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  1. New Here!

    Welcome, hope you enjoy.
  2. New to TOB

  3. Reviewing a FBSM...Is that a normal thing?

    I know there are alot of FBSM providers with reviews so I would say yes
  4. What's In Your Toolbox?

    I actually do not care for the professional pictures because i actually like ladies who do not need to doll it up and play angle/lighting tricks. I have had the good fortune of not being surprised by misleading photos because i actually examine them pretty carefully. That being said I also feel if the ladies can put info out that give insights to personality it could attract me regardless of if she is model material or not. I enjoy learning about people I want to spend time with.
  5. What's In Your Toolbox?

    I usually start out with is the lady physically what I am attracted to, websites and reviews would help me decide if she and I mesh well after that. Honestly i love the thicker ladies. That is my initial method to selecting a provider. On the other hand I have met with one lady not normally my type based on her forum interactions here(personality) and she is absolutely awesome. I guess just be yourself either on your add or web page is what I recommend.
  6. Frustrated

    I think to TOFTT for a lady should only be done if he goes through proper screening. I feel bad he is having the struggles he is but honestly it would be dangerous for one of the ladies to take him at his word. As others have said ,I also am not p411 and I did have to give out personal Info as a new client. If he has an issue going that route then struggle he will. My advice is the same as others as well find a highly reviewed lady and go through her screening. If not willing to do that then you may have entered the wrong hobby.I am not meaning to come across as a jerk. however we all started as unknown people that think we are nice guys as well,but had to prove it. Good luck. Sorry badboy I missed the fact we agreed.
  7. Greek.... I don't get it.

    I would say it is like most everything else sexual. Either it is for you or it is not. I personally will try it if allowed someday to see if I liked it or not.
  8. Interested in Lunch buddies

    I would think since most of the guys on here are older it would be very easy to get a no strings lunch and learn set up. As far as the ladies go, i would think easy as well.I know the ladies I have interacted with have guided me well.
  9. What do you do when . . .

    My opinion for what it's worth. I always would recommend being honest. Just because you didn't click doesn't warrant a bad review if she was professional and put good effort can still be a yes overall with a "I will not repeat", or worst a so-so.If she was as the others state a complete scam then let folks know. I don't personally look for just yes or no but actually read the reviews to form opinions. To not be honest is setting clients and the lady up for failure I feel.
  10. To Be or Not to Be

    Well since when we are together (our time) I do consider the lady "my woman". As far as the fetish stuff I personally have no experience with it , however if that is what the guy wants and requested then more power to them. Not being in a particular camp is no excuse for forgetting to treat a lady like a lady. I am sure people can get a major "freak" on and not cross into total jerk territory. Agree or not with what someone is into sexualy does mean we should forget what being a decent person is about.
  11. New Year's Superstitions and Resolutions

    My parents had one about wrapping a small piece of cabbage in tin foil to carry in your wallet/pocketbook. Supposed to mean you will not ever go broke in the new year. So far so good lol.
  12. To Be or Not to Be

    I don't know who pissed in your cheerios but even "back in the day of real men" there was a crazy thing called respect and manners. I personally have no interest in being a jerk because I am a man. I was raised that we real men take care of our women. How does anything change from personal to professional relationship with a woman?
  13. How old are you guys?

    43 and just got in the hobby a few months ago. Guess I still haven't grown up
  14. Merry Christmas you wonderful people

    Merry Christmas to you Laci and all others on ToB. Hope everyone has a safe and relaxed holiday.
  15. "TOB client profiles shared with you"

    I would think if sharing references a pm should be an obvious next step. I have always sent a pm and if the lady requests first contact via text/call/email you send that even before ToB pm/reference sharing. It seems like a logical process to me but then again I am new here.