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  1. Has anyone seen....

    I seen the new blade runner on Monday with a very good friend of mine.. she is actually very cool to hang out with.
  2. New Game of the Week

    My provider name would be Ivanka fukalot
  3. Love SoCal

    Hopefully you're doing well gorgeous.. it's snowing and cold here in Denver.. brrrrr..
  4. Reviews

    What's up with putting up reviews on providers that aren't in the TOB database? I was trying to leave one and it's damn near impossible. Why can't it be made simpler? Anyway, I gave up trying to leave the review because it is time consuming and difficult. At least I thought so. Does anyone else share my grief??
  5. Wanna play a game??

    I agree that Sabrina is fun, witty and incredibly sexy I might add..
  6. Love SoCal

    TGIF gorgeous..
  7. Young Newbie Searching

    You know, I think half the only reason I come on here is to read what you have to say Laci.. entertainment at it's best right there..
  8. Farewell Colorado!

    I wish you all the best in your new adventure Chrissy.
  9. I shaved my balls for this!?!

    As a journeyman Union operator, I totally feel your pain brotha. My schedule lately has totally cut into my hobby time.
  10. Winter Is Here...Potential Spoilers

    All I know is after watching the last episode , that night King is one bad mofo.. and what about the wolf eyes opening on John snows sword?? Damnit I'm hooked.. shit.. I still like Tyrion, that little. Dwarf fucker.. all the dudes in this hobby have "one" thing in common with Tyrion.. lol.. how could you not like him
  11. The broker

  12. The broker

    I stay away from Boulder.. far far away
  13. The broker

    Then I will try the fort Saturday
  14. The broker

    I've never been to the fort either, but that's about to change pretty soon
  15. Eclipse...

    I slept right through it..