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  1. I'll take penis IQ for $500 Alex

    I prefer a BJ finish if we can make it there in time!
  2. Vegas

    Thank you Gina!!
  3. Vegas

    I will be taking a trip to Las Vegas pretty soon and I was hoping for some recommendations on a good ad website or board like we have one here. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hello all

    Thank you sir I am guilty as charged as well
  5. Hello all

    Thanks I got references figured out 😉
  6. Hello all

    Thank you ladies I appreciate the hospitality!
  7. Hello all

    Thank you hunter and kali! I’m just trying to figure out this reference thing
  8. Hello all

    After using this site for reviews and listings the past few years I’ve finally decided to become a member. Based out of the Rockies but travel to Denver frequently. Any help would be appreciated. Everyone have a blessed day!