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  1. So I want to an Asian Massage

    Ugh can’t edit the subject line. “So I went***
  2. So I want to an Asian Massage

    Was $40. But I tipped after
  3. So I want to an Asian Massage

    So when I visited the southern Denver area I decided to visit an Asian massage. I’ll have to say for what you get it was a wonderful experience. Lady was fit as fuck and around 40 years old. she was so polite and nice and put my hand on her back mid way through. I was trying to be and not touch. Ended with hj and massive explosion. Best time ever.
  4. Western Slope

    Western slope.
  5. Western Slope

    I live in Montrose where there are zero ladies on here. Kinda sad really.
  6. Has anyone truly found their purpose in life…

    The day is what you make it. If you start your day being sour then your days just going to be sour. Think of the positives and move forward. Treat everyone with kindness.
  7. Lakewood CO

    Update. Managed to save $180 in cash without the misses knowing. Probably not enough for your average TOB lady for 30 minutes.
  8. Lakewood CO

    I’m a guy I don’t really always need a personal connection.
  9. Weird taste in ages

    I’m sure I’m not alone but is anyone else mainly seeking a 40 to 60 year old for woman on here? I feel like I’m just trying to cure a urge since my boss is 54 and hot.
  10. Lakewood CO

    No luck so far. I’m a newb to this site.
  11. Lakewood CO

    Thanks everyone
  12. Lakewood CO

    If I’m visiting Lakewood. What’s the best bang for buck . Asian massage or find a lady on here?
  13. Anybody wanting to have fun and hang out?
  14. Anyone know which is the best Asian Massage in Lakewood area?
  15. All I Want

    I’m mobile for sure