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  1. Stood up too many times

    I agree, it must be the approach. Things have changed lately because of the laws and everybody is more cautious. So if your approach worked before and it's not working now, then you'll have to upgrade it.
  2. Hose and Heels?

    In my case it varies. I like heels and hose, but most of the time I find it more attractive a more casual, homey style. Especially if underneath a simple jean and top, or simple dress there is beautiful lingerie.
  3. Advance Planning Mistakes?

    TOB is not an agency, but I think this is also a place to learn from other people's experience and ask questions that you can't ask in any other place. Especially it's a good place for guys to ask the girls and also the other way around, about thing we don't know or we are not sure. This hobby can be intimidating, there is so much to learn! Let's welcome honest questions. I think the original question about when is too early to schedule is a simple but valid question. We all know that it depends on the lady, obviously, but in the different answers and experiences you get a lot of information beyond the "it depends" .
  4. Just Wrong!

    Well done!! I think that if something happens and either side have to cancel then there have to be a compensation, completely opposed to asking for a special price!
  5. Advance Planning Mistakes?

    I like this approach as well. It's better to go through the screening process in advance and then the scheduling part is easier.
  6. TOB Gentleman's Special Listing

    Hmmm... the first idea that comes to my mind is that It would be awkward if you show that you are available, a provider that you don't particularly like contacts you to have fun, you'll have to tell her "no thanks, I'm free but not for you"... because you don't have the excuse of not being available
  7. Bored

    Watch the highlights of the soccer world cup final!
  8. Expectations for Incall Necessities

    I like this!!
  9. Maple Creek Massage

    It's difficult to help you if you don't put any information. Does it have a website? What do you mean it's like EW? Places along 28? is that a street? What do you mean by "The big Massage"?
  10. New Again!?!

    Sure! what are friends for! You have to go here:
  11. False Referals

    Good point!
  12. Beware Sextortion Scam

    Thanks for the heads up!
  13. Lower back sexy holes

    I prefer the dimples au naturel... meaning, without the piercings.
  14. I think that was rude

    Don't take it too seriously or too personal... have fun! It's nothing against you, it was not the best topic, that's it. We've all gone through that. Change the subject and keep participating.
  15. Hey guys

    Welcome! enjoy the board!