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  1. Kyra of Denver, responsive???

    Um, Rick are you new to the hobby? If you read her ad, have your references in order, and follow her suggested method of communication, I think you will enjoy your time with her.
  2. Soccer mom and secretary

    I bet you a nickel she is with DenverLadies.scam
  3. Similar thing happen with a 5 gallon batch of cherry wine I brewed up. Let it ferment, oaked it, bottled it, then tried a bottle 2 months later. It was awful. I forgot about it for a year in the basement. Tried a bottle. Wow! One year made all the difference. I have a batch of apple jack still sitting on my work bench after 3 years. Tastes like shit.
  4. Funky Spunk

    They need to wash their crank. Growing up in a very rural area many of my uncut friends said washing the little man was the best part of taking a bath.
  5. Not enough African-American providers

    I have to agree with Mr. V. The black girls I have been with seem "distant" and not a pleasant experience. Get close but not too close. I guess you can say that about anyone but the weird barriers were perceived. Lol. I am sure your vagina works quite nicey.
  6. On rate haggling.....

    Lol. Can't blame the guy for asking. You should have said you only offer birthday discounts.

    I am beginning to wonder if the person here is Mr. or Mrs. Pfunk.
  8. Can we just agree on this?

    LOL. That is funny.

    Turn her over and approach her doggie style. That helps. Whisper in her ear that you like it tight. With just a little encouragement the little man will be snug. When all else fails try the back door.
  10. Provider diatribe against this site

    Not dead. Life gets in the way. Sometimes a change of scenery is necessary when dealing with family issues.
  11. Provider diatribe against this site

    No worries. If she is only on BP, no danger of me running into her.
  12. Visiting your area for the first time from Arkansas

    Not sure what you are asking???? If you are asking about traffic? Yes, it is insane. Everywhere.
  13. Ok, I've seen it all...perhaps...

    Laci, he only needs 5 minutes or less..... But, he did say he understands if you say no. :/
  14. Waiting patiently

    It is a fine line asking for a review. It can be off putting depending how you ask especially if you ask repeatedly. This is what I would do. At the end of the appointment whisper in his ear that you would appreciate a review. Leave it at that.
  15. Question about massage parlor in cos

    You might want to rephrase your question if you want any discussion.