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  1. California into three different states?

    Besides California just being California as ILW pointed out, I have read some about disaffection with current state policies an politics and the feeling that their voices would never be heard. Colorado went through the same. I believe it was the 2016 election that the Eastern counties had a ballot initiative to secede from Colorado and form a new state. There was also some talk about seceding from Colorado and petitioning Nebraska to join them. That talk seems to come up every so often. Speaking as a native Eastern Wastelander, us Rednecks often look at the Front Range and say WTF?
  2. Just Wrong!

    Chrissy, speaking as a Gentleman, at least allegedly, in my opinion you are right.
  3. TOB Gentleman's Special Listing

    Note to self: learn to play Jenga! Seriously though why not? Personally have tried a few times to make a last minute connection due to unexpected circumstances. Can't say it has worked well in the past........
  4. Bored

    How Decadent! Looking forward to reading their review!
  5. Bored

    I hear you Turtle.... I am sitting here bored out of my mind. Called my ATF in Denver for an OC. Gave her the address where I am staying in Oregon and she said Oh Hell No and hung up on me. So I am still sitting here bored........
  6. TOB Gentleman's Special Listing

    This may very well show my ignorance (which is legion) but wouldn't this be basically an ISO section? That being said, why not? I get Boras point but we are adults here and should be able to handle it.
  7. Gentlemen post your Fantasy listings

    NEWSFLASH!!! My good friend is in town and we will be offer duo sessions on a very limited basis. This is only for the more adventurous and discerning ladies here. Rest assured that our attention will be 1000% on the lucky lovely lady. Just imagine this four hand massage to get this date started! Light screening required. Please provide two references and a current note from your doctor attesting to your ability to to participate in intense adult activities.
  8. Gentlemen post your Fantasy listings

    My Dear Chrissy, I am quite reasonable and depend on duration of our date. My specialty is all about BFE starting with a Hot Oil Massage for my beautiful partner. Best method of contact is by phone but intergalactic rates do apply. Alas I must give fair warning that dates nay be interrupted by my day job of saving the universe. Can't wait to hear from you!
  9. Gentlemen post your Fantasy listings

    In this case I will go with de minimums. Just gonna post my picture watch my phone melt down!
  10. Gentlemen post your Fantasy listings

    And Fish comes out of the gate swinging for the fences! Leave it to a fisherman to tell the whopper of the one that got away!
  11. Expectations for Incall Necessities

    I had one YL ask for a bag of ice. She wanted to make drinks and was out of ice. Sure no problem. I always put a few necessary packets in my pocket before I go to an IC. OC I have the HOPEFULLY needed items at hand, massage oil (for her), lube if needed, clean towels (motel clean), etc. Host should be prepared but the gentleman should always carry covers.
  12. Expectations for Incall Necessities

    Ask her to take care of the deposit?????
  13. 2 profiles?

    And just how many personalities are rattling around that pretty little head?????
  14. 2 profiles?

    Good point there. I swear I have seen a few new ladies go through name changes when they first get here but not with concurrent ads. Kinda like they were trying them on to gauge response? That kinda makes sense but one lady running concurrent ads under two names doesn't make sense to me. Maybe it is just me, but if I had seen her under one name and booked with the other name I would not be real happy about it.
  15. Wife is out of town & feeling kinda "off"

    Just trying to look out for the safety of the motoring public