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  1. Usually no excuse, just try and take time off work when I can get away. maybe i also need to learn some good ones so I am not so limited in availability. great thread
  2. 2 and 4. The rest would work out with taking the money back in time and changing some lives of people I know struggling now.
  3. 411 on Lexi Fox - BANNED

    Pics and description now posted are of a completely different lady so i would pass. I have contacted mods regarding this change in the profile.
  4. Love a lady wearing a big smile when first meeting, and runner up is a nice back side after being told follow me
  5. Happy Birthday Samantha

    Happy birthday and here is rooting for a great year to the next.
  6. Traveling Guys

    Do not hobby when traveling, no idea where to look mostly for legit ladies outside of ToB
  7. New to this?

    Welcome and have a great time
  8. Been awhile, site has changed a bit....

    Been a good day so far. Welcome back.
  9. TOB Fantasy? I wonder

    I don't think it is a bad idea at all. I have been in real world contact with some other members of this board and had no issues at all. Obviously the hobby is not the only thing some of us have in common.
  10. Happy Birthday Francesca

    Happy birthday, may it be a great day
  11. Hypothetical

    I would say is it a vacation if you get no fun out of it? Just because you go out of town does not mean vacation to me. When I take the family on a vacation we do things each of us would like even if the others do not to keep it fair and ensure we all enjoy the trip overall. I am not sure if you all had discussed any details on things to see and do during the trip. If not it seems more like a work function to me and that is how to treat it. I would at the least discuss your concerns to your friend and see where he stands. No problem gets fixed by ignoring it.
  12. There will be no more donations

    This is wrong on many levels. Worst is he knows who he is and probably will change his handle regardless at this point. I hope he is caught whatever handle he uses by the ladies.
  13. Photos for the rest of us ladies.

    I like a mixture of selfies and pro pics. Personally I just prefer them to be accurate of who will open the door. I also agree with the pouty and instagram filters being garbage. A smile is a beautiful thing.
  14. Happy Birthday, Hunter VanDyke

    Happy birthday to one of the best ladies anyone could know.
  15. Happy Birthday CaliRose

    Happy birthday, hope you have a great day