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  1. Best fishing spots!

    It is a lot more fun when you catch fish.
  2. Best fishing spots!

    Go through Canon City on Highway 50. Take a left (west) just past town. The gravel road goes through a tunnel where Cat Ballou was filmed. You can fish for miles uninterrupted along the railroad tracks on the Arkansas River. Excellent stream fishing. Only way to get there is walk. Fishing is excellent now. The Leadville area is also excellent for fishing. I was there Friday morning. The fishing was so good, I had to stand behind a tree to bait my hook. No kidding.
  3. Mexican food

    The Blue Agave is best all around. The Rio is trendy, noisy, with OK food.
  4. Wolf Creek Lodge

    Is the OP referring to Wolf Creek Lodge or Great Wolf Lodge in Colo.Spgs?
  5. Careful with screening boys.

    Sorry but #2 giving your work info is a terrible idea. That is all you need is a bat shit crazy provider show up at your workplace.
  6. Private Pool.

    My fav is Boulder Brook on Fall River in Estes Park. Hot tub in the room. Wake up to elk looking in the windows. Very nice. Very romantic. A short walk you can view a herd of Rocky mt sheep hanging out and wild turkey. Not sure about pets.
  7. Rep Points

    I tried to give rep points yesterday but the pop up said I am out of rep points? Only problem was I had not given any points in several days.....
  8. Traveling tips please

    My first choice is is Trip Advisor. Type in Trip Advisor, the town, then restaurants -hotels - things to do-attractions, etc. The reviews are a good indication of the restaurant or hotel. Free. Another app costing ~ $10.00 is All Stays. There is an app just for motels and restaurants. Another for campgrounds, etc. Select which app is best for what you plan to do. This app is really good for long distance planning. Happy Travels!
  9. Companionship for Moab 4x4 Trip

    Perhaps you will get a better response if you post a picture of your rock crawler in your ad.
  10. Peptide 141 first dose experience

    I have concerns about injecting something you buy over -the -counter, that a layman must reconstitute, and does not tell how long it is stable after being reconstituted. I would not touch this product with a 10 foot pole.
  11. Animal Parts

    Let me see now. I do read the OP asked for opinions. A few people have over inflated egos that like to criticize others. So which one is this, Mr or Mrs Punk?
  12. Animal Parts

    Sounds like Phil Donahue has come out of retirement. My Sensitivity Training card expired a long time ago. Fads come and go. I thought about it and I still don’t like animal parts on a pretty face.
  13. Prime Example

    Whew. That went right over my head. That is an area “Greek” to me..
  14. Animal Parts

    Agree. Seeing the cartoon pictures makes me question their intelligence. As soon as I see dog noses in a picture, I move on to the next ad.