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  1. NO Bait & Switch!!!!!

    Yeah, but she wrote her name and phone number across her photos so they must be hers...
  2. 411 on Rachel (BP)

    Saul - A Google Image Search brings up references to webcam starlet Kendra Sunderland along with many presumably fake escort ads in a variety of cities. The link below is a collection of photos which contains 2 of the ones in her ad. If Ms Sunderland wanted to work as an escort, I would think she would likely cash in on her notoriety rather than traveling under the radar as "Rachel," but that's just me. I do not have the personal experience you inquired about, so maybe my input is unwelcome, but I would be amazed if you reported back that the girl in the photos actually answered the knock on her door. In cases like this I often offer the provider an out by asking if the photos are her or if she uses photos of someone similar. If she gets mad and defensive, I'm out. If the inquiry leads to dialogue and real pics, I make my determination then. Safest course of action is to ignore the voice in your head and move on, but I know how difficult that can be. Good luck. https://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/4246565/kendra_sunderland.html
  3. 411 on Maria (BP)

    At least one of the photos comes from this twitter account: https://twitter.com/XXXskypeXXXfun and the last photo has the same bookcase and photos in the background. IMO it is unlikely that the taught, toned, well-kept babe in the photos will be on the other side of the door and looking to share the goodies, but I don't believe in Santa or the Tooth Fairy either.
  4. 411 on Lola Fierce from CO Spgs

    Thanks Johnboy. I appreciate the research and the fact that you resisted the temptation to chastise me for shoddy research. I finally found an old 411 thread while doing a search for images on the web, and found the reviews that way. Searching on TOB I never figured out that she was Lola-7103, and I didn't click on enough reviews in the search results to find her. Cheers!
  5. 411 on Lola Fierce from CO Spgs

    Lola Fierce 720-315-5053 Colorado Body Rubs I'm curious whether anyone has seen this YL. Her website has been up for awhile, and she is very responsive and personable when texting. Her photos and her manner have really got me going, but I'm getting a faint tingle of self-service, which would be grossly disappointing and which I'd like to avoid of course. Any insight will be appreciated. Thanks! https://myscarletbook.com/denver/7203155053/ http://www.lolafierce.com/contact.html
  6. 411 on Body Rub Girl Madison?

    I keep finding myself tempted. She has posted periodically for quite awhile, yet no reviews. Anyone had the pleasure? http://denver.backpage.com/TherapeuticMassage/its-your-favorite-doll-madison-here-to-play-with-you-squeeze-tease-and-please-you/30997212
  7. Anyone seen Jessica on BP?

    I saw Jessica a little over a year ago. Definitely the girl in the pics, pretty new then, and a bit nervous. Not a lame R&T, but not intimate enough for me to go back. Been toying with the idea of seeing her again to see if she has found a groove because she is so damn fine.
  8. 411 on Ariah Fae

    I saw her several years ago in Boulder. Nice lady, does FBSM. Very concerned about HPV and used gloves at the end .
  9. 411 on BP MELT with HAPPINESS / Amber?

    Amber 720-327-2605 Colorado Body Rubs I'm curious if anyone has info on this provider. http://denver.backpage.com/BodyRubs/want-to-melt-with-happiness/24828975 Also http://denver.backpage.com/BodyRubs/exotic-colombian-latina/24814674 There seem to be a couple of providers who's ads have very similar approaches, ie "only message if you are ready now or within the hour" and "$100 Flat rate HOUR. (Hour Only) Satisfaction Guaranteed." which seems to indicate an agency, but the second ad deviates from this formula. She has been posting for a while so I thought I would ask before TOFTT. Thanks in advance for anything you dig up.
  10. 411 on Mia

    I don't have any intel, but I can sure see why you are interested. She's kinda got an Olivia Munn thing going on. Nice!
  11. Old members you miss the most

    For me the providers I miss most are Monet/Maestra and Audrey Luv. I'm not active enough on the boards to know whose informative/clever/crass/humorous presence I am missing out on.
  12. 411 on Reina

    It appears to my untrained eye that she (or her "representative") are attempting to direct market a Latino clientele with this ad. The Spanish used here is relatively effective, but not that of a native Spanish speaker as there are many spelling errors and it reads like Spanish words and English syntax. This in itself wouldn't give me pause, she seems to be trying to exploit a new market segment. Give her a call, perhaps she can whisper words of encouragement in both English and Spanish?
  13. 2 important 411's

    Dude - A simple search for Violet in the reviews section will net you at least 5 reviews of this young lady.
  14. Nuru

    I 100% agree, Angel and Epic.
  15. 411 on 'petite natural beauty'

    There certainly is a risk/reward factor with BP. My 5 favorite body rub providers have come from BP, hot, sweet, and interactive. I have also been threatened, disappointed, and disgusted at times. If you are doing this in part for variety, you eventually end up on BP. To each his or her own I guess. Those of us who do the BP thing definitely appreciate the honest posts and reviews from the brave souls on the front lines. No reason to let others suffer or miss out on a keeper.