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  1. Public data? Been verified? I want to know before I commit to subscribing
  2. I'm planning a trip down there want a decent and safe area to stay and close to places to shop and eat. Tips? Thanks and Kisses
  3. Hi TOB let me introduce myself

    Well according to Megan, youre faking it Wingman. Thank you for the warm welcome everyone!
  4. Thanks Meghen you really are so helpful. I got your message too. And The Wisperer. Gonna try again
  5. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong. several times ive attempted to upload photos. both from a phone and a computer. The page tells me to drag and drop or browse to upload so I do. The picture loads up so I press add. Then.. nothing. the picture doesn't show up. Also, since I'm already here asking questions. What is the best way to insert pictures into an ad/listing so they'll show up? had the same issue when posting my welcome me post. I used photobucket to get a photo link but it still didn't show up. any feed back helps. thanks
  6. Hi TOB let me introduce myself

    Im Fiona Originally from San Antonio TX and brandnew here. I started on Eccie in 2014 but took a year long break but ready to dive back into the fun. I love people and diversity. Im excited to find what kind of love is out there to give and recieve.