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  1. Kid chores

    Right?! Sister and I had to do the kitchen every night. Started with putting away the leftovers, wiping out the fridge, washing dishes by hand including drying and putting away, cleaning countertops stove top and backsplash, cleaning out the microwave even if it hadn't been used, sweeping and mopping hard floors and vacuuming rugs. Mopping and vacuuming every night, seriously? LoL at my mom, because I still think it's overboard.
  2. Florists

    Thank you, Bit. I look forward to reaching that place.
  3. Florists

    "This will pass." - @Seeker5280 Sadly this will never pass. The tragic loss of her child is a horror that she will relive daily, it never goes away. - I concur with the live plants vs flowers, as I also don't like to see the memory of that day wither away. However I would never disapprove of someone else's choice of how they wanted to honour the deceased. After the service we gifted the cut flower arrangements to the funeral home to use for those in need. - As for the overabundance of casseroles, it always baffled me why everybody would donate food at the same time. No household can eat that much food in one week, and it all goes bad at the same time. My mom insisted on us bringing food to grieving families a week afterwards. My family lost their home and their child at the same time so there was nowhere to bring casseroles. Instead of food folks donated gift cards to grocery stores and prepaid visa cards so we were able to buy the food ourselves. Also, prepaid visa and gift cards won't keep a hearty chunk of the donation like a fundme program, if that matters to you.
  4. Tips for First Timer

    I've had requests for me to answer the door wearing only a towel and a smile. 😘
  5. Happy Birthday Sundance

    Happy Birthday, beautiful lady! I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you! 💜
  6. Hello

    Welcome! 😘
  7. Hello all

    Hi. 😘
  8. Suggest a new ranking in the info box: Flake Factor

    About a hundred years ago I managed a pizza hut in a smallish town. At the end of each day we would throw a few toppings on any dough we had leftover and leave it out for folks in need. It became a regular thing for the homeless. One evening a gentleman knocked on the back door a little early and asked me if he could have "his pizza" a certain way. I politely explained to him that if he wanted to request changes he would need to order and purchase a pizza. These pizzas, as they are, are a gift for everyone to enjoy.
  9. Suggest a new ranking in the info box: Flake Factor

    Right?! Oh gawd, this drives me f**king crazy! Especially when it's aimed towards the newer guys who simply haven't learned the ropes yet. I'm sure it takes a lot of guts/balls/nerves or whatever to take that first step into this exciting world. But this is not the place for this particular soap box. LoL I've learned a lot from you, and I hope others have as well. 😘
  10. Aurora movie and delivery

    Did you mean to post this on f*book? 😂
  11. Gonna be a great week!

    LMAO! I don't know how to be funny on purpose, maybe you can give me some ideas to run with. 😉 Thanks for the vote of confidence! Jackie Kashian was hilarious! Next time you should come with me. 😊
  12. Burr uts been cold!!!

    Wow! That's a huge difference, Bit. Where abouts are you these days? I missed the view of you in all your sexiness the other night. 😍
  13. Truth in Advertising

    I'm sorry this happened you again. If someone had done their due diligence and posted an accurate review you could have avoided yet another disappointment when the door opened. 🙁
  14. Gonna be a great week!

    LMFAO! How'd that work out for you?! 😂