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  1. Guys favorite Halloween costume for Women?

    Or a witch,gypsy, roman lady. Yup alot of nice costumes that were intriguing.
  2. Threatening bad review

    Encourage him to post it. Let these types expose themselves so a bad review can no longer be a weapon against ladies. Bad reviews like a good should be earned not a manipulation.
  3. Does size really matter to you?

    Two part answer, size does not matter to me. But I tend to avoid certain activities with a smaller lady as I am a larger built guy.
  4. When a lady views my profile/Help

    No problem at all.
  5. When a lady views my profile/Help

    Don't think there is a tab. Just scroll down on profile page? Profile page not forum stats page
  6. Welcome me

    Welcome aboard. Enjoy
  7. 411

    They claim to be twin sisters if my memory serves.
  8. Conflicted

    Ok, now I am really hoping he writes the negative review. Here are several reasons. I personally think this whole thread is some kind of game being played on said lady. So let him out himself and be done with it already. Second while I stand by my opinion on this being a joke of a thread. If we guys can not write an honest review then what is the point of them at all? I absolutely understand and agree we are all human and subject to off days, but as Audrey stated then just make arrangements for a later day/time. Seems the professional choice to keep the solid reps ladies earn. I for one have noticed a few fantastic ladies with a so-so or worse review that was so out of the normal that it will/has not stopped me from booking. I would rather see a rebuttal from the lady on a total out of left field review than for her to fear a bad one and be subjected to threats,extortion or any other BS.
  9. Can I take a Muligan?

    No need to guess I am without a doubt Pussy Whipped. Really what is the alternative?
  10. Too be cont...... handles

    Usually name in first message stating I am also a board membe and would be happy to verify by pm and send references.
  11. Conflicted

    I actually do not understand why you are on a forum asking. If you believe the negative review you seem to want to post on this lady is for the greater good then do it. However if this is some dumb stunt to harass,threaten,manipulate this lady I hope she reaches out to other ladies and you are exposed. No place for that garbage in this life.
  12. Former providers -Do you miss it?

    I second what Hunter said. I wish you well out there. And also always liked your insights.
  13. Role reversal - Reviews

    I actually would not care if we got reviewed. In fact I wager we may be already in private discussed as far as safety hygiene and personality goes.
  14. New to Denver

    Welcome aboard best friend. Have fun and stay safe.
  15. Happy Birthday Kandi Apple

    Happy birthday. I hope it is a fantastic one.