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  1. Taking chances with secret encounters

    Mixing HW and RW lives can be a recipe for disaster... All you have to do is get 100% comfortable with the consequences of your choices... Then choose as wisely as you can...
  2. Useless reviews

    if it ain't safe, it ain't fun... and as much as the content has changed over the years there is enough still on the boards to make your choices unless you have some unique perversion that is off the beaten date path - truthfully too much private BCD information cast into the public eye could be misinterpreted as illegal - and do more damage than good to this little community - after all this just a dating site... certainly not a perfect dating world - but please don't judge those who are posting the content they feel they need to in order to date safely and keep their dates safe - i'm sure this content is policed by many types of people... plus, if memory serves me, there can be a downside to having a review overloaded with acronyms and volcanic content in so far as guys may go galloping into date with high expectations when the acronym that over time has been tried and true is YMMV... if you have a gal you want to date, and there's enough content here to indicate she's a safe date then just go see her - after a good date or two and a little time and a little trust you will find that you can ask a lot of questions BCD and utilize back channels to navigate into your DOMA, Dates of Many Acronyms...
  3. Dirty Talk Do You Like It ?

    my experience is it is totally hit or miss - man o man when a gal gets the dirty talk just right it is such a turn on but there are times when someone is trying dirty talk because they heard its sexy and just comes off as way off... i guess if the chemistry is there the moans and grunts can turn into words and if you're lucky some BCD BYT (between you two) dirty talk - and if so congrats that's gonna be a naughty time you will remember...
  4. Long reach of Mark Zuckerberg

    Amen to this. I have never facebooked and never will due to privacy concerns.
  5. Twitter down😳

    You mean it isn’t already here
  6. How to get started?

    I typed it in some listings box and got zilch. That’s why I made the post. Of course I could have made a newbie mistake and typed it in the wrong place:)
  7. How to get started?

    I typed it in some listings box and got zilch. That’s why I made the post.
  8. How to get started?

    Mods, would it be possible to get a ‘newbie friendly’ button added the the search criteria in listings and reviews? Would be an easy way to get started and save a lot of time and confusion for those who are ready to dip their foot in the local waters:) Thoughts?
  9. 411 on ChelseaSpankxxx

    She’s been a part of this community for a long time. Definitely legit. Go have fun!
  10. Thing you say when

    When you refer to going up into the mountains as ‘heading up the hill’ when you mention you hope to get in some good turns this weekend.
  11. Oh No!!

    aaaaaaand it's called?????1?
  12. K Time to Lighten It Up Again...

    Thanks man - but tried and failed - i must have a setting off - and i am the bermuda triangle of technology:)
  13. K Time to Lighten It Up Again...

    ok - to you guys posting images - how do you do it? something is blocking me from dragging and dropping some funny images to this post and i have no idea why? Any 411 is much appreciated...
  14. Suggestion

    always sucks when something doesn't go as planned - especially something like this - sorry you found yourself on the 'by yourself' side of the date... but.. that does happen in this biz and it is a two way street... no matter how hard you will it you, cannot stop the tides - and - no matter how hard you want it to be different in this dating world, there are always a a few bad apples in the bunch, both men and women - for everyone on of these posts you read there are equally as many concerns on the ladies side... yes, most have been where you are and are frustrated when it happens - but IMO, in this HW, acceptance is your friend as much as research and you just try to reschedule or throw your little hat in another ring until you find what you seek - then enjoy it for as long as it works for you both... i get it - no one likes to plan for something fun to have it not be fun at all - but this hobby world is no exception to the rule that life happens... now if it keeps happening either with one particular gal or for all of them, well, then, you may have to lean on the community for a little advice... if at first you don't...........:)
  15. We all can use a mentor.

    if it helps one make smarter choices - may they choose the path of the mentor... but there is a lot of mentoring built into universe if you look at it right, even from mistakes - but - in this hobby, the mistakes may have a different set of consequences, so i am all for leaning on those that have trudged the path before you to help you avoid the trippy spots along the way...