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  1. Eclipse...

    Please tell me this is a joke. Bringing in your animals because you fear them looking at the sun? Why aren't they blind from looking at the sun before the eclipse? SMFH.
  2. Loving the cooler weather....

    Another good trip is to Alamosa and the Sand Dunes coming up over Labor Day. Alamosa hosts the Early Iron Street Festival on Saturday of Labor Day weekend. It is, in my humble opinion, the best car show in the state or region. Street rods, muscle cars, antique cars, restored trucks, and everything in between. The fall weather is cool and always sunny down there. Go to the car show then to the dunes. A truly incredible place to visit. Lots of things to do and good places to eat. One brew pub in Alamosa is on a corner in an old bank building complete with bank vault door in the middle of the restaurant. Get away from metro Denver and see what Colorado is really like.
  3. Dog Bless You…

    I am sure I am going through another mid life crisis. Traveling and fishing are constantly on my mind. The hobby has taken a back seat. (My ATF of many years married and left me for another man). My latest project is installing a 450hp LS engine in my vintage pickup truck. Why? Because I can. Finally I have the time and $$ to afford doing things I never could do when I was younger with clones. If only I had room to restore an antique tractor. Not much interested in ice fishing. I caught a cold once. Hiking a stream and fishing west of Gunnison is my idea of heaven. Summers are too short.
  4. Dog Bless You…

    Pictures or it didn't happen. Sounds like a fish story. I was at Granby last Tuesday. I caught the 2 biggest lake trout in my life that day. (I have pictures ) Fishing was slow in between periods of sheer excitement.
  5. Loving the cooler weather....

    The Peach Festival is this next weekend in Palisade. Book a hotel room in Grand Junction. Attend the breakfast in the park in Palisade. Go to the festival afterward and stay until noon. Pick out 4-5 wineries for free tastings. Go to a nice restaurant in down town Grand Junction for dinner. Walk along the river in one of the parks at sunset. Bring a bottle of wine. The next day drive to Colorado National Monument west of Grand Junction. Go to Enstroms Candies in G.J. For ice cream and toffee. Have a nice lunch at a local cafe. Head back to Denver. Get back to reality with the traffic.
  6. Fort Collins massage

    Agree with the previous post. Real but won't repeat.
  7. Incall....

    Have you thought about up grading to an RV? Love Camp on Wheels!
  8. Incall....

    Try sharing an incall with another provider. I met six (6) providers that shared at one time or another a 2 bedroom apt. One would retire and another would take her place. Network with providers. One provider owned several condos she rented to friends. Network with clients. One client traveled a lot so he rented his house to his ATF by the day. If she had no clients that day, she had no overhead. Just a few out of the box ideas..... Good luck.
  9. Asian lady ads

    I have visited quite a few AMPs lately as 3 have popped up in my area recently. They are convenient on short notice. I too have wondered about the proliferation of shops. I finally ran into a gal that spoke pretty good English. She explained that she was recruited in China knowing what she was getting into. She had to take classes in massage that covered "everything" that took place in the room. Hence, they do provide a pretty good massage and the experiences are remarkedly similar. She rotates between 3 parlors in the Denver area owned by the same individual and occasionally rotates to LA. She said they rotate because guys always are looking for a "new" girl. Some of the girls are very educated and speak several languages. Others are dumb as a stump. Why so many AMPs? Because they provide a service that is affordable and available on very short notice. The language barrier gets old but worth it because they are not charging $300 an hour for FBSM.
  10. References...

    Sorry Bella but this policy reminds me of not allowing certain services until the second date. Not a deal killer but certainly a turn off.
  11. Global Dance Festival friday?

    Count me out.
  12. Travel? What to do? Why?

    Too long, didn't read.
  13. Travel? What to do? Why?

    Great post. Sounds like you are living out your bucket list. Happy travels!
  14. Tips for buying a home here?

    What is SFD?
  15. good area to host in Denver?

    Agree. Denver Tech Center offers more and is the most convenient .