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  1. Lost my contacts last week😟

    The tech explained a thin mineral film must be removed from the circuitry after drying or it will short out. His advice was do not turn a phone after it gets wet. Take it to a repair shop ASAP.
  2. Newbie

    Welcome cowboy. Hang around, contribute to the forums, and you will figure out who you would like to spend time with.
  3. Lost my contacts last week😟

    I hope you didn't throw your old phone away? I took my phone that was soaked to a place near Parker Rd & Havana . Fully recovered for $65.
  4. 411 on summer?

    That thundering sound I hear must be the White Knight defending the helpless provider with the sullied reputation. Trying to redeem a reputation with responses laced with profanity is the charming part. Yep, spouting profanity is a sure way to win friends and influence enemies. Mind your own business or as one esteemed TOB member once said, piss off.
  5. 411 on summer?

    You are quite the charmer. Did you learn to speak like this in charm school? Starting to sound like the old Katie Creme. Try walking away from the keyboard when you are upset.
  6. How to spot a..

    Read through the ads regularly. Almost every day I notice ads that say "long term arrangements welcome", or "open to a sugar baby situation".
  7. Users Banned- LustyLeah and RJB1354

    This is not the first time a dude has taken on the persona of a woman. For you long time rodeo riders, do you remember JustinCase? This gal had every guy dripping as she described how she liked Greek, etc. She went through lengths to describe sexual positions she enjoyed. For months she teased as guys tried to figure out who SHE was. We all got a good chuckle out of it when we figured out how foolish we were to believe such a creature existed. No pitchforks. No burning at the stake. Just a good laugh at being fooled.
  8. In call share needed

    Hotels suck. You book an appointment, confirm it, show up only to learn there is no vacancy. Another scenario is you show up at the location only learn her debit card won't process and the hotel won't accept cash without a credit card. Happened yesterday. Same crap when a provider books a room and is stuck paying for it when a dude cancels at the last minute or doesn't show. Hotels suck.
  9. Ok, pop quiz hotshot...

    I agree, C is the best course of action.
  10. Need advice please

    Walk in. Give her a big hug. Leave the donation without discussion. Have a good time. Once you are both nekked, you can talk about women, weather, and things of that nature.
  11. Info on mary ryan

    She has been around for a long time under different names, i.e. C.J., Champ, etc. No different than another gal up north with multiple ads. It is called marketing. She only works evenings after 3 pm. She picks up when called.
  12. Spring is around the corner

    Good for you to make such goals! 14ers are tough. I have completed many 50 mile backpack and canoe trips (in my younger days). Now, a full day of fishing sets me right at my age.
  13. Etiquette with "the shot"

    Be aware of a small amount of blood leaking at the injection site for a short time. If you are taking aspirin or any type of anticoagulant therapy, you will have more leakage. Providers will want to protect themselves from being exposed to any blood born pathogens.
  14. 411 on Hailzgrazia

    I interpreted her ad as look but don't touch. May as well look at porn. Too many restrictions to set the tone.
  15. How many times do you see a provider

    Hmm. Sounds like someone just likes to hear them self speak. Not a great way to attract clients. Who are you trying to impress?