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    I’m terrified of killer whales (no idea why) watched Black fish all the way through omg I hate them so much and they freak me out.
  2. Dimly lite bars

    Milk bar, black box
  3. Haha omg I almost chocked on my coffee
  4. What to do this weekend?

    It’s the weekend what do you have planned?
  5. Why are some hobbyists so disrespectful?

    Let me clarify. Getting disrespectful and sometimes hurtful responses are part of the job. But in my opinion you should never see them and personally block them right away.
  6. Top or bottom?

  7. Top or bottom?

    What do you like better her on top or her on bottom? favorite passions!!
  8. Newbie and black

    That sucks I’m so sorry to hear that.
  9. Just introducing myself here

    Welcome to the Tob family 😊😊
  10. More than one round?

    with the Kali and Kandi πŸ˜‰
  11. Why are some hobbyists so disrespectful?

    I understand how you feel it’s unfortunately part of the job πŸ˜“ i hope that things get better
  12. Strange colors of your hair!

    All of these look so much fun
  13. Strange colors of your hair!

    Love the purple πŸ’–πŸ’–
  14. What do you do after the deed is done?

    πŸ˜“ that’s sad cuddles are the best πŸ’–