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  1. Escort Babylon???

    Follow yp on adult friend i just read the “terms of service” on their site. They have the right to create fake profiles to attract members to their site. I guess I answered my own question if these profile are real. Most are not. Don’t know why I was even looking. When in doubt stay with TOB or p-411. Dah!
  2. Escort Babylon???

    No, I was not asking if TOB profiles were fake. I was asking if Adultfriendfinder had mostly fake profiles and if anyone had more information. I know TOB providers well and have seen many of you over the past two years. I’ve never been treated better than by the providers on this site.
  3. Beware Sextortion Scam

    I’m so stupid that I got caught in this scam. Couldn’t believe it. I was on the site SA and was new. One of the gals wanted to chat on google hangouts. She started undressing and showing all and I send her back a revealing photo she wanted. When your on hangout they now have access to your friends list. They emailed back this list on messenger and wanted 800.00 now or they would email my photo to all my contacts. I ignored them and nothing further happened. I may be stupid but a lot smarter now.
  4. Homeless teens

    If I can do anything with the time I have left on this planet, it is to help these kids. I’m going to reveal I ran into one of and she wanted $$ for sexual favors to me. She was probably 21 and not a teen. Instead of sexual favors I would bring food to her once a week or take her out for lunch and talk to her. I love mentoring and helping. She was on drugs also. One year later she is clean and hopefully on the road to a better life. I don’t have contact with her any longer. Best of luck to her. Hope I helped.
  5. Escort Babylon???

    What about ? No one returns messages here at all. Are most the profiles fake? Anyone tried it?
  6. Dinner and some s...

    I had a lunch date once. It was a real turn on to know what was coming afterwards. A fantasy come true.
  7. Real world dating as an adult

    This love thing is a touchy area . I can really love someone but can go out and F..k another women ?????
  8. Visual turn ons

    Long hair.... Fleshy wide lips (upper and lower) long legs, large or skinny thighs and that feminine taste and smell below. 😋
  9. Vegans in the Midwest

    City O' City, all Vegan. 206 E 23th Ave
  10. Shower and GFE

    I can solve the "getting hair wet" for the ladies. Let's jump in the BATH TUB instead of the shower. Just lay in the hot water and feel each other out. Yum!
  11. On the mend!

    Congrats Melissa that it was not serious. Mend well and a a few positive vibes from me to you for a speedy recovery.
  12. new in town

    Yep, locate near DTC. It's close to me. Not that I'm selfish but convenient. 😁
  13. Has this ever happened to you?

    Please write a review on her. You've scared me now.
  14. Greek.... I don't get it.

    I would like to try greek before I decide on it. Guess I better go through providers to see who offers and give it a try.
  15. 411 or tgtbt

    Thanks guys for your advice. Maybe I should stay off BP and stick with TOB and p411.