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  1. Quality vs Quantity

    I hope they are just moving things around ☚ī¸
  2. What would your ad say fellahs?

    I am DYING over here lmaooooo
  3. Why the reluctance to take credit and debit cards?

    I read a horrible story about a provider in CA . She stayed for 5 hours he paid with card And then she seen he reversed it . It's a sad story .
  4. P411 changes 2019

    From what I know not as of now 🤷‍♀ī¸ But I'm sure a provider somewhere would know ...
  5. P411 changes 2019

    P411 was great for me before everything happened. It was awesome in Texas and the Midwest 💛I won't Be traveling as often that's for sure .
  6. P411 changes 2019

    It definitely has died down . 😭
  7. P411 changes 2019

    Is everyone moving to Silxa or Eros ? This is so sad 😭. I got a message that advertising on p411 will Be no longer in 2019 . It will just become a verification site .
  8. Hey Houston

    Omg they had my hopes up 😩 All my Midwest clients and Texas client . You all will be very missed .
  9. All you can eat seafood

    Hopefully I put this in the right place . Anyone know of a all you can eat seafood restaurant in Denver . Your suggestions are greatly appreciated 💋
  10. Why only CO provider listing allowed ?

    I think they are only accepting Colorado listings ☚ī¸
  11. Avatar

  12. Escort Babylon ? I thought it was down ?

    Sip sap ... I've heard of it but isn't that just Midwest ? I posted once on there way back .
  13. I've heard escort Babylon is down but still being contact by a couple of guys . I looked up the site and it's coded looks like a site having issues . Has anyone else been contacted from someone saying they seen you on escortbabylon ? Or am I trippin ?
  14. Where does TOB work

    lol Thanks for the info smh .