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  1. 411 on Annie in COS

    She's terrific, one of my ATFs. Used to have boyfriend/husband drama (controlling, calling) but that seems to have resolved. Highly recommend.
  2. Heather from Florida

    I have seen her a few times. She's a nice girl, fun, easy to talk to. Pictures are real but old. Completely legitimate.
  3. COS provider

    Fairly obvious fake. No body statistics, despite a body that would have spectacular statistics. Senseless and truncated post title, even by STG standards. Body copy that reads like someone tried to write "" to turn the will-do list into marketing text, and budgeted $5 and 20 minutes for the job, and hired someone for whom English was a fourth language (and really more of a hobby). "Sex In Different Positions" - wow! Out-of-state area code and a number that, put in quotes and added to "escort" and Googled, comes back with this thread and nothing else. Professionally-lit photos that appear nowhere else other than a listing of staggering ineptitude. They couldn't afford a local # or an English writer, but they made sure the pictures would pop to lighting nerds. Inconsistencies in the service list. Identifying ethnicity as Western European on a model obviously Latina (and who is representing as coming from a literal border town). Accepts PayPal. It's possible that a shy real provider, just getting started, might have a marketing assistant or manager who is SO inept as to pretty much get every single thing wrong, and be too shy to correct ALL the foot-through-the-drywall spots - but no actual person has self-esteem so low as to accept this listing as being them. And the ad has popped up for a while, with zero improvement. No outright sun-eclipsing single red flags, but 20 football-field-sized pink ones.
  4. "Treat her right"

    ...Well I feel a little cliched, because I say "treat her right", "standard two-call system", "safe incall" , "wow!", "great bj" etc. Apparently I am the cliche king. I don't think I've ever said the bit about keeping her for myself because a ) then she would starve bc I don't have all that much money and b ) creepy guy with a plastic-sheet-covered room in the basement much?
  5. What’s going on in Colorado Springs

    The Springs is weird and in my 20 years here, always has been. The huge economic dominance of the military bases creates some really unusual (and academically quite interesting) economic effects. Military men have steady money but not a lot of it and are notoriously both horny and frugal. The big impact from this, from my perspective, is it's difficult for providers to keep to a high-price, low-volume regime. It's POSSIBLE - several of the charming ladies of this board manage it - but this is a town where Walmart would do a much bigger business than any number of high-end clothing boutiques. For every $400/hour raving beauty maintaining an impeccable incall with high screening standards and a carefully cultivated stable of regulars, there are a dozen (perfectly sweet) gals moving from cheap hotel to cheap hotel, charging $200 an hour (but getting $120-150) and more or less scrambling for their daily bread. It's a hard place for a girl to make a good living, in other words. Not impossible, just hard.
  6. Trades??? Ranting Time

    A provider would trade for the same reasons that anyone would make a trade; we trade when the deal is better thean our alternatives. If I can make you a website worth $1,000, and I'm willing to trade you that for a session for which you would change $300, and you need a website, then that would be a great trade for you to make. I agree that if you have made clear that trades are not on the table, and someone persists in offering you a trade, and then calls you rude names if you decline...that person is an asshole.
  7. 411 on Sin

    PM incoming.
  8. What Is Entrapment: A Cartoon Guide For Everybody

    Yeah a picture with a random instruction isn't a cop screen, it's a creeper-with-fake-pictures screen.
  9. "Are you a cop? You have to tell me if you are." A complete cartoon introduction to what is, and is not, entrapment, and something that every provider and client in the whole wide world should memorize:
  10. Would you feel awkward or embarrassed?

    I have been offered a discount once. The provider was someone who was a friend before she was a provider, and there had always some sexual tension there. When I asked her what the donation was she specified it, and then said "but 75 percent off for the friend discount". I was super flattered and I almost accepted - but I realized that I was going to want to see her more than once and this was going to be her donation for me going forward - and she would end up being resentful that it was so little. So I suggested that was too generous, and that half off would be a really nice friend price, being enough that she didn't feel like she was wasting her time and I felt good about getting preferential treatment.
  11. Happy but no ending

    When you get past the age of 40 or so you realize it's the journey, not the destination, that is most to be enjoyed.
  12. Accepting trades?

    I wrote a whole huge post before realizing it was a two-sentence answer, and this is one of the sentences. The way to do a trade without any possibility of insulting or offending the provider is to inform her conversationally about your product or service, then wait for her to offer a trade.
  13. I Failed!

    What I used to do all night now takes me all night to do. I've had plenty of very good experiences where the Big Finale wasn't in the cards. Didn't bother me a bit. It's about the journey, not the destination.
  14. 411 on unique

    I've seen her. She's legit. Nice girl.
  15. Providers charging deposits ???

    We have a problem of knowledge: it is hard for us to know one another's intentions in advance. The honest provider knows she is honest, intends to provide value, has no ulterior motive, is not conducting a scam, etc. She can take some steps to present her professional reputation, track record, etc., in a publicly-accessible way, at the cost of somewhat undermining her own security and anonymity, but she can't prove that this isn't the week she's short on rent and plans to scam somebody. She can't prove that her psycho ex isn't stalking her and planning to rob her clients. The honest hobbyist knows that he intends to show up / be there when she arrives, intends to comply with rules and policies, has no ulterior motive, is not an abuser, etc. He has almost no way to demonstrate this; even services like P411 establish only that the hobbyist has produced a paper trail of some type that will deter a *casual* bad guy by making it inconvenient to be a casual bad guy. (He also often does not *understand* that he has no way of demonstrating this, and will protest in messages to a screening or suspicious provider that 'I'm a good guy!' - totally oblivious of the fact that Ted Bundy could present himself as a good guy via text too. Words mean nothing.) Once a connection has been made, of course there is often a personal trust, or at the very least an understood track record, that makes future dealings much much simpler. When I go visit a regular provider for the nth time that month, she doesn't do a two-call system or re-screen me or ask for a voice call; she just says "i'm in room 101 at the Hilton, see you at 9" and I knock on the door at 9. No muss, no fuss. But before that connection is made, it is two strangers attempting to negotiate a situation that's a rather tricky interpersonal problem even when it ISN'T someone's job and there AREN'T usually huge LE consequences or safety consequences or economic consequences. Deposits, as a concept, are a good idea. There are practical concerns. The paper trail, the credit card issues, and (for hobbyists) the trust issue are dealbreakers for many, many people on both sides of the aisle. Not to say that providers shouldn't take deposits, but rather, such a small percentage of people on both sides are comfortable with doing deposits that it isn't going to become a cultural norm within the community, and it isn't going to be a solution that is widely adopted. More power to those who can make it work.