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  1. What is YOUR KINK?

    i have noticed due to this hobby how much i get fired up when i get a whiff of the female pheramones that cum out erotically. Each woman is different. But like fine wines, scotch, and cigars i now have a nose for the scent of a woman - and when it is on - i get so hard i could crack walnuts:)
  2. Rub Ratings Replacement

    I've used RubMD and it is a suitable replacement. Research is your friend per usual. I have established some great 'connections' via their listings in CA:)
  3. Girlfriend

    does your girlfriend have any single firends? for me to date of course:)
  4. Where can I find the girl with these boobies?

    imo, if you can't find a provider who wants to date like this, she is desiring not to be found - best to respect - and find someone in the 'listings' areas of any number of denver dating sites and reach out to them...
  5. Winter

    damn - i saw this thread and was thinking it was 'winter' from boulder - total GND cutie....alas, not so...
  6. 411 Kaitlyn

    few truer words are spoken in this hobby:)
  7. 411 Kaitlyn

    Kaitlyn / Sydney / Sydney Fox TER 364304 - 41 reviews Enjoy!
  8. When you see a provider/client out in the public?

    You don't... HW is a private world and best stay that way... imo...
  9. 411 Tina

    thanks everyone - the short list for fbsm just got longer:)
  10. 411 Tina

  11. Where's the bush?

    hell yeah - bush...mmmmm....me likey!
  12. 411 Tina

    Colorado Companion Email turns up little - one eccie review which i can't read without premium access - but it is from october so relatively recent. posts semi-regularly on the new RR site RubMD anyone seen her? anything to share? thoughts? https://rubmd.com/denver-co/7910a3c8-4c7a-4688-b9d5-ba84c90b3ecc
  13. ATF's are cool. this hobby connects clients and proviers in so many ways. hard not to have a slew of atf's....
  14. Vegas

    TER search for "Las Vegas' pulls 50 reviews in the last 7 days alone
  15. Vegas

    Or just go sit at a slot machine and look happy. You will have choices to make in no time