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  1. Caught Self-Reviewing Multiple Times

    But it would be fun and enlightening if the fake client of the self review mentions the list of activities they supposedly enjoyed during the meeting
  2. It always strikes me...

    The Incognito mode reminded me of one of those funny commercials Apple vs PC
  3. Caught Self-Reviewing Multiple Times

    Which is good!... but we are always curious about knowing what she says about herself on the self review!
  4. So what's a "spinner"?

    Once in a while I read in the reviews something like "she is a spinner", same things in the ads. So how do you define a "spinner"? It seems to be one of those words like "curvy" with many different meanings.
  5. It always strikes me...

    Thanks for the explanation!! It's so good that TOB gives us the chance to ask, learn and understand different points of view
  6. It always strikes me...

    @Audrey Astor, Audrey, I must confess that I think like that, because to me it doesn't matter if the last review is a little bit old especially if there are 50+ good reviews on a row before that one. Maybe I'm wrong, do all the ladies care about new reviews after having so many good reviews already? And in relation to the original post, in addition to what Audrey said, there are some guys that would only write a review by request of the lady, of course she is confident about getting a good review. So if she didn't ask, then there's now review.
  7. Good morning starts with____?

    Coffee, music, sex, gym... sounds good. But personally, I start every morning with a long pee! LOL (and sometimes that simple action can be a challenging business...)
  8. I heard a loud crack when I snapped my boyfriend’s penis in half during sex and it swelled to the size of a wine bottle LOUISE Gray thought she'd heard all her boyfriend's bedroom noises during their relationship, but a loud, 'crack' during one particularly passionate session took her completely by surprise. That was followed by a blood-curdling scream and when she looked down, she saw Sean Marsden's penis had snapped in half. He writhed around in excruciating pain while his bent penis swelled up with blood until it was "the size of a bottle of wine". .. ... The pair, who have been dating for around six months, were having sex on December 22 last year when he misjudged and slipped into her pelvic bone. His manhood "snapped" in the middle and he heard a sharp cracking sound... Full Article
  9. No, no shave November fellas!!!

    This is why men with beards don't like to shave!
  10. Is common courtesy like common sense now?

    By the way, have you ever noticed that in the movies nobody says goodbye when hanging up the phone?
  11. A tough one for me

    Yes! I would definitely think like this.
  12. Is common courtesy like common sense now?

  13. private or hotel

    It's the same for me. I don't like motels, though. Of course a nice and well decorated house is more welcoming and cozy.