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  1. For the curvy/chubby girls

    A friend of mine just shared this video of a new product with me. I though maybe some of the curvy/chubby girls might be interested in this product... tough, I'm completely ignorant in women's clothing so probably this is a silly product
  2. I want to say hi to everyone in Denver

    Hi Andrea, welcome! Beautiful pictures
  3. Just a curiosity. Scientist have discovered why our penis head has the shape of a mushroom... sort of... The disturbing reason your penis is shaped like it is… Summary: ...But have you ever stopped to question WHY your todger is designed like that? And no we're not talking length here...or girth for that matter. We're talking the head of the penis if you will. The part that looks a little bit like a mushroom...sort of. Way back when, experts believe the penis evolved to become a "tool", with a ridge to remove the semen of love rivals - basically to make sure you are the one that gets the girl pregnant. Survival of the fittest, and all.
  4. Adultfriendfinder and the like

    I explored AFF but I didn't like it. It was a bit intimidating and most of the ladies were looking for things way beyond my confort zone.
  5. But can't you do the Venmo transaction before playing? I wouldn't use Venmo because it leaves a trace, but I've used Venmo when going out with friends and sharing a bill, for example. It takes one second for one person to send and one second for the other to accept, and once the money is transferred it can't be cancelled. Obviously if he sends before playing but you don't accept it right there, he could cancelled upon leaving your incall.
  6. Post Your Funnies

  7. Truth in Advertising

    I think this guy should go back to newbie status and have his post approved by the Mods and prevent him to keep spreading negativity on the board.
  8. Post Your Funnies

  9. Constructive Criticism

    Ooops sorry I didn't read well. I read: "She" told me three things.... so disregard my comment.
  10. Constructive Criticism

    Was she one of the reputable ladies, with a good website and a decent ad and profile, and with good reviews? Because I've never heard anything like that. That's why my friends in the hobby are only ladies with very good reputation.
  11. How busy are you????

    This happens many times. I think we all have to make an effort to write in such a way that there are no misunderstandings. Letters and words don't convey our face expressions or voice intonation.
  12. ‘Hobbiest’ being a bad thing

    Thank you Cecilia!! Sometimes I have such a short vision. This is the first time I've think about the forum in this way. Of course I knew the ladies pay, but I always saw that as part of your business and the forum owners' business. Which is good for all. But that aspect of your money also keeping the forum running was never that explicit in my mind, though, obviously is implicit.
  13. The Picture Issue

    I know this is counter cultural... but sometimes boxers and a T-shirt or even funny jammies could be very sexy!!
  14. Protected Texts

    I found a very, very simple and yet super safe website to keep notes. Sometimes I want to keep private and encrypted notes about things or names, etc. It's called Another good thing: it's not connected to your email address in any way, because you don't have to sign up, therefore not connected to you.
  15. How busy are you????

    And trying to understand this is harder than getting a PhD degree in quantum-nuclear-astro-physics!