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  1. More Funnies

  2. That's text book!. Friendship here is only a one way street, man.
  3. Sorry, One Size Does NOT Fit All

    Wow! Welcome back Octavia! The Blonde Bettie Page is back! Man, all the old homies are making their returns, Octavia, Mona, before you know it, Beverly Fisher, Blake Buchanan???
  4. STG any luck boys?

    Yes, but you need to filter using the words, denver, dtc or colorado. This will result in 80% legit hits. Also, is a good source using the same technique. Good luck!
  5. The Provider Paradox

    That was hilarious!!! That dude in the pattered white shorts was more interested than the chick! But I'll counter your link, with mine!: When jizzin' is not a defense mechanism!
  6. The Provider Paradox

    False, the respective guy in that dynamic is called a "beta orbiter".
  7. Bullshit, an agreement is an agreement. One simply cannot alter an agreed upon arrangement in the middle of the game with out advanced notice to the other party....implied or not. Just sayin'...
  8. What a bunch a BS! You broads, for years, have been professing, with great zeal, that this is a business, a transaction. Clients shouldn't expect any extras, regardless of any surrounding circumstances that may have put the client in a certain funk, So shut up and moan, then say, "Thank you, very much!" Pot...Kettle...Black...Pot...Kettle...Black...
  9. Thanks everyone.

    Wish you the best, man...
  10. SOWET users beware.

    How cute! All the Monday morning wannabe lawyers showed up. The legal system is NOT about the LAW. It IS about ECONOMICS. If LE wants to nail you, they are going to nail you, period. Guess what? Nailing you is not about successfully prosecuting you; it's about bankrupting you. That's how we won the Cold War. Yes, you can exercise your "rights" as so many here claims you have. But you fuckin' better have the bank account to do so. Otherwise, you're invoking 'rights' your wallet can't cash. So if LE has a goal in mind, they don't care about 'rights', especially in a Post 9/11 world. They will achieve it, hook or by crook. The only ones who win in this scenario are lawyers. And good luck in getting a lawyer to sue a government agency for violations of their 'rights'. In fact, let's apply another field of Economics to this realm, Game Theory. The Feds are going to make this man's life hell. So much so, they're going to say, "So tell me about so and so". And you know who fuckin "so and so" is. The accused is going to see this as a win-win situation for himself: I can take some of the heat off me while at the same time delivering my enemy to the Feds. Think really hard about what this means. The reason LE is going after this type of crime is because of the federal stay that Holder put on asset seizures related to suspected drug crimes. Many states, municipalities, courts are following suit. However, none of these institutions are abating assets seizures related to these types of scenarios here, because not only are there less legal repercussions, but the accused simply does not have same financial and legal backing as a same-level drug trafficker. You THINK you know how the system works, but unless you're LE, DA or you have ABT, 211, etc. tattooed on your body somewhere, YOU DON"T KNOW SHIT!
  11. Ready for some more Vitamin R??? For Women: For Men:
  12. Guys, here is an FYI about all those younger ladies YOU think are your "friend" :
  13. 411 for my atf Fallen Angel

    If you want to know the details of her story, contact Billie, if you have her contact number. They were good friends. The short of the long of it is that she hooked up with a sex offender meth addict, from Aurora. They booked from Colorado when he violated his terms of parole. They came back and he turned himself in. After cutting a deal, she was working off of West Colfax in Lakewood, got busted and moved onto Iowa. The whole story sounds like a B-Movie script like, "U-Turn". Crazy.