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  1. Soo TER

    Did a search on forums for 'TER' "Theerotic" nothing came back, anyone know when they did this... As a result of this new law, TER has made the difficult decision to block access to the website from the United States #Edit Notice FAQs (Updated April 11th, 2018) Just saw it.
  2. review details

    I would just like to be able to know which ladies are massage and which ones are escort, most of the time I can find that info on ads, but there are a few ladies who advert and don't mention being massage that I know are.
  3. Rendevu App for Providers

    Launched in NYC https://techcrunch.com/2016/02/03/i-only-downloaded-it-as-a-joke-honey/
  4. To incall or not to incall...that is MY question.

    Paypals, or any other version of online transfer of funds as you see fit. Also deposit's are usually un-refundable unless the recipient has to cancel. Watch charge backs, some guys are a-holes.
  5. Paris (dayum!)

    Contacted her, and she stated no hotels. No incalls. Private residence only, so I am out! If one of you super [sic] brave gentleman chance all that, let us know!
  6. W4M Details Omitted From BP

    I vote twitter, facebook, goolge+, insta or snap. Though I think only two of those can be refined to a decent locality.
  7. We, my wife and I, decided to try out the states famous red light district. We have been to several brothels around the globe and figured why not try Nevada over Thanksgiving weekend. I thought- I had done enough research on pricing for Sheri's Ranch on another board. Seems I was mistaken. Looked at the lineup and picked a girl we thought we would have enough in common with to have fun. Set up an appointment, no problems. Wouldn't talk about prices at all unless we were there but that was okay as I had done some research. Arrive at the place, bar is...dark, like super dark and tiny. It was the middle of the day 2 on a Saturday there were four ladies sitting at a table in the bar and one gentlemen drinking alone. Manager asked if we had an appointment and we said yes. Takes us to the next room to wait for Terra-Luna. On the way to her room she asked us if we had been to this brothel and we said no, then she asked if we had been to any brothel and we said no, our scripted response even though we have been to many. Using some advice we had from another board for negotiating we stated our wants, Oral for and from wife, and straight sex for me, no oral needed. Wanted an hour of her time, stated our price, starting lowish, $600. She countered with $4000, I smirked and she noticed and countered with $1000 for a "quicky" I took that to mean 15 minutes. She went on to say how this was a high end brothel with exotic ladies from around the world. We ended negotiations and were sent to the failed room to await the manager. In the room we discussed how, for $4000 dollars, we could get two round-trip tickets to Amsterdam, a hotel, and another lady with money to spare for sightseeing, or an escort for a whole weekend. Anyway manager came in and -amazingly- said and I quote "I bet she offered an hour for 4-4.5k", imagine that, insert eyeroll.That's okay though because she had other ladies that were offering "specials" and we could negotiate with them. Alright lets give that a shot. In walks Vause.We go back to her room and I try a different tactic, state what we want and offer $1000 for an hour our maximum. She guffaws and hands us a "Menu" with prices. Sure enough it's exactly what Terra quoted for couples, lowest priced item was a 15 minute HJ for 250. BJ was double that. She also offered a "quicky" deal for $1000, passed on that and walked out. On the way out I asked Vause if all the ladies pricing were similar and she said that they are "independent contractors" and don't talk about it with each other. Yes, okay, just happens to be the exact same price Terra quoted but alright. She tried to get us to stop at the failed negotiations booth again, but we passed on waiting again and walked out the front door. All in all we are super disappointed and dumbfounded at the prices offered. We would like to know if this is normal for most of Nevada, or is normal for Sheri's, or just....stupid high like we think. We appreciate any info we can get at this point as another trip to a different location or even a different lady isn't out of the question. Figured we would also share here and see if any from this board could enlighten us with their experiences.
  8. New To Denver & TOB

    Welcome! Glad your here.
  9. Eros Call Center Raided

    Hazarding a guess, if homeland raided they probably think money to/from terror cell or group or the like.
  10. Screwed up a review, how to edit?

    Needed to edit one myself, followed the contact link. Here's hoping!
  11. "Uber for Escorts" Just came across a news article and found it interesting, http://www.rebelcircus.com/blog/the-new-app-rendevu-is-an-uber-for-escorts/ Looks like it originated in Australia, wonder if it would work here in the states? Has some safety measures built into it for providers and ease of use for clients. Whats your take on it?
  12. Should I leave a bad review?

    "If it's a penny for your thoughts and you put in your two cents worth, then someone, somewhere is making a penny." -Steven Wright Works both ways using your logic, can't write a bad review, can't write a good review. I still say you just give an honest opinion of what happened how it made you feel and let the audience sort out the rest.
  13. I realize that some providers are okay with pictures during a session. this is something I would like to incorporate on a regular basis. I am thinking I will simply ask if its okay. However to play with loaded dice I would like to know the correct way to phrase the question, or explain it in a way that makes it more likely. something like..."we take them with your 'device' you look through them and edit crop or blur whatever you feel like and I then get what you feel like sending." is the best I have come up with. Looking for opinions suggestions and probable outcomes.
  14. New friend on TOB!

    Make a trip out to the western slope and enjoy some snow!