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  1. Mans Dinner Menu

    Uniquely Colorado. Rocky Mountain Oysters.
  2. Colorado Winters..

    As a general rule of thumb, out cold snaps (24 hrs below freezing) do not last more than 3 days. But there are exceptions. I remember back in the 80's where it stayed below freezing for a month. One time my so and I came out of church on Sunday morning and the thermometer on the bank in Evergreen read -30. At least we don't get the winter long gray skies and snow on the roads/ground.
  3. Thanks for the memories Hef!

    Hef to be buried next to Marilyn. Rather ironic. Hefs final resting place
  4. Bp Wanting Links to a Social Media Account

    From a current BP ad. "*By the way this link down here isn't accurate, " At least she's honest enough to admit it.
  5. denver? what areas to avoid?

    Back some 35+ years ago, when Lakewood first became a city, they rigorously enforced the so called morality laws. That reputation has held on all these years. I have visited several providers there and had no problem. The secret is to do your homework, screen and listen to your "spidey" sense. I remember a couple if incidents where a DPD vice cop and a well known Rockies pitcher were nailed in street walker stings on W. Colfax. Of course the Lakewood PD made sure they were well publicized. Signature
  6. Bp Wanting Links to a Social Media Account

    Before the BP requirement of a social media link, if there was one in an ad, I would click on it and obtain useful information that was not allowed in a BP ad. Rates, services and location, Now, more often than not, it leads me to a private account or a dead link. But, as Lakerboy24 said, I'm just not sure about the reasoning behind it. Signature
  7. Do All You Can!!!

    New Date: Oct. 21 More pizza and beer! Or an early Halloween party.
  8. so i passed the pet food factory on i-70 today.....

    Back in the "good old days" when Jolly Rancher had a candy factory in Arvada, if the wind was right, you could get a heavenly odor near I-70 and Ward road. You could tell what flavor of hard candy they were making that day. On the other end of the spectrum, when the stockyards were still open, on Friday nights, they would burn the bones as the first step in making bone china. 50+ years later, I can still remember the stink.
  9. Over half of Cassinis' 12,000 lb. weight was made up of fuel for it's main engine and thrusters. It also had plutonium on board to produce electricity, as solar panels are useless that far from the sun. After almost 20 years, it was running out of fuel. They chose to crash it into Saturn, where it would disintegrate, rather than have it contaminate one of the 60+ moons that orbit Saturn. NatGeo channel had an excellent 1 hour show the other night. Here's a good description of why it was crashed into Saturn.
  10. Provider Olympics

    Just a sample of the events.
  11. Kickstarter fund for TOFTT

    Guys.... Let's hold out for medical and dental benefits.
  12. Hey Guys! New Italian Chick on TOB!

    You have to be a hitchhiker to understand the babel fish. And don't forget your towel.
  13. Question about Colorado's Laws..

    The supreme court has ruled that cops may lie to a suspect during the course of an investigation. But if you lie to the police, it's a crime. Martha Stewart did not go to jail for insider trading, she went for lying to the feds. On a side note, the Jeffco DA's office had to shut down an internet sting unit that was used to trap child traffickers. While the cops can lie, Attorneys and DA employees cannot. They are officers of the Court. A short video: A longer vid, but very good: There is a longer version available.
  14. Eclipse...

    If you watch ch. 9 at 4 PM, they will announce the single location where they will be giving them out. But you have to be "johnny on the spot" as their supplies are limited. One pair to a person. I saw on the web this morning (therefore it must be true) that some say to view the eclipse will be the largest human migration in history. DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN WITHOUT PROPER FILTERS! Signature
  15. Loving the cooler weather....

    There has been snow on Longs peak. Current temp. up there is 31 degrees.