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  1. Has anyone seen Lizzy?

    My thoughts.... $500 for a massage. No.
  2. Cursed Out

    I would thank my lucky stars if I had 3 babes to choose from my location. Lol.
  3. Cursed Out

    This is a subject that grinds my gears. I have been in the hobby for a long time. If there is 1 thing that irritates me the most, it is a provider that can't manage her time. I will wait 10 minutes past the appointment time, then I am gone. As long as I am venting... Ladies if I have scheduled and confirmed an appointment well in advance and you can't make it, have the courtesy to let me know you can't make the appointment. Recently I scheduled an appointment days in advance with a provider on tour. 2 hr before the appointment I called for the location. "Oh, I hurt my ...... and won't be there". I live 2 hr from the nearest town large enough to attract a provider. If I had driven 2 hr then learned you couldn't make it, I would have been pis*ed.
  4. Keeping rescheduling

    Yep. Happened to me last week. Found out 2 hr before the appt. Stuff happens....
  5. The white stuff

    I thought this topic was going to be about the first snow of the season. Boy, was I wrong.
  6. Western Slope

    This is true. I have to make a trip to Grand Junction to see the 1 provider that advertises consistently. Her time management skills are lacking, ie., a 10 AM appointment will be 10:30 or 11 AM. But… that is all we have.
  7. Oui

    Don’t let Monday spoil your Sunday.
  8. Ball Busting - Swing away

    Years ago a high school classmate I grew up with came into my office for treatment. He had been kicked in the balls. Later that day his wife came into the office to be treated for a black eye. I wonder what happened.
  9. Fish Tank

    How did you keep the Arowanna in the tank? Those damn things get out through the smallest opening. I would find one on the floor the next morning. Expensive lesson.
  10. Fish Tank

    The key to successful aquariums is the filter you select and must maintain. A excellent quality air pump is also a necessity. Once you get the tank balanced, once a week maintenance will keep the fish happy and the water clear. The big thing is don't over feed the fish. I used to have 37 tanks at on time.
  11. Colorado Springs

    Try or for additional listings for the desired area. Good luck.
  12. What are your favorite car shows in the US

    My favorite is the Early Iron Festival in Alamosa over Labor Day weekend. It attracts car enthusiasts not only from Colorado but also surrounding states. Hotels fill up as do most campgrounds.
  13. To Review or not To Review

    I had a similar experience as yours. Got to the building and waited and waited, then left. I later figured out that the location I was sent to did not have cell coverage for my carrier. Hence, I never received the information until later when within cell coverage. We both were less than happy.
  14. Ed meds

    Happens to the best of us. That's why we are here.
  15. Strap-on Pegging

    Thanks for the public service announcement. I have often wondered where one would go for this service.