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  1. Flu bug

    Some preventative measures for the flu: 1. Wash your hands (often) with soap. 2. At the grocery store, use the disinfectant wipes near the entrance. I pull up on them until I feel moisture. That way I'm sure I'm getting good protection. One of the most germ laden items in the store is the handle of the shopping cart. The old adage of "stuff a cold and starve a fever" is wrong. When you get a virus, it uses up energy. So you've got to keep your strength up. I'm sure there are many others Signature PS. In many pictures of oriental cities, you see people with face masks. Sometimes I wonder if that's not a bad idea.
  2. New Year's Superstitions and Resolutions

    Being of Scandinavian heritage, it has always been marinated herring for the first thing you eat on New Years day.
  3. Favorite Christmas Songs

    Thurl Ravenscroft
  4. What do you want for Christmas?

    Right after winning power ball jackpot ( or mega millions), I want:
  5. Whisky Tango Foxtrot!! Snow?

    Bit, You've got snow in the lower RGV and today (Friday) there's a red flag warning in CO for everything East of I-25. Find someone nice to cuddle up with.
  6. RIP Gomer Pyle

    “Shazam!” No more.
  7. I Fired Myself...

    Where I grew up, everyone had the same prefix (DExter, AComa, FRemont so all you had to do was dial the last four digits. My wife's grandmother had a party line until the early 1970's. And this was in East Denver.
  8. Denver Broncos Losing Streak

    The modern day playbooks are quite complicated. Maybe they need to bring back the simple old one. It only had three plays. Run, run, pass, kick. It worked on every series of downs. Come to think about it, that's almost what they're doing now.
  9. Denver Broncos Losing Streak

    Drop this seasons remaining tickets into the collection plate at church. That way, you can write off the face value as a charitable donation.
  10. Fuckin Broncos...

    Monday Morning the Broncos fire their offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. Reportedly, Bill Musgrave (QB coach) has been moved up. And so it begins....
  11. Mel Tillis

    Mel Tillis, Country singer and prolific song writer passed away yesterday (Sat.). He will be missed.
  12. Fuckin Broncos...

    Broncos....? Do we have a football team? Pitchers and catchers report in about three months.
  13. Traveling the world, where to next?

    Make the Denver metro area your base and plan side excursion. Signature
  14. Birdie on the Ball

    To those of you that have served in the Corps, I salute you. Happy birthday (Nov. 10). Signature
  15. Daylight Savings Time

    Unless you're in Arizona or Hawaii, you should set your clocks back tonight at 2 AM. Click the arrow to change to Mountain time zone. I still think it's a dumb idea to change. Pick one and stay with it. May today there be peace within you. May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be. Remember, friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our own wings have trouble remembering how to fly.