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  1. STD’s is a topic we have discussed many times here on TOB. Being associated with public health I wanted you all to know that chlamydia and syphilis have increased significantly in Colorado recently according to the Colorado Department of Health. Syphilis is primarily showing up in older men, not youth or middle age according to the CDH. Something that you wouldn’t expect but it makes sense. I think members are smart on having protection here on TOB. But some men are stepping beyond this platform and taking risks and encountering women that go raw. Syphlis can kill you if not treated. Besides that, you will be contacted by the CDH when you need treatment. Women can spot the sores on the penis but men cannot identify if the women have sores in their vagina. Going bare at this particular post Covid era, your changes are better than 70% you will be infected. Be smart everyone. Don’t take that risk. It’s not with it.
  2. Thinking About a Few Things Tonight

    There are nights I lay in bed and think of the many ladies I have met here. I’ve learned a lot about myself from these experiences, I can say I’m more compassionate and caring than before TOB. I understand women much better and how to please them. I’ve left many rooms looking back as I walk out the door feeling a little “crush” on some of the ladies. I’m a bit older now and not as active but I think I’ll stay on here as I don’t know if there will be another day. Sex work is needed in our society and those here know that. The rest of the population doesn’t have a clue.
  3. FishnDude

    Years ago we used to DM back and forth about providers. He would help me out with suggestions. He was a good guy.
  4. Who's on top??

    I do love reverse cowgirl!
  5. Most desired toys?

    My X loved her sexy toy vibrator except it desensitized her pussy and made it harder for her to cum when we had sex. Damn!
  6. Colorado College football

    I will definitely renew my CU season football tickets next year. I’ll have to find a provider that likes CU games.
  7. Ed meds

    Tadalafil is only about $1.20 per tablet at Costco. Super cheap! Get a prescription easily from your doctor.
  8. TOB vs. TNA - the men & the admins.

    I must say, most every time I stray from TOB I run into problems. I’ve learned staying on this site is the most satisfying and most importantly, I feel safe.
  9. Always 2nd week of October. It seems to freeze about then.
  10. When your favorite Colorado friend dies

    I love Caressa’s story. I’m getting older now and wanted a friendship like this. I’ve had few but then they disappeared without notice. I’ve helped out other providers over the years. We are all human and we need to take care of each other. Enough said.
  11. Best Strip club in Denver

    Always wondered about The Players Club and Saturday Night Live on North Federal. I know Saturday Night Live attracts some very hot freelance dancers but they don’t perform regularly.
  12. Best Strip club in Denver

    Any nude clubs in Denver or surrounding area these days?
  13. Question for providers as well as gents.

    Thanks for all your posts. These raised some safety and health concerns for myself. I just made an appointment to get tested.
  14. Question for providers as well as gents.

    Yikes! I want tested now. Where is the best place in Jefferson County for a male. I do love the wetness of bbbj but not a deal breaker.
  15. June

    That’s great! An eco milkweed garden.
  16. June

    As as a kid we caught the monarch caterpillars and watched them make their chrysalis and transform into something beautiful, I still feel a bit guilty for catching them.
  17. Best DATY in Colorado

    My imagination can’t stop on this one. Here’s how I see it. The contestants have one minute each to go down on judge number one. She will pick the 3 finalists with best tongue action. They then 3 move to judge number 2. The finalists have up to 5 minutes to show their stuff. If judge 2 cums there will be a break then finalists 2 and 3 give it a try. Judge number two will conference with judge number one to pick the winner. The winner gets a hand job from the judges. The other contestants can watch and do their own selves . Participants limited to 10 or add more judges. Sorry everyone . I couldn’t resist on this one.
  18. June

    Gas was 6.50 gallon in California. Total gas was $700 for 3800 miles. I figured the increase cost me about 130.00 over normal prices. Not a deal breaker. Big Sur and the Hearst Castle were fabulous. One more off my bucket list.
  19. June

    Kali. Your flowers are wonderful. My flowers wouldn’t grow so I dug down 1 1/2 foot and replaced the soil. Planting new flowers this weekend. My other highlight is I just returned from a 3 week roadtrip driving down hiway 1 in California. What a great trip. OMG I loved the giant redwoods. The “kings” of nature.
  20. Best DATY in Colorado

    I’m doing tongue exercises so I’ll be ready. I inherited some good DNA so I can roll my tongue and do some nice tricks.
  21. Avoiding attention at a hotel

    I would be more interested on how a women checks in at the hotel not to tip off staff. Hotel clerks are now being trained to watch for women being trafficked. How they check in might be important, not sure.
  22. Best DATY in Colorado

    Omg I love giving data. My favorite! Like fleshy to work my tongue around. Please put on my gravestone “best little clit licker in the west”!
  23. Ladies Beware

    My two cents worth on LE. They need to focus on real crimes and get off the back of sex workers and clients. Just another point to decriminalize. This might also eliminate some if the human traffickers. Pisses me off.
  24. WTF?

    Wish the lizard would have bit their cock off.
  25. •Safe reporting-Law for Sex Workers

    Now we need to decriminalize prostitution. This might be a step.