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  1. 411 on TScourtneyinLODO

    Thanks Audrey. I did find some more pics and info but couldn’t find reviews themselves. Probably needs signing up to those website. I’ll have a closer look.
  2. TScourtneyinLODO Colorado Companion Any info on TScourtneyinLODO? https://theotherboard.com/users/131493 No reviews, Instagram not available. But website and P411 seem active. I think she has changed her name a few times but I don’t know much more. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to DM me as I know a few folks are utr about ts
  3. 411 on Carleybustygirl

    Imagine my shock when I saw that post on STG! I’m sort of glad we didn’t click when I met her since I didn’t partake in activities which I would have regretted now in retrospect. I noticed she has a few posts on some of the other forums here. One thing is for sure, she’s having a roller coaster of a life.
  4. Lina Mesa/ Jessica Martinez

    An older review mentioning her name as Patty made me remember that this is probably the profile of Patty Garcia! I saw her when she went by this alias and has also gone by many other Latina sounding names. I strongly suspect this profile has been used like a revolving door for providers who come and go.
  5. 411 on Carleybustygirl

    I’m just going to leave this here. Y’all can frame your own opinions. http://denver.skipthegames.com/female-escorts/caucasian_e/get-the-best-bj-ever-no-drama/614217297990
  6. 411 on Carleybustygirl

    She's been around a while. I saw her about a year and a half ago. And when I met her she seemed was worse for wear both physically and mentally. I had to arrange her outcall transpo. She was delayed, showed up with reasonable enthusiasm which dropped off quickly. Seemed more interested to chat than really get on with stuff. Somewhat awkward in the way she handles herself, Major turn off overall. I'd recommend in a pinch but only if you don't keep your expectations very high.
  7. What ever happened to ....

    Don't recall seeing her posting about retiring but it'd be great to have the link if she did. Last I tried setting up a meet back around Dec-Jan and even then her responses were very delayed/patchy. Looks like she dropped off rather sudden like many over the past year.
  8. Jane Smith from Dallas

    Nearly ALL the Texas ladies seem to have gone on hiatus, I don't see anyone. They were a dime a dozen last year and I had a bunch of fun with many of them. Shame. I wonder what gives.
  9. Jane Smith from Dallas

    Yeah, I was kinda wondering about this myself. It isn't just the 4-5 ladies from this group that seem to have dropped off the radar. A lot of the ladies from TX seem to have dropped off completely. Considering that nearly all of them were extremely high volume, I'm surprised to see this happen. If anyone can PM me with some info, that'd be great.
  10. Pictures: How Things Have Changed

    Looks like someone just wants attention. IDK about y'all but just about everything except No. 5 is completely made up, and the number of such ladies is far fewer than 80-90%.
  11. Newbie question about hotels

    Google StreetView is a great idea and something I've used for just about every incall, hotel or otherwise. If you're like us it'll give you some comfort getting a lay of the land before you head in. And yes, sometimes there are also pictures of the lobby and elevators to help even further.