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  1. Hangover Cures??

    1 or 2 beers will cure it for sure!
  2. Horror Movies

    The Autopsy of Jane Doe was really good.
  3. New here

    Chubbys on 38th
  4. 411 on Sasha Fierce

    She used to post on backpage before it went out.
  5. Positions

    Favorite position would depend on height and weight of provider.
  6. Tongue or No Tongue?

    Absolutley tongue👌
  7. 411 on QOH3

    She was on bp as presley
  8. Newbie

    Hi i have been away from the hobby for about 8-10 years so i consider myself new too!! Pretty much everyone is new except for a few,maybe 5-6 that have been here that long. Thanks