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  1. Leanna 720-277-9795 Colorado Escort Any info on Leanna? I see some reviews on Leanna from 2011, but not sure if it is a same girl though.. She seems to be posting in backpage for sometime now, but couldn't find any latest reviews. Thought I will ask the forum before giving a call to her. Appreciate any inputs... _________________________________________________cached Ad cached Ad Denver escorts July 16, 2016
  2. Other day time jobs?

    they already have a good job and probably making decent amount of money. On top of it, if they provide escort service, it's most probably they like the the NSA sex thing (and of course the additional money comes with it) ... Anyway now I start dreaming of doing hot nurses, teachers, real estate agents whenever I see them...Another fantasy just got added to the list For teachers who provide escort service - hopefully their students don't find out about them.
  3. Other day time jobs?

    Just curious about this - Does most of the providers have other day time jobs? Heard there are providers who are working as a Nurse, Teacher, etc.. What got me curious was the Teacher profession....Now when I see a hot teacher or a Nurse, I start wishing that they provide escort service and I could meet them on a Friday night
  4. Should I lose my virginity to a provider?

    Interesting read... lot of good replies. So orangesmile did u end up in loosing the v card?
  5. Asian Massage Parlor

    It's been a while since I have been here. I was searching on backpage under bodyrub/massage section and mostly noticed Asian massage parlors. Was wondering if most of these places have girls who can provide good massage with HE? Is there any website to find such kind of massage(parlor) related reviews (similar to otherboard)? Appreciate any info/suggestion on this topic. PM with any recommendation based on personal experience is even better