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  1. It’s air bath weather!

    I take air baths, sun baths as naked as the circumstances permit. it feels great. In my case, I'm not sure it looks as great as it feels, though.
  2. This is what I've noticed over the last few decades, strictly by paying attention, following the media, and reading the board here: LE busts mostly happen through a sting. The department sets up a number, gets a female officer to pose as a provider, and they set dates with a bunch of men at a motel room. The department pulls in a bunch of guys. This is an easy bust, easy to prosecute, and pretty good at spreading fear and doubt, so they get a lot of bang for a low budget. Then the department writes a press release and talks about the evils of human trafficking. (And trafficking IS evil when it happens, don't get me wrong). These sweeps, strangely enough, correspond with budgeting periods and elections. The other common scenario is an Asian massage parlor when something sets off a neighbor. Said neighbor registers a complaint, and a brave officer checks out the situation. This usually means a nice middle aged lady from China gets a jacket, a few men's name are published, and the owners always skate (even in a high profile bust like the one that nabbed Robert Frank in Florida a few years ago.). Same thing happened when there were a few brothels around town a long time ago. Some life-hating neighbor would see a lot of relaxed looking dudes leaving a house or an apartment and tip off LE. (I miss Wildflowers. Damn). Now, I don't want to jinx anything, and there's always risk involved. Just like speeding or, hell, taking I-25 somewhere. Crazy things are always possible. It's maybe counter intuitive, but that "high profile" tends to grant you security. For me, the risk is a minor rush outside of the main event, a little shot of adrenaline to liven up the day. But on the scale of things, it's not a big gamble. Happy you took your shot and had a great time. Party on!
  3. Bizarre Saturday at the office

    Damn, Mr.Savoir Faire, that is a fine story. Thank you, and it reminds me of more carefree days a few years ago.
  4. Best Strip club in Denver

    I haven’t been to a club since the Before Times. Back then, I’d vote for La Boheme. The entertainers were cute and often chatty. Diamond Cabaret was pretty professional, too. As the other posters have said, it’s look and don’t touch unless you opt for a private dance. Private dances have run the gamut, depending on the club and, I guess, how much ecstasy the dancer was on. You shouldn’t plan on much more than a booty grab and touching her boobs, though. I like strip clubs and strippers generally. You can if you hang out long enough or if the stars align have an adventure. But the other posters make a good point — you can easily drop $300 and leave with nothing but blue balls and whisky breath. If you’re looking for full-spectrum action, the ladies here are a better value and a sure bet.
  5. Tell me about money

    Thanks, Audrey Astor You're making a lot of sense. And it's good to know what it looks like from the other side.
  6. Tell me about money

    @johnnybgood thanks.
  7. Tell me about money

    Yep, it is an obvious conclusion. But here’s the deal, ilovewomen: I did not have to budget, or save for, or even think much about the roses spent for companionship when it was 200 to 300 dollars per session. And I have, as you say, been around long enough to remember when that could buy you a great time in the DTC. So now—kinda like when I look at the prices of rent or houses or gas—I wonder, well, how are other people approaching this? How are they balancing living in one of the top-five most expensive cities in the USA and still finding some scratch for fun? Are they richer that me and smarter than me? I don’t mind admitting that. I just want to know how it’s working. I see that people are taking a more structured approach to their pleasures. That’s pretty smart. But, you’re right, maybe not a major revelation. Also, let’s note another response to this thread: The poster he’s pretty much bailed on the scene and is seeing sugarbabies primarily. Well, that’s something to consider. Another guy lit everyone up a while back by saying he’ll just go to Thailand for paid companionship. Not my choice, and not something I’d recommend, but interesting to know.
  8. Tell me about money

    The question was: how do you afford to pay for your fun? The rates are part of the question. But I'm not interested in rehashing the topic of rates being low, high, justified, whatever. I understand that expenses have gone up, and I appreciate that providers are doing their best to offer delights at a price that makes it worthwhile for everyone. The 1K/hour ladies are outliers, sure. I mentioned that as an extreme example of a more general trend. Maybe it's a stupid, indiscreet question. But I've often learned a lot from asking dumb questions. So far, the theme is that you budget for it and exercise financial discipline to enjoy the hobby. Good to know.
  9. Tell me about money

    Danielle Rae -- I just looked on On the landing screen for Denver, two women are advertising $1K/hour. That's two out of 24. Three are requesting $700/hour.
  10. Tell me about money

    First, a kinda obvious point for context: rates for companionship have gone up lately. A lot. Now, this IS NOT a rate thread. No! That horse has been beaten to death. And, as a freelancer, I understand that you want to get the best hourly fee you can negotiate. (You go, girls!!) Nope. What I'm curious is, gentlemen: how do you afford it? How are you generating the cash to make paying $1,000/hour an affordable expense? Enough of you must be, or else the ladies would not be traveling here, right? Or, the local talent would have priced itself out of the market. So the rates are being paid, presumably. 9Again, not saying the money spent on companionship isn't worth it.) Where are those benjamins coming from? (In a general, broad way, I don't expect a spreadsheet). Also, if you have legit tips on how I, too, could afford those fabulous women charging 1K/hour-- please pass 'em along. (And yes, I understand about paying more for pleasures, good wine, fine cognac, Wayagu beef, etc.) But the prices are steep and getting steeper. I have the impression that a lot of you are lawyers, or high tech guys, or run your own business. Is that the case? Or is this a deal where you received a sudden windfall, say, an inheritance, and decide that Cinnamon Sweet with that fine, fine derrière is worth a splurge? (This is part of a bigger mystery that maybe some of you could clarify for me, too. I see lots of shiny expensive vehicles. I see high-end boutiques in Cherry Creek and elsewhere apparently doing fine business. The nicer bars serving pricey cocktails are pretty full lately. But I also see the rents and the housing prices and wonder, just how are people making it? Is it all debt managment? Rich parents?)
  11. Rose - Sensual Massage in Boulder

    Somehow, I missed this thread. Sorry for the clutter, and thank you to digivoyeur and the original posters for the info.
  12. Rose - Sensual Massage in Boulder

    Rose 413-209-0359 Colorado Massage Has anyone seen Rose, a masseuse operating out of Boulder: Did a quick Google search on her phone, and a TinEye search on the photos. Didn't turn up anything. Some of the other listings on that platform are legit, a few are obvious scams (unless porn star Tanya Tate is offering HJs all of a sudden). If I do TOFTT, I'll be sure to review.
  13. Strangest experience, provider, client you've had?

    Same here. Never a truly bad fuck or lousy BJ, but those hand jobs, man, they are all over the map. So I did have a strange experience. This greasy kid on Colfax asked me if I wanted a girl. Sure, I said, and followed up the stairs and down the hall of an apartment building. He led me to a room, told me to wait, and as I waited I wondered what the hell I got into. Then the provider walks in, and the strange thing is, she looked exactly like a college instructor I had, and who was super sexy and who I'd had a medium level crush on for the entire semester. At first, I thought it WAS her. It wasn't, I could tell as soon as she started talking. She was amazingly gorgeous naked, we had a great time balling, some of the best sex I've had pro or amateur. boom, I was back on the street. So it was strange on a lot of levels -- that I didn't get rolled, that it worked out so well, that the woman was quite pretty, and that she was so much like that crush of mine. I lurked around for weeks afterward, trying to locate that greasy kid or, even better, that sexy twin. No dice. A one time gift from the gods of sex, I guess.
  14. Is Ashley Madison for real?

    I was a member several years ago, before the breech. It was worse that useless for me. You had to filter through several flakes or false accounts. I've even read that some accounts are actually automated bots, which is likely. I got close to a few women who seemed real and into the idea of an affair, but they would get cold feet when the time came to do something. This makes a certain amount of sense -- you're feeling neglected, or your husband's bugging you, or you're horny and curious, so you get an account. Then you flirt like hell. Then, when time comes to make the leap, you decide maybe it's not such a good idea. In person, my raw sexual charisma usually carries the day, but online, nope. Then the service got increasingly cluttered, and I quit. A serious waste of time and money. As the other posters have said, reddit forums and the lovely women here are much better options. So yeah -- a hard pass.
  15. It’s not just the grandpas in the race for president. All the political leadership in this country would fit right in at the local retirement home. Nancy Pelosi — 79, soon to be 80 in a couple of weeks. Mitch McConnell — 79. Average age of the Senate: 61 — One of the oldest in US History. Average age of the Supreme Court by the next election: 75. As someone who’s aging like fine wine, I think it’s short sighted to shove older people aside as relics. I generally like the generation of people in their 70s and 80s, But I still gotta say my father wasn’t the same man at 76 as he was at 66. I am not the guy I was at 25 or 35. That the entire leadership class of this country could be wearing Depends under those nice suits speaks to a level of corruption and stagnation that’s part of our problems, no matter which side of the aisle you sit on. For comparison Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister: 55 Emmanuel Macron, French Prime Minister: 42 (he won the election at when he was 39) Katrin Jakobsdottir, Iceland, 43 Sanna Marin, head of Finland (and pretty hot!) 34 Whatever the problems those countries have — and they have some—at least they have flexible democracies with some fresh blood coming in.