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  1. Today I was perusing the listings thinking about the January possibilities and noticed a couple of providers that fit my tastes with a few generally good reviews but also a few No Show reviews over short periods of time. Reading the details, they almost always consisted of solid, confirmed appointments that suddenly went quiet when the time arrived, or "something came up" just minutes before the designated time, mostly the former. Things happen, rescheduling/cancelling happens - that's life - but frequently or last minute and/or no response repeatedly? It has only happened to me once but I was truly miffed (not the word I'm really thinking) after planning my afternoon around the appointment. Sometimes experiences do not quite meet our (inflated) expectations, but the worst experience is the one that doesn't happen at all. THANK YOU reviewers for keeping us informed on who we can rely on.
  2. New you!

    I always like to toast to world peace....with a glass of sweet vermouth on the rocks.
  3. The Trials of a Newbie - Chapter 2

    Oh yes, I found them and have been quite happy Just sayin' homework is important - but it can be fun, too.
  4. Newbie here - but not totally inexperienced. This screening business is hard work! I don't mean Provider screening Hobbyists (a whole other Oprah), I mean Hobbyists screening Providers. I can't help but notice some review chains start out glowing, then devolve into "Rip Off", "No", "No Show", etc. I'm learning to check the reviewer's details, like when did they join (day before the review?), how many reviews have they written (many or just one), do they just review the same 4-5 Providers? Sometimes the review language is very similar to their others (how many ATFs can you have, dude?). I even noticed one Provider on my wish list with several reviews whose picture and stats suddenly changed into a very different woman; it's almost funny to read the old descriptive reviews while looking at the profile's new stats. I'm so glad TOB has many data points to work with. It's still an adventure, of course. "It's a dangerous business going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to"
  5. Getting bumped out of your scheduled visit

    oh boy - this is an old thread but I just got my first AND second cancel on the same day! As a relative Newbie I felt like I should celebrate. First one I text'd to confirm on the morning of our appointment and received a reply "had to leave early but see pic of my friend who can sub". I passed, booked with another, later text'd to say I was 15 minutes away from scheduled time and got "something came up..." after a crappy 90 minutes rush hour drive. Both were out-of-town travelers but both extensively well-reviewed both here and elsewhere. Lessons learned! Had a cigar and a nice Cab at Del Frisco's to fully appreciate the learning opportunity, then booked with solid, local providers for the weekend and following week.
  6. Dress Code for Men

    OK - It's only a day but I think this is as constructive feedback as I'm gonna get on this. I know what I'm wearing tomorrow. Thanks, Kandi!
  7. Dress Code for Men

    A question for the ladies: Does the way a man is dressed when you first invite them in influence the experience at bit? Suit and tie? Slacks and button down? Jeans with nice tucked shirt? Jeans and T-Shirt? Gym shorts and sleeveless shirt? Large belt buckle with horse on it? Is your first thought "This is going to be a long 30 minutes" or "Who cares what time it is - I lost my clock" or virtually no affect at all? This is all about first impressions. I understand many things later may affect the experience (too much bathroom Polo). And I assume there are some basics (I hope) already met: Recently showered, clean clothes, "minty fresh breath" (I read that somewhere), etc - you get the idea. Do you give a crap about the Bugatchi shirt or the Hanes V-neck? Note: I read an old thread on this but it was almost all guys answering and I don't care what you think Unless you're gay.
  8. The Picture Issue

    Hey All - I didn't mean to dis "boxers and t-shirt" at all. Everyday chillin' clothing can be very sexy (yoga pants!) but I've never been greeted that way. I seriously wouldn't mind at all if it was intentional and not just a convenient afterthought. If I'd like something in particular I'll ask, but I'd rather a woman pick out what she thinks is sexy on her - I'm sure I would agree and would also be the happy beneficiary.
  9. The Picture Issue

    I'm trying out a new approach on the "picture issue": Ignore the professional/glamour photos. They're nice to look at but may not resemble the person who greets you at the door, even if reasonably current. The lighting is perfect, the makeup is perfect, they're posed to highlight good and hide the no-so-much, everyone has perfect skin, and the lingerie is amazing - but you're probably never going to see it. The pro photographers could even make me look good (except for the lingerie aspect). I'm not against the pro photos but if that's the entire TOB posting then I'm hesitant. And I doubt most folks have an new photo shoot annually so, yeah, they're not current. I'm now focusing on the more candid pics, selfie or otherwise, that show the real woman (without the goofy ears and whiskers, that is), maybe mixed in with the fancy stuff if available. If a provider typically answers the door in cotton boxers and a t-shirt rather than the high heels and black stockings+garters shown in their post then someone is going to be disappointed. Me - I may even like the boxers more. Just depends on the day. Anyway, it's an experiment for a month or two.
  10. Vent...blow off that steam of negativity

    I think the frustration is when a few from "Column A" decide it's going too slow, then move over to "Column B" to get two cars ahead, then want back in Column A. You know the one's I'm talking about. They're the same one's cutting in and out of traffic to get a few cars ahead on the highway. I laugh and wave at them when we're all sitting together at the same stop light on the exit ramp
  11. I am shopping for this mug online right now.
  12. This is a nit, I know. I receive a few notifications each day stating "One of your favorites, xxxxxxxx, has recieved a new review". I imagine many of you see the same message, and congratulations to those with new reviews. However, the misspelling of "recieved" in the message is like an itch you can never scratch (name the movie and character). Cofeveve
  13. DiGiorno and Wine Selection

    No, no - that's salad, not pizza.
  14. DiGiorno and Wine Selection

    Random thought of the evening while browsing TOB. Some frozen pizza instructions specify "bottom rack" while others state "middle rack". I haven't noticed remarkably different results between the two settings so I'm experimenting now like any good chef. And the wine pairing - certainly red, but is an $8 bottle the best choice for a $6 frozen pizza? Or will a better wine enhance the overall experience? (Yes, I know there are decent $8 wines - let's assume any wine in the discussion is drinkable). Deep thoughts here. Very deep.
  15. Reposting professionalism

    Nah, no problem at all. Gotta be seen or the phone won't ring (or text, or email, or whatever - I was going for the rhyme). If it's an enticing picture I don't mind at all seeing it more than once and it's no great effort to scroll on if not.