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  1. Scammer working Loveland Fort Collins

    What site is she on?
  2. Gas War

    Gas has been cheap up north highway 119 and i25. Has ban as low as 1.99. Today it was 2.29
  3. Football season is here

    So we had a bad weekend!! CU and Broncos lost big time!!! SMH!!
  4. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    There used to be an hourly motel on like 50th and federal blvd but dont know if its still around!
  5. 411 on this Brighton Beauty

    I think she had a few reviews on that site,some good some bad so its a 50/50
  6. Best place for sex toys

    Well i just saw someone posting on fb that walmart now has some toys! I saw the video he put out there!
  7. How to deal with threats! need support.

    Ignoralo y cambia de cuarto o hotel.ignore him and change room or hotel.
  8. Missed retired providers

    Busty Monica,Valentina Sanchez,Soaren,Paola from bearsboard!
  9. Years ago

    Yea i remember her but no word of her
  10. Cell Service Issues

    I regret getting verizon! Cricket was much better and never lost signal unless out of the city
  11. Winterization Sprinkler Blowout

    At the end of october works good,have been doing that for years. Early mornings are already chilly so now or in a few weeks is good!
  12. Is it Cheating or not......

    Thats a good question? Maybe just flirting but but i have dealt with a few women like that and pretty much are asking for a fling.
  13. 411 Stormy Ray COS

    I once saw a provider and when we were done and heading out her bf was sitting in the living room. It kind of freaked me out!
  14. Going Wayyy Back...

    Yes a good post! There a few women left from when i started in the hobby 2007. The first one i saw is still around and posts in a different site.
  15. Anna bell peaks 411

    If i remember correctly that address is across the street from the old court house.