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  1. Discretion is paramount

    Hahaha, you're amazing. 😘 Xoxo Laci's Play Thing
  2. Ladies, A Heads Up!

    I received this as well and I second Kae Marie's notion!
  3. BB

    I had a regular client who I know and trust express to me that he recently met a couple of providers who tried to BB with him. I don't believe he was lying nor do I believe he had any motive to. He has never tried to persuade or suggest that with me (if he had, I would have never seen him again). He said that when he encountered that situation with those providers, he felt very unsafe. So I believe it goes both ways. I've personally only encountered a couple of clients who have asked for BB. But that was a couple of years ago when I was working with a shady "agency" who posted on BP and didn't attract the most desirable clients. Fortunately, I'm now able to vet my own clients. I know all of you ladies are smart enough to know not to provide this. But to all of those who may be lurking and not posting and you have offered this, I understand that the recent legislative catastrophe has made doing what we do a little tougher, but please do not let it pull your guard down or leave you devoid of your moral standards. Doing so does not make you more desirable or marketable.
  4. Tease

    Look at TER.. Just teasing me.
  5. Despite the recent legislative catastrophe..

    My satirical remark was misunderstood and we can leave it at that.
  6. Another new guy

    There is a law is called the "Driver's Privacy Protection Act," and it was signed on September 13, 1994, by President Bill Clinton, who later remarked that he wished he hadn't signed it because "I never would've hooked up with Monica if I knew she drove a Neon." Anyway: the Driver's Privacy Protection Act, or DPPA as it was affectionately nicknamed by the Legislative Committee for Affectionate Nicknames, prohibits the disclosure of personal information gathered by motor vehicle departments. The result is that the most information a person with your plate number could possibly get is the make and model of your vehicle. Not your name, not your address, not your date of birth, not your social security number, not whether you had feathered hair in the '80s, not whether you reach for slices of bread at restaurants but then put them back when you find out it's an end piece, etc. So basically you have nothing to worry about when a normal person sees your license plate number, unless of course they have some sort of access to DMV records. Fortunately, this access is limited to the most upstanding members of our community – cops, lawyers, process servers, DMV employees named Alice whose fake fingernails are the size of television remotes – and that means it's pretty hard to get.
  7. Despite the recent legislative catastrophe..

    Escort, hooker, prostitute, whore-I don't mind what you call me. That's just semantics, and has zero correlation or representation of what kind of experience I provide. "Top/ Elite/ VIP/ High-End/ Luxury/ Upscale/ Courtesan/ Confidante" All branding. All marketing. Just names. But people remember faces not names, don't they? Ladies on this forum have repeatedly referred to themselves as hookers. I've seen 800 an hour ladies jestingly refer to themselves as whores. Men are obviously not paying that much for "whore" service, right? We know it. They know it. If they can joke like that, why can't I? It is advised that one grow a thick skin for this business. Especially when it comes to name calling and the patriarchy and pervasive misogyny entrenched in the sex industry and beyond. I am sorry that you were so insulted by this name. However I won't apologize for my dark humor. It was not my intension to attack anyone in any way, shape, or form. However, I can't say that I see any other ladies giving me backlash for this.
  8. Another new guy

    To those men who refuse to be screened, you already are.
  9. New to TOB

    Welcome home, darling! 😘
  10. Just damn

    OMG 😨 You're such a good friend! These times really are quite scary. Thank you for the reminder that we truly must stick together. 💖
  11. 1

    Aww, you make me blush. 😊 Lol I always march to the beat of my own drum! 😋
  12. Despite the recent legislative catastrophe..

    I'm just reinforcing an aforementioned statement that us ladies are not going anywhere and the government alone simply cannot halt the "oldest profession in the world."
  13. ..A city without whores is like a house without bathrooms. 🙈🙉🙊
  14. 1

    HAHAHAH! 🤣
  15. 1

    You can just call me The Riddler. 😎