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Found 4 results

  1. This may only apply to ladies who are new or don't have a lot of experience but I want to make a case for some men who send out one-word or otherwise short, to the point texts. I tend to communicate with many gentlemen who are shy, socially underdeveloped, or otherwise just not hip with texting etiquette (all of which nothing to be ashamed about). I know some of us ladies find it easy to make judgements right off the bat about a man just by the way he texts/communicates. I have had a lot of instances where a gentleman will (gratefully) introduce themselves and be cordial and respectful, follow my screening requirements, etc. and then when it comes to simple questions they revert to one-word responses or very short messages back. In my opinion, if a gentleman starts off with one word responses or short messages from the get-go its probably not a good sign but after some initial "normal" communication, if a man is texting short messages there may be several reasons for this and I just want to open this up for ladies to just be aware that this is a common thing and not to get anxious or suspicious. 95% of the time this has happened to me the gentleman turned out to be very sweet and respectful. I recently spoke with another provider that complained about this, saying it made her feel strange, anxious, etc. but I wanted to reassure her, and the rest of the community that short text messages after initial proper communication and set-up could have many reasons behind it and are usually not cause for concern.
  2. There is one provider in particular I spoke with and it was through Snapchat. Never met up with her as she was a bit too far from me but thought that method was great. Is this gonna be a trend? I easily made an alternate Snapchat (didn't want to use my personal) and communicated with her just fine. Has anyone else used this method or is there a privacy reason for why I shouldn't use this method? If not, why don't more providers/clients utilize it? Thanks for any replies!
  3. This is maybe just a mini rant and a question. Most providers have reasonable reply time during scheduling -- a couple hours. But,a third of the time there are long delays in responses to a message about scheduling. Yesterday morning after an initial email, an established provider offered a mutually agreeable time window and I replied with a specific time in that range, but 24 hours later no response from her Here's my question.i can ping her again, but my inclination is to just politely say 'I can't make it today.' I'm concerned that this delay might be an indicator that I'm going to get the dreaded "My cat just got sick." Cancellation text from her as I driving to the appointment. She may have booked the time I suggested, but for whatever reason forgot to reply and if I cancel I'll be that dirtbag who bailed at the last minute. I know this is really an insignificant thing, but scheduling for me is always complicated and I really need to have things locked down. (Yeah, I know 'Well, maybe you shouldn't hobby.' I barely do anymore because of this phenomenon.) Thoughts?
  4. A question for the ladies. I'm wondering how much communication you expect from clients? Let's say we're meeting in a week. Is an email per day too much? I know you're just as busy as I am. I'm very respectful in my notes, but I do like to flirt. A lady who will chat me up a bit will win me over more often than not. In some ways, charm has more to do with becoming a regular than a lot of other things we might do. On the other hand, I usually take terse or non-responses as "I have a life and I don't get paid to talk to you". I understand, but it doesn't do much to draw me in as a regular. Is this just another YMMV? How do you approach it?