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  1. Happy Birthday Coolhand Luke

    Happy Birthday sweet cheeks.
  2. Escorts Murderer finally arrested today

    Many of you probably remember all the discussion here on TOB in 2007, about the Western Slope escort that was missing and found dean in Grand Junction. I won't list her name, but it's in the article. I followed this story for a long time, when it occured. Watching it on the noon news today, her murderer was finally arrested. Not suprised at what I was hearing, but the policeman who was interviewed admitted that the case was delayed due to her being an escort. This was repeated 3-4 times during the tv interview . Again, it didn't suprise me, but I was a little dissapointed when he clearly admitted it. A killer is a killer and should have been picked up sooner, especially since he also admitted that this guy was the only suspect for all these years. Here is the online story. I'm sure we will all hear more about this today on local news. I'm just glad her family is finally getting justice.
  3. Taboo? or not taboo?

    Unfortunatly, I don't really think the real people with racial problems would honestly answer in this thread. Probably a waste of time, but who knows. Shauna is BEAUTIFUL inside and out. I have told her many times that she should have nothing to worry about and she needs to stop over-thinking if times are sometimes slow. I doubt seriously that it's personal. Laughing at some of the posts above...I'm half Cuban and half russian, but raised in the south....good mix. I never over-think it. I consider myself sometimes white, sometimes exotic, sometimes latin...whatever. It really doesn't matter. I remember years ago, when Gina told me that she thought I was black and we laughed in an email. It was too cute to me. I look at the person for their inside, not their outside, but I guess it's different for some who are paying and might be looking for something spicific.
  4. The perfect mix of bad boy/geek/man that makes me laugh.
  5. Did I miss something?

    Considering that many/most professional dominatrix do not perform any sort of "sexual activity" (unless they are an escort world as well), I personally would not use one for a reference on an escorting client unless I know for sure, nor would I accept a "massage only girl" for a reference for an escorting client. It's nothing against anyone, but the services are totally different. If your going to get a reference for an escorting appointment, wouldn't you wanna know they were safe for those activities that you MIGHT engage in? Wouldn't you want to get "escort references"? Cops can see dominatrix legally all day long. Hence maybe why she behaved that way. Who knows. But that's my own opinion. Good luck and be safe!
  6. Funny Story with a question...!?!

    If you told him that you were an escort in the past. That is all that needs to be said at this point, I think. You do not need to rat out his friends/past clients. I am always up front with men I date, but I don't need to discuss details unless they ask me about the job. And for me, I would only discuss the job with someone I really truely care about, if I felt I wanted to be open and fair. But you wouldn't go telling which clients you have seen to a date. That would not be discrete. If you like the guy, then date him, but kissing and telling should be out. IMO. God luck! Hope you find love or whatever makes you happy!
  7. I could use some advice...

    I agree with Melissa. She NC/NS you, didn't let you know, then had the nerve to contact you out of the blue days later to come back? Wasn't feeling well? Why couldn't she call you to cancel? So, did she just sober up? PASS and write a review.
  8. Is it a red flag if asked to bring condoms?

    If you knew her already, I could see it, but I wouldn't do it....JMO
  9. Redbook seized by FBI
  10. Just wanted to say hello FINALLY!

    I'm chalking this up to you not knowing what your talking about, since you know nothing about my businesses. Established reputable providers spend 90% of their time behind a computer marketing, branding their business, and screening for everyone's safety. Then 10% with the client. It isn't about ego. No one is argueing there are two sides to a story, but your comment is ignorant. It's selling a persona, a business, and quite possibly some legally own their names (as LLC's. etc) . I'm not going further into my personal business cause this thread isn't about me, but again, you have no idea what you are talking about. If Mona was 10 years retired, it might not be an issue, but being she hasnt been gone that long, is well-known, and saw plenty guys, It would be better for her to change it now. It has nothing to do with respect, but more a safety issue, and a bait and switch type issue for all the local girls if the name is used. For the record yesterday I had two guys call me using the name Mona Monroe as a refrence, so again, a time consuming issue for all the ladies, no matter what you think.
  11. Just wanted to say hello FINALLY!

    Using the name is not right IMO, but then again, Ive had my name taken by others numerous times, so it's a sore subject for me. There is one velvet valentine in Cali (not in the biz) who brags about getting emails that are supposed to be for me, then responding to the guys in a not so nice way. There is another local one out there who has my first name and another local providers last name...still SUCKS, IMO. Another thing to note is that if you keep it, it could become a confusing issue during screening, best to change it now while you are new, before it's more difficult. Good luck!
  12. Happy birthday jez

    Happy Birthday Jez. I hope you got some good Irish Whisky!
  13. If your favorite ASP were a superhero......

    I love superheros..It'd be so hard to choose one fav. .Marvel movies are my favorite to go see. I see them all. I can't wait to go see Captain America. I even have a Zena Warrior Princess out fit that I've been known to wear. LOL
  14. e-mail sending out spam links.

    I haven't seen that any place, but if so, maybe they will get their shit together now.
  15. e-mail sending out spam links.

    It's a yahoo issue. They suck. Switch to gmail.