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  1. Gone Fishin

    Rip some lips, and throw back the hogs!!!
  2. Best fishing spots!

    The upper Rio Grande over by Creed is a great fishery
  3. Advance Planning Mistakes?

    This is exactly why I posted the question. Most providers have a minimum time to check references and get their schedule set, but not really a maximum. This can play havoc when I am traveling to cities for a few days or a week and am trying to maximize the leisure time I have off. I don’t want to appear overzealous or creepy if I contact someone 6 weeks to a month out. The other side of the coin is that if I do set something up with one provider, and a different provider that ignored my original contact until the week of the suggested meeting then makes contact, then I am wasting their time and could see negative reviews or elimination of the possibility of seeing that provider in the future. Catch 22 I guess!
  4. Advance Planning Mistakes?

    When is it too early to reach out and contact a provider? I imagine that there are positives and negatives to setting up meetings well in advance but there seems to be a lot of lag, or little response if it isn’t a day or two prior to the meeting. Anyone have thoughts on this?