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  1. Dining with your friend

    This is my favorite post, Ev-Er!!! I must get permission to add this to my website.
  2. The ass man

    Pfunk, I have always admired the way you adore and appreciate all women. It adds to your intense intimacy. ❤️
  3. Christmas specials

    The Christmas specials are usually for the gentlemen who have maintained a steady relationship. And those are the same gentlemen who bestow gifts of there own in return. Is really more like a gift exchange of sorts. 😘
  4. Taking a break...for now.

    Take care, good sir. I wish you the very best! 😘
  5. Grab 'Em By The P*ssy

    LMFAO! You are my favorite shit-stirrer! 😘 Ooh, that's what I'm talking about!
  6. Time?

    So true. I didn't even think about the rebuttal option. Thank you, for the gentle reminder. 😘
  7. Curious

    I'm so happy you didn't let the "not good" experience keep you from giving it another a go. 😘
  8. Time?

    What if the lady no longer felt safe or comfortable? What if the gentleman made some off handed remarks, or implications that caused her to worry? If this is the case, is she required or expected to cuddle with him for an additional 45-50 minutes? P. S. This is a generic inquiry. I have no knowledge of the who's, what's, why's or where's of this incident.
  9. Regulars or time to exsplore!!

    You're a thoughtful man. I've always been a proponent of supporting local business. ❤️
  10. Is P411 dead?

    This is the perfect response. 😘 Exactly! 😘
  11. There will be no more donations

    He remembers enough to know that he didn't pay for time recieved, nor did he plan to after the fact per his response.
  12. Requests?

    This is why you are the queen. 😂
  13. Requests?

    Additional advice... Discuss as little as possible until you've been screened, ane even then don't get too carried away. Make a date, handle the business, connect, smile, make eye contact, have a great time. Save the kinky stuff for pillow talk. Who knows she might be into trying chicken and/or carrots with you on the next visit. Definitely bring some extra cash just in case you don't have to wait for the next date. Always show your appreciation. 😉
  14. There will be no more donations

    Megan is our resident body guard! 💪❤️
  15. There will be no more donations