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  1. Male Sweet Skin: Circumcision Debate

    100% with you on this one, Sweet! I love dicks of all shapes and sizes, and yet there is something so enticing about a man standing naked with a completely natural uncut cock just waiting to be aroused and extended to its full potential... Hmm makes my lady parts throb just thinking about it.
  2. ISO DTC

    LMFAO! Same here!
  3. Why don't providers work out?

    Possibly it's because there are a billion folks on this rock and not a single one of them like the same thing. ;-) Some men like the visual. Some men like the connection. And some want both or neither. One thing I can say for sure is that body shape does NOT dictate money being earned. Different strokes for different folks.
  4. FitFirm in Longmont, legit?

    Thanks Bit
  5. Trim your trees

    LMFAO! So did I!!!
  6. FitFirm in Longmont, legit?

    If this had been on the 411 board some of us might have never seen it. I like being aware of things in my community.
  7. This is by far my favorite thread. 😂
  8. Favorite sexiest accents

    Add a kilt and I'm soaked.
  9. Bald heads are indeed sexy.

    Mr. Clean, he's a sexy sonofabitch!
  10. Hello, my darlings!

    Thanks you two. I must say it's been very energizing getting back in the swing of things! I sure do love this hobby.

    If you have to wonder....
  12. Cancelation epidemic

    I dream of erections too.
  13. Damn straight! I love a powerful pussy! We ladies should be united in having each other's back, that's for sure. Safety first. I'm grateful to all the ladies who have shown me the ropes, provided references, or just been a listening ear. ❤❤❤
  14. Cancelation epidemic

    Amen to this ^^^ I'll second the appreciation for the ones who do show up and get their world's rocked! Y'all are the ones I dream of at night. XoXo
  15. Baby text me when you can. Michael in Arvada.