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  1. Does it Matter to You?

    yay I’m not the only one
  2. Go out on your own and then reach out. Thank you love and it’s alwasys the nights I choose to sleep my phone blows up but when I’m upnits dead as a door nail hahaha!
  3. Interesting people who have said they go out with the plan on playing when they are done. I was curious to see how common It really was. And if it’s a planned thing or if it’s just happens that way
  4. I respect that. Thank you for being good and thoughtful
  5. Do you enjoy playing after going out on a Friday or Saturday night?
  6. New Member, Older Gent

    Welcome abored 😊
  7. hello im new

    Welcome aboard
  8. Well there’s always fun to be had inside too
  9. Providers asking for deposit

    Why so? In my opinion if they are asking for less the $40 deposit it’s not a big deal. It’s also a good way to know your not LE as well. That’s my thoughts but I guess it’s all a matter of perspective.
  10. How do you plan on starting your weekend?
  11. Wow that's all I can say

    I got something like that the other day too. Stupid is strong with some of them.
  12. Happy Birthday Audrey Astor

    Happy birthday
  13. To the younger folks( 21-31)on tob.

    Agreed mate is a state of mind 😊
  14. To the younger folks( 21-31)on tob.

    Might be true Haha but they act 16 lol jk