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  1. Sorry Boink, I got a little carried away after reading such injustice. (I got a warning) Allow me try this again? "Multiple providers wear their towels/clothes right after you finish even though 30 minutes is left till the end of the date. I never understood why they do that? Do they want to signal that it is time for you to fuck off?" For a provider to get up and get dressed at that point is appalling! And in the words of every provider," you pay for the time, not the activity". So sit back down and play with his flaccid member until the egg timer goes off! 😂
  2. There goes the neighborhood

    My mental response to "you're just a hooker" has always been, "That and so much more, none of which you'll have the pleasure." 😘 My snarky response is, "and you can't can't even get one to fuck you. 😂
  3. There goes the neighborhood

    I've asked before and have gotten similar responses. "I'm not trying to date you." "You're just a hooker." and even, "Do you really expect me to be polite?" It's a shame, that's for sure. What's an even bigger shame is that it's accepted so often that it continues. 😢
  4. Lady Friends

    Welcome to Colorado! Everyone here loves making friends with new beautiful ladies. If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas just reach out to myself and most all of the other ladies here. 💜💜💜
  5. **Ladies be careful**

    I got his text too. He insisted that he was legit and very serious. So I told him that he can visit my site and if he's still interested he could submit my arrangements form. I'd be happy to screen him and afterwards we can get him scheduled at my regular hourly rate. If he's pleased with my skills he could tip me the remaining $7800 balance. He stopped talking. 😁😂😁
  6. Tall, pale, and hair like fire

  7. Loss of reviews

    For me personally, if a gentleman is a verified hobbyist, frequent reviewer or newly screened, I will happily discuss more intimate details than I had prior to "the change".
  8. Loss of reviews

    You can find providers at a variety of price levels, none of them being cheap because this isn't a poor man's hobby. Right off the top of my head I can name at least half a dozen that are at or near 2 Ben's an hr, so you may need to click on a few more. 😘
  9. Strange Thing at the AMP

    My sexy lover, you will forever be welcome in my love shack! I will never wish ill will on your current good fortune, I will however wait patiently for it to be my turn once again.
  10. Bored wanted to play..

    I'm not offended.
  11. Bored wanted to play..

    Someone desperate enough to accept the $50 offers of slobbyists?
  12. Safety with waves of new comers

    Thanks Owl
  13. Recent text message-

    I usually reply with, "I'm available but I'm never free." 😘
  14. Slower since the changes.... everywhere!

    Oh, ok. Might want to save numbers in preparation for a treadgy such as that! LoL I think once you've been screened a lot of ladies will be comfortable discussing more things with you. Also personal web pages may have more info as well. 😘