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  1. A newbie for how long?

    Life is a Journey and not a Destination. Maybe I didn't think things through properly here and need to change my course of study to the extended education courses. I do like the idea of getting the upgraded decoder ring! After all I do so enjoy the study sessions with these fine Tutors the the extra learning experiences are quite rewarding!
  2. A newbie for how long?

    Hmmmm. Just looking at A1s join date seems like they are behind on the initiating classes......
  3. Vegas trip whats the best board for Vegas provider listings

    Don't forget TOB has listings for Vegas now. Also Swifter and MassageRepublic.
  4. A newbie for how long?

    Great...... First I have been waiting to receive a Super Top Secret TOB Decoder Ring and now I find out that I also have to wait for an invite to join the Secret Desert Sex Society!?!?!? I sure am glad that there are some wonderful ladies to meet in the meantime!!!!!
  5. Spoiled

    Unfortunately though the term GFE has been blurred to the point of almost being meaningless. Some providers claim GFE and then go into a long litany of NOs. When done you are left with a 3G experience. I don't approach a date with a checklist but I do have a preference for a relaxed sensual Date. Like with a RW Girlfriend/Lover. No I am not talking about BBFS but if the Provider claiming GFE and then only allows CBJ and some CFS how is that GFE? So yes we ask questions trying to determine if the date style will meet our desires. As far as pictures, Guys are visually stimulated. Guilty as charged.
  6. Not sure how to handle this, advice?

    What he said! Never any excuse for this no matter what. If a guy acts like this do not meet him. It isn't going to get better, probably worse. Let him come out in the open and write the review. You can do a rebuttal and he shows himself to be the Jackwagon he is.....
  7. Booking Apps

    Oh Thanks a bunch! I was just worried about hackers before!
  8. Booking Apps

    Hit it in One BitBanger. It is not about not wanting to share info with a provider that she would like so she feels comfortable. It is strictly the app that makes me nervous and the addition of another layer of risk. My habit is to make an initial attempt of introduction via TOB PM. In the very first sentence I introduce myself by name, yes real name. It is strictly the apps that give me bad vibes as that is an additional party that has private info. The reason for this thread was to get other views on the apps to see if I was the only person with this phobia.
  9. Booking Apps

    Interesting that the app helped the client follow through for you. My concern is strictly related to the security of the app. As for screening I am willing to be fairly open with a provider including my name. Of course all the apps have the blurb about offshore hosting and secure but I am reluctant to know that my info is now stored by an unaccountable third party.
  10. Booking Apps

    Really curious here what everyone thinks about these booking apps that some YLs are using. I have reached out to a couple of providers and have been directed to their booking apps. Date and time desired, sure no problem. Get to the name part and that is where I leave it. First name ok, first and last, ummm no. Or is this where we just enter John Smith? Yes I get the providers need for safety but now we are leaving another electronic trail with RW info. So I am curious about what others here think.
  11. Real men of the forum...

    Another million!?!?!?
  12. Real men of the forum...

    Assuming that the person in question is truly in the Friend Zone then I think you already know the answer to your question. Help a friend based on your ability and in a manner that will not threaten the friendship.
  13. How Old is too Old?

    Th real questions should be are you still enjoying this and would you miss it. For myself, yes I prefer a more mature lady. So far the mature ladies don't seem to be in such a rush and enjoy spending the time.
  14. Question about Prescreening

    It has been stated repeatedly in these forums that each Lady is an individual with their own rules and procedures. There have been a large number of Ladies that ask you to do just what you are doing, polite introduction and inquiring about their screening desires. But there are a large number that only respond to the "U Avail?" approach. They seem to be as offended by a polite introduction as the Polite Introduction crowd get with the U Avail approach. Just goes to show you that the only hard and fast rule is that there are no hard and fast rules..... For me I will stick with the Polite Introduction method as that is also part of my screening of a YL. If she cant/won't reply to a couple of polite messages then she is probably not someone I want to spend my time with.
  15. Dress Code for Men

    Even if we wash our hands first??? With the good soap??? Picky Picky.....