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Found 13 results

  1. Question for noco providers

    I've been scoping out this site for several months and can't really say I miss BP. I only used it once for a FBSM and it was okay but everything else looked pretty sketchy. I've just been seeing what providers are in my area, looking at websites and overall just kind of figuring out the etiquette and what is expected of myself and what I should expect from a provider. The only issue I see is that I am a younger guy (26) and that seems to be a pretty big red flag for a lot of providers on here. Which is completely fair, its a high-risk profession and I respect that. The ones that seem like they might be okay with it don't seem very attractive to me. So should I just wait and hope this place is still around or are most providers actually okay with that age? I was interested in a few that are 30-45 just because I've always really had a MILF fantasy that would be awesome to fulfill but if most older providers in my area aren't comfortable with that I'll leave it be.
  2. I realize that some providers are okay with pictures during a session. this is something I would like to incorporate on a regular basis. I am thinking I will simply ask if its okay. However to play with loaded dice I would like to know the correct way to phrase the question, or explain it in a way that makes it more likely. something like..."we take them with your 'device' you look through them and edit crop or blur whatever you feel like and I then get what you feel like sending." is the best I have come up with. Looking for opinions suggestions and probable outcomes.
  3. Ladies, I'd appreciate your ideas. Besides the number of OKs, how does a good profile in P411 looks? I'm just wondering what kind of things do people write in the Client's Bio section and what do the ladies expect to read, if they read them at all. Thanks!
  4. Many women (not all) would say "It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean" or "It's not the size that counts, it's how you use it". So, not counting hands, kisses, tongue, foreplay, daty, etc., what does it mean to use it well, besides going in and out?
  5. Why do you review?

    More of a philosophical question...but why do you write reviews? I know there are many and complex reasons but interested in hearing from others......
  6. What are the photo hosting sites that: A. Are free B. Do not censor the photos C. Linkable TY in advance for the help. Johnboy#1
  7. When searching the Ads (not the reviews but the ads) there is a box where you can search for specific "Consenting Adult Activities". This is information that was provided by each provider or is information taken out from the reviews database? Thank you.
  8. I've never had a problem with clock watching but I'm always wondering and worrying: 1. When she tells you to call for directions and apartment number once you get to the condo, should you call sharp at your scheduled time or a few minutes before? Sometimes it can take up to 10 minutes to park and get there. Are those minutes counting for my scheduled hour? 2. I always ask to take a quick shower before so playing time starts after the shower. Is that time already part of my scheduled hour? So if the scheduled appointment is, say at 5pm, with the above mentioned, playing time could start at 5:15. What happens is that when it's already 6:00pm I start worrying because my time is supposedly up?
  9. How many P411 Okays are too many Okays? 1 or 2 Okays are not enough for some providers. 5 to 10 seem to be a sign of good reputation, good client, safe enough. But is there a number in which too many Okays start to send the wrong message? As if a hobbyist is already too promiscuous?
  10. What quality of photos do gentlemen prefer on ads and websites? A friend told me that he didn't like providers' ads with professional super high quality pictures, for him those pics are too artificial. He prefers natural or amateur pictures even if they were taken with a cell phone, or even if you can see the small defects on the skin or shape. For him it was like the difference between visiting a "pro" against visiting a "girlfriend". What do you think?
  11. So following a recent thread about cancellation, I think we all agree that there can be unplanned and important reasons on both sides, boys and girls, to make us cancel an scheduled appointment. Note: I'm not talking here about the weirdos that cancel because they are just that, weirdos. I'm talking about good and serious people that respect other people's time and money. I'm just wondering when does it become a "last minute cancellation" as to be blacklisted or hated for the time wasting? If you cancel 4 hours before the appointment then I think it is not a "last minute cancellation" but if you cancel 5 minutes before, it definitely is.So... 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour? when does it become a "last minute" one?
  12. Two call setup?

    Hi, can someone please explain how does the "standard two call setup" work? I've seen that in many reviews and I'm not sure if I'm getting it well. Is it like this: I call her --> then she calls me back? If it is, then how does this provide any kind of security for the provider? Everybody use burn or prepaid phones, so calling back doesn't seem to make any sense as a required step to move ahead. Thanks
  13. Why, wHy, WhY?

    Why, wHy, WhY? Question for the guys. I get a phone call this evening from a would-be client. He was inquiring about to tomorrow morning, and said he would like to start early so he could take me shopping. Now I have some thoughts on this. Why? Taking a woman shopping ain’t exactly in the department of disceet. And, why? Does he think that I don’t know how to attire myself in a sexy bit of lingerie.. Or , does he think I will be impressed? Why? In my experience, when they offer to take you shopping, it never happens. So, why? Bottom line, I know what I like, so I take myself shopping, I don’t take a man with me.