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  1. Mile High Exxxotica 2018 Schedule Released

    Where there are swingers there are orgies! And most anywhere they go they prebook a floor or two. And the dress code always turns towards nothing at all. LoL!
  2. Good vibes...

    I hope all is well soon for you. I suffered so much in mynyoith from kidney crap and I wouldn't wish that shit on my worst enemy! Please don't hesitate to reach out for any help you need.
  3. Your worst nightmare...

    Yes sweetie, Laci absolutely stayed. My comment was worded in response to her questions about knowing CPR and how one would respond. This should certainly be a wake up call for all of us, clients and providers. Clients if you take any enhancement meds please let us know, if for no other reason but this one. Providers, don't leave your companion in a time of need. Nothing is more important than saving a life. Raine is correct, 911 personnel can walk anyone through the steps until help arrives.
  4. I Failed!

    Sweetheart, you were only one part of this two-person rodeo! You can't force another person to cum, let alone have a good time. You can be the very best and the very sexiest you but if another person doesn't get their rocks off that is by no means your fault. And technically it's nobody's fault, sometimes it just doesn't happen. Things can feel really good and people can have a really great time and sometimes even then it doesn't happen. Mix up a little cocktail for your bruised ego, and rub one out! LOL!
  5. Your worst nightmare...

    Leaving should never be an option! Answering questions about a medical emergency is a lot more easier than answering questions about a fatlity. I've been certified for CPR among other things for many years now. I would definitely do my duty and care for the person as if they were my own family. And seriously if the roles were reversed you sure would want him to stick around. Laci, you did a kind and humane thing yesterday and I'm still lifting you and your lovebug up for healing and strength.
  6. What exactly does THAT mean?

    "Suck your pickle for a nickel?"
  7. What exactly does THAT mean?

    It's a p411 profile, so he already knows that its a pay to play arrangement. But he also mentioned stripper slide so I'm going with Laci's answer as the correct one. II still can't LoL enough at some peoples "needs". I love humans in all of their variety!
  8. What exactly does THAT mean?

    WHAT?!?! Holy hell no!
  9. Just saw this in a profile... "P2P is a beautiful experience too" Is it truly is a beautiful experience? And if this is something super obvious no laughing!
  10. Happy birthday Laci

    Happy late birthday to one of the kindest and most helpful ladies in this community. <3
  11. Caution may make you spit your beverage!!!

    LMFAO!!! "ankles to the ears", and "disco ball" Laughter is the best medicine so it's good to have a doc who laughs. ;-)
  12. Hello! What are you doing at this very moment

    Finished feeding the fam and sat down to check all of my sexy sites and respond to messages/requests. Welcome to the party, Ms. Lace!
  13. Strange Thing at the AMP

    I'm so happy for you Pit!
  14. Decoding

    LMAO! Being fairly new to twitter I've noticed most of the personalities use most or all of these words to describe themselves!
  15. Name someone

    My Momma. I wouldn't be the beautiful soul that I am today without her love and guidance.