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  1. Content partner on the 29th

    Nothing to be sorry about, we’ve all posted some really stupid shit on here. Congrats on the eight inch hog lol
  2. Content partner on the 29th

    lol I guess shooters gonna shoot! Broski, I believe the following may have been more appropriate. I’m Landon and I’m willing to pay for the following on the 29th. Your full rate for the hour to have drinks, plus another hour to “play”, plus another hour because I have a big dick and lastly, another hour of your full rate to shoot video. By my math, that equates to $1600. I imagine you’ll get some bites on that instead of let me fuck you for free (err a couple drinks)…
  3. If You Won A Million Dollars What Would U Buy

    Take the net and buy JEPI, reinvest the divs and wait until that’s producing 10k/month. EZ
  4. Do You Believe In Giving Second Chances

    Everyone deserves a second chance.
  5. The Social Club

    Hol up! What is this intriguing place?
  6. No coincidences Today

    I’ll bet that dude scratches heads like a mother fucker!
  7. Covered Requests

    CNN, my trusted source when I’m looking for factual information.
  8. Is it me?

    You’re probably right, apologies.
  9. HOT or NOT

    I’m limp… no chance of firmness! Yikes
  10. Is it me?

    Not sure if you’re implying that I don’t care, but I suppose it doesn’t matter. Was just checking in, I get your point though.
  11. Is it me?

    Well the stock market is on a little rally to start the year, BUT that hasn’t translated to any meaningful relief. I wish I had the answers over here.
  12. Is it me?

    Is it me or does it really feel like we’re on the cusp of total disaster? Literally everything is more expensive, by a long shot, than even just recently and we’re being told that inflation is coming down! How the f is that possible? Our President is constantly putting data in our faces that is seemingly false while he tells how great everyone is doing. I’m not an emotional person, but god damn it’s getting tough to see people struggling… Credit card data suggests that lower and middle class families are leveraged to the max while wealthy families seem to give zero fucks. I guess I’m just curious to know how everyone is holding up in this interesting place. If you’re struggling, holler at me. NO that’s not a solicitation for nefarious weirdness or some internet white knight bullshit, it’s just simply an offer because for once I actually care and have some semblance of emotion. Hope everyone is pushing through this chaotic moment in time.
  13. Shaving and Man Scaping

    Damn, reading all the comments is weird because I genuinely thought the solution was widely known, but apparently it’s not. Let me sum this up for you rookies. New blades and a handful of shaving cream is not the answer. This is a three stage process and requires some tools to provide excellent craftsmanship. First you’re going to need a high quality Oster trimmer with different guard lengths for hitting the base, located just under your big ole belly. You will also need a “finishing trimmer” for your nutbag and taint. The beautiful thing about the finishing trimmer is you can run it right on the boys without any cuts… Then you can hit it with the razor. 1: trim base with a #2 guard, 2: hit ball sack with finisher, 3: finish balls with razor. If you’re feeling spicy you should hit your ass crack with the #1 guard and shave your ass while you’re there. Just put a leg up on the counter, unless you’re just a fat bastard… You’re welcome!
  14. Covered Requests

    I actually can’t think of many worse things than a covered bj, but I’m also confused by the need for the fellas to “daty”, which is the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever read, btw… Surprised the ladies allow the fellas to get down like that seeing as the mouth is a crap shoot, meaning they aren’t clean and you never know what’s goin on in there… lol gross. So I guess I’m a hypocrite now! Ladies have cleaner mouths than men though, right??? 🤣 I still can’t wrap my brain around these things!
  15. Cum - sexy or no?

    Where did said surprise land? Seems strange your partner would all of the sudden be weirded out by that.