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  1. Just Joined The Site!

    Listings are Colorado only , but forums for all and welcome
  2. Strength in numbers

    Excellent views to be sure
  3. Just Wanted To Say Hello

    Welcome to the forums.
  4. Newbie to TOB!

    Welcome and enjoy
  5. New to TOB

    Welcome. Crazy times but enjoy.
  6. Newbie to TOB

    Welcome to the board.
  7. Questions from Newbies about the Ladies

    Just to be clear 3 review rule still doesn't get you graphic info. It just gets an answer other than go through her screening and ask.
  8. Questions from Newbies about the Ladies

    I stand by my 3 review minimum rule, even then I do NOT get to graphic in replies. As far as old members , if they haven't reviewed then time doesn't mean a thing to me as they didn't help others out by posting reviews when they could have. May be a jerk move on my part but that is how I see it. I also wouldn't completely ignore a pm, my advice if you do not pass criteria would be to advise to contact the lady and pass her screening if they want more info.
  9. Why even review now

    I have done my best to answer pms about ladies. That said I will not go into specifics unless the member asking has been around awhile and already seen 3+ ladies they have reviewed. I am not down with getting a lady in trouble.
  10. Happy Birthday Raine

    Happy Birthday, hope it is a great day
  11. Use of PMs

    Great question above
  12. Review Length

    Honestly all the changes only bother me because I feel it is tacky to ask ladies anything specific over email/text/phone. It would be nice if voters actually vetted politicians from now on instead of party affiliate only. Knowledge is key to save our country.
  13. May I ask a question with a simple answer? 😊

    Yes ,since I am in Colorado I can see listings
  14. Las Vegas

    This site is going through some changes, but if it keeps it open I am fine with it. At this point it looks like forums are the best bet to meet like minded folks.
  15. New to this site

    Welcome. All legit people are good to have here IMO