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  1. Yeast in rolls & I'm not refering to the baked kind

    This is a common problem especially in the South where it is hot and humid. Purchase terbinafine cream in the over -the -counter section of the pharmacy or grocery store. Have him apply it once a day. He has a condition that will not go away without using an antifungal product. After it clears up in about 2 weeks, the above mentioned, talc, cornstarch, etc. will help.
  2. BP-no AA in the ads

    Actually we have a third choice. Choose someone else.
  3. Having Trouble staying Logged In?

    A good friend and long time member said a few minutes ago that he cannot sign in either.
  4. Jerica?

    Whoa.... you are interested in someone willing to trade Capsules for friendship?
  5. What does GFE mean to you?

    Or better yet when she says " just don't wake me".
  6. Introduction

    Maybe he is into oral sex? He just wants to talk about it. Welcome JD.
  7. What makes you beautiful souls happy?

    On the road traveling with a cup of coffee watching the sun come up on the horizon. Which is what I am doing now.
  8. Voicemail Faux Pas!!!

    Silly girl. He was multitasking! Kind of like asking a significant other when she has a headache if she can multitask and have sex too.
  9. Cassidy in Thornton

    I realize everyone has a certain "type" they are looking for in companionship. Armed with that information, in my most gentle tone, I can't figure out what you see in that ad? You risk having the provider not even close to the pictures, and not in a good way. You don't know what you are going to get. Look at the ads here. You have so many choices without the crap that goes along with Backpage. Raise your standards a few notches. On a friendly note- welcome!
  10. New and need help

    PM works pretty good.
  11. Stapleton area

    Stapleton is an island of $400,000 homes surrounded by a sea of ghetto. I used to work there.
  12. Reverse scheduling

    Ah Daisy. How I wish she was still around. I will never forget the picture she sent for her introduction. She was working out on an exercise machine, hair down to her butt, wearing nothing but a smile. Now that leaves a lasting memory. Plus- she was a nice person.
  13. reference psa and rant

    It is more cathartic to rant in public than contact a mod. Just not the same.
  14. reference psa and rant

    Lets be optimistic. Perhaps the YL made a simple mistake and entered your handle by mistake instead of one closely resembling yours. Perhaps someone was endeared with your posting and simply likes you? You may be totally right in your first impression but mistakes do happen. For example, I was given an OK on my P411 account years ago from a lady in Texas I had never seen. When I brought this up with the owner of P411, she said you must have just forgot seeing her. Not likely. I have no idea why it showed up on my account but it amounted to nothing.
  15. FYI Paige Birgfeld

    I watched the program last night. It was fascinating especially having lived there years ago. It was not hard to understand her situation just trying to make a living and provide for her family. What a tragedy. So Sad.