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  1. My Breif Forray into the Civilian World

    Please do this!
  2. Who would you bring back?

    Raina Dawn? If so, heck yeah, she was hot and a great date... Her ads used to say "it's raina dawn, let's get it on" from way back in a day, like when TOB and EB were separate entities... If that's the one, excellent call...
  3. Happy Easter Everyone!

    Ahhhhh, Kaduk, always good for some relevant pics to the topic.... Thank you sir! Happy holiday/day everyone - no matter how/what you celebrated Sunday - even if it was just Sunday Funday:)
  4. Gfe or not

    definitions of GFE balance on a fragile fulcrum that is as unique to the definer as their gene pool at times... never going to be standardized - and regardless of perception, like boundaries and rules, should always be respected... you don't gotta agree, but you gotta respect...
  5. Not good enough????

    ahhhhhhh boarding school... when those buses arrived it was like a wild discovery channel....
  6. Stings, Always be on the Lookout !!!

    if it ain't safe, it ain't fun... for everyone...
  7. Out of Action

    Wishing you as full a recovery as can be! Do what the therapists say and you’ll get there!! The hobby will always be here and I know there will be an epic dance card waiting for you when it is right time. And not a day sooner! get well JRW!!
  8. What's the oddest place you've done it???

    just read this through - and - it is now obvious to me how little i have actually lived on the sexual edge... i guess it's never too late:)
  9. Who is your favorite retired porn star and why?

    christy canyon ginger lynn traci lords and i always liked kay parker in her more milf-ish roles...
  10. Who would you bring back?

    these threads always get you thinking - one more jumped in my noggin... ashley star - tall blonde drink of water and wow what a fun date she's one of the ones that i hoped has moved on but not really 'moved on' - like she's in florida now - and i'm hoping one day i will notice a pic of her and think hmmmm, ashley? and then do that dance we all do when a good old time comes a knockin...
  11. Sunday Secret Pleasures. What are yours?

    A fantastic fbsm with all the amenities and then home for a hot shower and good movie goodnight:)
  12. Strip clubs

    You look you like you leave 3Ls, no thanks
  13. Best and Worst Pick up

    best dating service / pick up lines on earth - my pair of golden retrievers and a long walk...
  14. Stats: "hi"

    This!! love this:) i would love to see a thread that has these replies to all the 'hi'... him: hi provider: sure, i'll be there in 15, have those diapers on like we talked about him: r u avail provider: for you always, that's why i followed you home and i'm parked out front waiting for your call
  15. Skipthegames

    it's not a bad move casting a wider net if you are a legit provider and want to expand your dating customer base - all of those sites exist for a reason - horny doods will be surfing them thinking of a date... and even if they are mostly fake profiles the legit dates seem to navigate their way through the mire... just remember - and this is a two way street - research is your friend...