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  1. Alia Abaza's Return

    On twitter a year or two ago people were grieving Alia's death. I don't know what's actually going on here, but I'd recommend folks proceed with caution re: "Alia's" return.
  2. Emjewels2023 on PD

    If it's who I'm thinking of, I remember her from when I first started hobbying, circa 2007-2009. I never saw her, but she had good reviews. That's all I recall.
  3. 411 on mia_cherry

    Thumbs up. Proceed with confidence if you're into the eastern European ladies.
  4. Haircuts?

    Probably nobody needs this anymore, but I'm pretty sure Kadi Parker has experience as a stylist and could do this for you.
  5. Title- thus is 1938

    This really should be no surprise, OP. America stopped being a free country once they started requiring Driver Passports (aka licenses) just to drive on the God-given roads. Talk about taking away our freedoms!
  6. Wondering why women aren't advertising being vaccinated?

    I was going to take the vaccine that thousands of scientists and medical experts have approved and already taken themselves, but then a lady named Barb on Facebook said it would alter my DNA and make me grow an extra arm as soon as Bill Gates throws the switch in his throne room, and the vaccine was just a way to control us and make us a socialist nation. And she even had 14 likes on her post. So then I said "Nah, fam."
  7. 411 on Everest from Tryst ^^^ She has a private delights account with 2 reviews. I missed the tryst ad, but the private delights account includes the parking lot pic posted by kaduk, as well as some other pics that are clearly (to me) the same lady as the parking lot pic and the listcrawler ad. There are also a handful of pics that I'm guessing are more recent, showing lighter hair. Those pics appear to be the same lady as the parking lot pic, or at least it could be...the hair is different but the nose and blue eyes do seem similar most of the time. Also, one of the reviews mentions her time in San Antonio, which jibes with the cuddle ad. I'm not saying you shouldn't proceed with caution, but the pics and ads and hard of hearing bit don't really trouble me. The paragraph that foxfieldman wrote definitely does concern me, though.
  8. Dirty Talk Do You Like It ?

    I really enjoy dirty talk with a willing partner, but I fear I'm not very good at it, or at least could stand to improve (can't we all?). Do you ladies have any tips and insights, specifically things that guys have said to you that turns you on? There's been some good stuff already said here, but some of us amateurs need all the help we can get.
  9. P411 forgot something...

    Definitely not just you; it's down on my laptop, was kinda weird on my phone but I was able to log in there.
  10. President Hickey?

    His love of fracking and other moderate/conservative positions mean that he has zero chance of getting the Democratic nomination. He's just running to get some national name recognition so that maybe somebody picks him as their VP if they need a moderate, soft-speaking "nice" white guy to balance out the ticket in 2020. Or failing that, at least get enough name recognition to be in contention for a cabinet position (maybe Secretary of the Interior) in a President Booker or President Warren administration.
  11. Is P411 dead?

    P411 isn't dead, it just smells funny. My suggestion is to wait a month or two to decide. Apparently big changes are coming in the new year. I'm sure there will be feedback on this board as to what the new situation is. If they don't start letting new ladies join, and if all it is is just the ladies' names and then they give you an ok, that just wouldn't be anywhere near worth it for me for what they charge, and I'll take my ball and my oks and start acquiring references on here. Time will tell.
  12. P411 changes 2019

    Yeah, it's all about the implementation. If they're just taking away the "available now" board, I can live with that. If they're taking away pics, rates, availability and contact info, well I wouldn't pay $10 a year for membership in that, let alone $200 a year. Also, as of now about 90% of the ladies I'm interested in are on P411. If there's a big migration of ladies off P411, or if the new ones entering the business don't bother signing on, and a lot of the ladies I'd like to see aren't on P411 anymore, then it wouldn't be worth it to me anymore. Guess we just have to wait 6 months and see.
  13. P411 account is still active, although she hasn't logged in since early May. Perhaps she's just taking a vacation.
  14. Latina Providers

    I've noticed through the years that some of the Latina ladies list themselves as "mixed" on here and P411. I've always assumed they think they will get more business that way because of lingering racism/negative connotations with Mexican/hispanic/etc... And frankly the latino/hispanic (and all racial categories, to be honest) are a lot flimsier than you might think and some of them surely think that mixed is just a more accurate description. Whatever, point is search some of the "mixed" and you might see some ladies that interest you.
  15. Thinking of relocating

    Downtown or, secondarily, Cherry Creek, are the best places to actually live if you want to be around good restaurants, live music, bars, museums, activities, etc... If you don't care about any of that stuff and just want a place to set up shop, DTC (south) is the most popular area for escorts. But if the competition is a bad as this thread would indicate, I'd think someone wouldn't want to set up shop right in the heart of all the competition, you may want to go where there's less competition but still lots of potential clients. So maybe in the north or west burbs you could find a less crowded market?