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  1. Animal Parts

    Let me see now. I do read the OP asked for opinions. A few people have over inflated egos that like to criticize others. So which one is this, Mr or Mrs Punk?
  2. Animal Parts

    Sounds like Phil Donahue has come out of retirement. My Sensitivity Training card expired a long time ago. Fads come and go. I thought about it and I still don’t like animal parts on a pretty face.
  3. Prime Example

    Whew. That went right over my head. That is an area “Greek” to me..
  4. Animal Parts

    Agree. Seeing the cartoon pictures makes me question their intelligence. As soon as I see dog noses in a picture, I move on to the next ad.
  5. Prime Example

    Hmm. I thought she was open minded until I saw her list of no’s. :/
  6. Harvey Weinstein, why are people shocked?

    It is much easier to delete her and ignore her posting than listen to her bullshit.
  7. Has anyone seen....

    I was a big fan of the original Blade Runner. Saw the new version last Friday and walked away SMFH. It gets my award for worst movie of the year. Blood and stabbing for no reason, the obligatory nude scene, 2 men trying to kill each other then suggesting they get a drink instead, etc. I kept looking at my watch waiting for it to get to a good part. The first 10 minutes of the movie are the best. Down hill from there. Just plain stupid. I watched the entire Vietnam series and could not wait for the next episode. I was in high school during Vietnam and did not quite understand all what was happening. The series was no less than excellent in tying the loose ends together of my questions. The draft board was breathing down my neck after they changed the rules for college deferment. I was trying to get in med school and had to have several chemistry courses just prior to getting in. I explained to the bitch at the draft board that I would have to repeat the courses if I got drafted. She replied "you say those are your plans but we do not know that." The draft board only wanted bodies. They did not care how they got them. I am not sure others can understand the feeling of helplessness of the government owning you for 2 years sending you to Vietnam to get your butt shot off for no reason and all the time lying saying we were fighting the Godless Communists. Meanwhile my friends are coming back deaf, without an arm or leg, or just plain shell shocked. What best sums up the Vietnam series was a veteran saying "we were the last generation that believed what the government was saying". The series proved over and over again how Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon were lying to the American public. This is still raw with me.
  8. 411 Avery May

    Plus read the last line in the last ad. Phone sex.
  9. 411 - Corey FBSM

    They were in Aurora for a long time. 2 thumbs down.
  10. so i passed the pet food factory on i-70 today.....

    Every time I pass that place it reminds me of Taco Bell.
  11. I am such a Pussy!!

    I left Florida years ago and do not regret leaving for one minute. My former home is GONE. Flooded by the St. John's River. Temps in the 90's. Humidity in the 90% on a good day. Now imagine you are there trying to recover your life with no air conditioning with the heat index in the triple digits. Denver may not be perfect but it is a damn site better than Florida. Unless you have lived there, you have no idea how hot it is.
  12. HOLY HAIL!!!!!!!!!!

    Jealous of what?
  13. Why don't providers work out?

    Umm, since you are learning your way here, you might look up the definition of 3Gs. Lol. 3Gs might wind up costing him 3k.
  14. Why don't providers work out?

    So what is the difference between this post and a recent post ranting about cactus patch at the Y? I did not see the masses pounding at the door with pitchforks over that post. The herd instinct to jump on this guy is buillshit. The OP looked at pictures that were not accurate. The pictures were posted & represented to be accurate. We have had numerous similar posts so no need to jump up and down screaming this is a bullshit post. Get off your soapbox and direct your attention to the party advertising inaccurate pictures. Some folks like skinny. Some like curvy. Just let the photos be accurate and let the customer choose what they like. Nothing wrong with that.