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  1. January 2019

    Santa's making a list and checking it twice Who's been Naughty or Nice.. for The Year Ahead Be Prepared Xoxo Sheila Vixen
  2. Eccie?

    Sesta Fosta
  3. World Series of POKER in Vegas

    Yes..The Holidays are here ..Lets Spread Some SexY Cheer...💃😏💛
  4. Best wishes to you and your family Santa Baby & Santa Elfettes.. XoXo Sheila
  5. Thankgiving is over The Christmas Holidays are Cumming Spread A Little Cheer.. NFR national finals rodeo is riding into Vegas Yahooo
  6. Good luck to the BBW We All Need A LITTLE LOVE
  7. SeXy Thanksgiving humor

    You too..XoXo
  8. Can you help me out ? I Need Something Big for My Centerpiece Gobble Gobble 💃👄👄
  9. Family friends.. lots good food..and Sports What more could you ask for Oh. SeXXX 💃👄👄
  10. In Las Vegas there was a Veterans Day Parade downtown Like everywhere I guess Xoxo Sheila
  11. Its Going to be a great Holiday Season Tis The Season To Be Jolly..And Sexual Freedom
  12. Guys favorite Halloween costume for Women?

    Im sure I would Remember You Too XO Sheila 🧜‍♀️
  13. Guys favorite Halloween costume for Women?

    Oh had family friends in town, busy. Just Me ..Naked And All Natural Self..💃👄🍊🍊