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  1. Have you ever????

    I was in Salt Lake and tired out the girls. It is very different there. They have an escort law that makes it legal but not for sex. I didn’t know that. Basically, your donation amount is the same as in Denver but all they do is undress and lay next to you or get you off by hand. Nothing else happens. There are few on TOB in Salt Lake but most were on Backpage when I was there in February. I asked the girls about TOB and they did not know about it.
  2. Dining with your friend

    I know God gave me my tongue as a measuring stick.
  3. Curious

    I’d rather see you thanTOFTT.
  4. My autocorrect is dirty!

    A kookaburra looks kind of like s camp robber. If you’ve seen a Tarzan movie you’ll hear Kookaburra birds. It makes s cool jungle sound.
  5. Ladies... write a book

    One of you ladies once said “if I could only write a book”. I would love to read about your experiences, the best, worst and the most weird. Also, your perspective on guys and what they want or are looking for. Is it a game, hobby, or compulsion. I have so many questions, but would never ask. Who wants to start writing. Make it fiction, of course, to protect my innocent ass.
  6. Curious

    I would love to be someone’s first client. With what I’ve learned I could couch them a bit.
  7. Curious

    I remember doing FBSM my first time on TOB. She was so sweet and explained how it all worked. It was great but odd. Then that wasn’t enough. I wanted it all. It was so weird when she stripped down and spread so I could see everthing. I must say I hadn’t cum with someone casually before. I felt real guilty but wanted more. I’ve been to many nude hot springs and it doesn’t phase me or feel sexual at all. But now, I appreciate how hot a women is between their legs. But with every instance, it’s your brain, ladies, that turns me on. You ladies will laugh on this one. I did not have any references for my first contact and thought she wanted my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook account. I sent them. She probably had a good laugh on me. About 0 reviews. I tried one last week and it was the most horrible incident I’ve encountered while on TOB live and let learn.
  8. Is P411 dead?

    I like giving my P411 account so the girls know more about me and can see my photo. I still book through TOB.
  9. My autocorrect is dirty!

    I sent a text to a client about a year ago and suggested they use caulk on their tub. I didn’t catch it that caulk got changed to cock. Yep, I’ll come over and cock your tub, ha!
  10. More zero reviews aging up

    I’m so stupid. I tried a 0 review gal in Lakewood. I only did it because it was next to my work. I though I might make a new discovery. The photos were not her or it was her maybe 10 years ago. This was a horrible situation. I was there two minutes and was asked to leave. Strangest fucking thing I’ve sncountrered while in this hobby.
  11. TOB Fantasy? I wonder

    Hey guys.. I’m in!
  12. President Hickey?

    You mean President Dickenlooper!
  13. There will be no more donations

    That’s unbelievable. I’m sure glad we have this board for sharing.
  14. Photos for the rest of us ladies.

    I like to see a ladies face in the photos. I make most my decisions from just that. I think I am very intuitive and can tell if we would click from facial profiles. I don’t prefer too glamorous photos that don’t represent who I will see when you open the door. I do not need nude either. How about dressing in a way that tells your man that I really want you to F...K me.
  15. More zero reviews aging up

    What about 0 reviews In call only?