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Found 4 results

  1. Denied Booking....Not Sure Why

    Yesterday I attempted to make a booking with a provider. The provider stated she was going to check two of my references (didn't say which two). I said no problem, I was courteous and prompt in my responses. Four hours later I heard back and the provider said she was declining my booking. I asked her why and got radio silence. So, I reached out to my references and heard back from all but one. They all stated she never contacted them. The one who didn't get back to me is not working at the moment and she doesn't check her escort number when she's not working. I can only think of three things: 1) I'm on some kind of black list, 2) I am being punished because two reviews I've left in the past year are "No Show" reviews. In both "No Show" reviews, neither girl made a rebuttal and I gave them both opportunities to rectify the situation before the review was left. I thought the purpose of reviews was to post the good and the bad (I don't like to but it's only fair). Does the provider think I'm difficult because of that? 3) One or more of my references is lying and is giving me a bad reference (which I highly doubt). Any other ideas or comments on what could have happened? It's not the end of the world, but I really wanted to see this escort and I'm just trying to figure out what went wrong.
  2. This may only apply to ladies who are new or don't have a lot of experience but I want to make a case for some men who send out one-word or otherwise short, to the point texts. I tend to communicate with many gentlemen who are shy, socially underdeveloped, or otherwise just not hip with texting etiquette (all of which nothing to be ashamed about). I know some of us ladies find it easy to make judgements right off the bat about a man just by the way he texts/communicates. I have had a lot of instances where a gentleman will (gratefully) introduce themselves and be cordial and respectful, follow my screening requirements, etc. and then when it comes to simple questions they revert to one-word responses or very short messages back. In my opinion, if a gentleman starts off with one word responses or short messages from the get-go its probably not a good sign but after some initial "normal" communication, if a man is texting short messages there may be several reasons for this and I just want to open this up for ladies to just be aware that this is a common thing and not to get anxious or suspicious. 95% of the time this has happened to me the gentleman turned out to be very sweet and respectful. I recently spoke with another provider that complained about this, saying it made her feel strange, anxious, etc. but I wanted to reassure her, and the rest of the community that short text messages after initial proper communication and set-up could have many reasons behind it and are usually not cause for concern.
  3. Advance Planning Mistakes?

    When is it too early to reach out and contact a provider? I imagine that there are positives and negatives to setting up meetings well in advance but there seems to be a lot of lag, or little response if it isn’t a day or two prior to the meeting. Anyone have thoughts on this?
  4. "Uber for Escorts" Just came across a news article and found it interesting, Looks like it originated in Australia, wonder if it would work here in the states? Has some safety measures built into it for providers and ease of use for clients. Whats your take on it?