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Found 4 results

  1. Truth in Advertising

    This Come to Jesús Meeting is brought to you by Truth in Advertising. Not to suggest how to run your business, just a little customer input. If not in your description, pictures should truthfully reflect what we're working with. So, if you're more BBW than Curvy, Slimmer than's OK, show us! Be all you can be so we can make as informed a decision as possible. Awkward.
  2. The Picture Issue

    I'm trying out a new approach on the "picture issue": Ignore the professional/glamour photos. They're nice to look at but may not resemble the person who greets you at the door, even if reasonably current. The lighting is perfect, the makeup is perfect, they're posed to highlight good and hide the no-so-much, everyone has perfect skin, and the lingerie is amazing - but you're probably never going to see it. The pro photographers could even make me look good (except for the lingerie aspect). I'm not against the pro photos but if that's the entire TOB posting then I'm hesitant. And I doubt most folks have an new photo shoot annually so, yeah, they're not current. I'm now focusing on the more candid pics, selfie or otherwise, that show the real woman (without the goofy ears and whiskers, that is), maybe mixed in with the fancy stuff if available. If a provider typically answers the door in cotton boxers and a t-shirt rather than the high heels and black stockings+garters shown in their post then someone is going to be disappointed. Me - I may even like the boxers more. Just depends on the day. Anyway, it's an experiment for a month or two.
  3. Was recently asked by a provider to send a face pic before she would confirm our appointment or provide an ETA. When I asked why, she said it was for her security so she would know who was coming. OK, ladies, first of all I understand how you feel about security. Meeting a new person feels incredibly risky because it is incredibly risky; law enforcement, Ted Bundy, some 18 year old who stole one of grandpa's Viagra - it could be anybody. But anyone with the IQ of a turnip knows that requesting a face pic does not provide any security whatsoever, does not tell you who is coming in any way whatsoever, and in fact is a request with no legitimate purpose that is logically defensible. Ted Bundy has a library of fake face pics that he's already Photoshopped to not show up on TinEye and that look juuuuust enough like him that the provider will open up the hotel or apartment room door without a second thought. Law enforcement probably has a better library than that. The good guys who will send you a legitimate picture are the guys from whom there is nothing to worry about. The bad guys who are coming over to steal your silverware and kidnap your pets are going to head-fake this "security" measure in two seconds. Meanwhile, sending a real face pic is a huge and obvious security risk for the hobbyist. These providers are asking us to enormously damage our security while doing nothing at all to enhance their own. On reflection, I think I know why some providers ask for this. It is because they want to have a race policy, but they don't want to admit it. They ask for the face pic, and if what they get is too brown they just kind of quietly stop answering messages. Non-response is pretty much the industry standard method for not confirming; this lets them be racist without looking racist.
  4. The moment...

    ...of truth: Enjoy!