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  1. Ladies reaching out...

    Hmmmm. Interesting change of tone........
  2. Please Ladies. An inquiring mind wants to know.

    Wellllll I heard from a reliable source at the NSA, and you know that if it happens within 20 feet of a cell phone the NSA knows about it that Laci's Hoe Downs are more like Amish Quilting Bees except the quilt squares are pieces of lacey underthings..... Sorry to let the secret out....
  3. Please be careful driving in this mess

    It seems that so many people ignore the simple fact that it is not the GO that will save your butt, it's the WHOA! Anything that comes between your tires and the bare pavement drastically reduces that WHOA. Whether it be water, snow, ice, mud, oil, etc. Years ago I tried a set of ice rated tire and couldn't believe the difference. At least check your tire for good tread depth. The ass you save may be your own!
  4. What Are You Reading?

    Kenni, awesome post topic!! I have to admit that I have moved from real books to a Kindle. Although I do miss the tactile pleasure of reading a real book and turning the pages in anticipation carrying my library is much easier than dragging a pallet of books around the country. Over the years I have gone through King, Koontz, Ludlem, etc. spells but the childhood nerd in me keeps coming out. The past few years have been about Sci Fi escapism. Especially into expansive space operas. The Honorverse series by David Weber, 19 books and counting. The Frontiers Saga by Run Brown, 20 books and counting. The Expanse series by James S A Corey, forget the TV series read the books. The Lost series by Vaughn Hepner The Omega series by Joshua Dalzelle Between those I can just keep rotating from new release to new release.
  5. Whiskey and Wimmen

    Yes please!!
  6. A abundance of useful information

    That is what I did. Signed up, lurked and read a lot. And then thought about what I read. I still manage to stumble over my own feet once in a while but the early learning helped immensely!
  7. New to Denver

    As usual I am late to the party! Welcome to Our beautiful state and have a wonderful time! Just don't let Miss Sassy get you into to much trouble!
  8. Refs and checking out....

    So maybe a stupid question or maybe an unanswerable but do you have any guidelines to jog a providers memory? Our Physical description? Location? Time? I never know what to put in that little box when requesting a reference so would be at a loss here.
  9. Knowing her real name

    I have a question that has a little different twist to this topic. So hypothetically you are interested in meeting a Young Lady that is not on this board with reviews, etc. You do the typical research, Tineye and Google on the pics, Google her phone number, etc. So hypothetically this simple search turns up some RW info. Very specific info that put together with something she told you during a conversation leads you to believe it to be accurate. So here is my question. Do you tell the young lady about this? Maybe even show them what you found? Or do you just forget it? Ladies I would like your opinion.
  10. Hump Day Something Something

    Right???? Just like the song says, Two is better than One, Three is better than Two!
  11. HW brain vs RW brain

    Same here. There have been a few times that I will meet someone that just has that Wow factor for me and my mind goes into Hobby Mode.... Thankfully the sane side has kept things on a leash before I made a fool of myself......
  12. Providers Beware! Mile High Club (Fake Adult Film Agency)

    It is the name that is tickling my feeble memory.
  13. Providers Beware! Mile High Club (Fake Adult Film Agency)

    May be a little more to this than just a lonely guy. I seem to recall seeing something about this advertised awhile back. Sounded like a scam then. Can't remember where though......
  14. Knowing her real name

    For those that also value the interaction of conversation with a Young Lady we must treat all such with the utmost confidentiality and deference. Even discussing something as innocuous as music tastes can lead to certain nuggets of RW info. I have a pretty decent BS detector but even a "Canned" storyline gets the Sgt. Schultz treatment. I know nothing, I heard nothing......
  15. Ladies, Please Don't....

    Or would that be 2ManyStitches???? I would think the lipstick thing would be pretty much common sense but otherwise encourage the ladies to rock the look that works or them. Arterial we are choosing them not the otherway around.