know what you're looking for and what you like. There are a ton of great newbie friendly providers here. They all offer different services and come in all different sizes and shapes, and no matter the size or shape, all are gorgeous. Just depends on your likes dude. That's my advice, figure out what you're looking for and search for it. Or state what your preference is and maybe someone will PM you with some great choices.. I know you're new, so before some of the other dudes let you have it, take my advice.. happy hunting brotha and welcome to tob.. it's a playground full of lovely ladies..
  5. Question for the fellas......

    I'm a little late to this conversation, but I just looked at your pictures Cali, and ddddaaaammmnnnn... Girl, you can have a cast any damn where you please.. you're sexy as hell girl..
  6. 411 on Lina

    Lately man, I've been going out on a limb and toftt. I've had pretty decent luck, other than one encounter. And even that encounter it was the real girl in the picture. I say go for it brotha, and let the rest of us know about your good fortune.. at least, hopefully it's good..
  7. Just gonna put this out there.

    Joke time...... . . What did God say to Adam when he seen Eve bathing in the river????? A: Damnit man, now I'll never get the smell off those damn fish.. Sorry Lucy K. I know you won't find that amusing, but I'm sure others will... And hey, I still love ya woman. You'll always be my bestie..
  8. Never left a bad review

    Good luck dude.. IMO these are the types of operations that need to be put out of business. It takes away from reputable young ladies who might otherwise benefit from your generosity. Just my opinion, for what it's worth
  9. To Good for backpages?

    If laci is bringing tamales, you better count me in. Shit, I'm not passing up tamales..
  10. Need help finding a good provider

    Some people like BBW and some like spinners. Some like giant knockers while others, like me, enjoy the more than a handful is a waste knockers. Some like brunettes, some readheads, some blondes.. what I'm getting at is everyone has a preference and everyone's preference isn't the same. Look through ads and reviews and get an idea of what interests you. There are alot of excellent providers in the area. There's also some bad ones. Find some you like and put a 411 out on them to see what you can come up with. Or state what your preference is and maybe some dude, or lady, will PM you and give you heads up. So do some research buddy and then if you have questions, ask and be a little more specific. Like I said, there are lots of wonderful, beautiful providers here. Happy hunting brotha
  11. Never left a bad review

    I ended up leaving the review, although it's not in my nature to do so.
  12. Hey there y'all!

    I think you've already met at least one of us.. welcome to the board girl, and I'm positive you'll do very well for yourself..
  13. So this happened

    Yes, I was talking about pre-booked meetings. I always try to schedule in advance if possible and would never talk down a young lady for not responding to spur if the moment requests. I have pre-booked several times only to have the young lady go MIA on me, then text me after the fact asking if I still want to see her. It's frustrating. I have limited hobby time and days, so when I get stood up after making an appointment, it sucks.
  14. So this happened

    I've had this very problem lately with a couple ladies from TOB. It's confusing and irritating at the same time. I too understand that you ladies have a life, and sometimes that life is separate from the hobby, but if you're expecting to run a business, and this is a business, then please learn some customer service skills. I've completely given up on a couple ladies, one in particular I really wanted to see, because of poor communication skills. It's very frustrating at best.
  15. Negativity in the Hobby

    My grandaddy always said if ya ain't got sumthin nice to say, then don't say nuthin at all.. lol.. but honestly, it's the truth. If more people lived by that Creed, the world would be a much better place.