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  1. 411 on this Brighton Beauty

    Good luck Engineer. I have no personal knowledge but have also seen her ad on Tryst which has a different phone #: https://tryst.link/escort/brittany69683
  2. Monica Fantasy

    This has all the earmarks of a scam website. Amazing hot babe for bargain basement prices. Explicit description of sexual services offered. My guess is they are either harvesting personal data or it is a come-on for an only fans site for this yl: https://www.instagram.com/fuxkjazbaby/ A photo search comes up with 100s of off-brand porn and escort sites. Pretty elaborate website but I wouldn't click on any links or provide any information. I'd give you less than a 1% chance of ever meeting this heavily photographed and publicized online babe, but good luck!
  3. Farrah Katz on Tryst

    I visited Ms. Farrah today. She is 100% legit. Beautiful lady, photos accurate, excellent FBSM experience.
  4. Ava Boulder

    Dear Goof - Sometimes you have to take a chance to find your thrill. What I see is a carefully and artfully worded and composed website in which a lady acknowledges the need for discretion but asks for reasonable verification given the vulnerable position you will both find yourselves in. You can look for ghosts like grainy photos and talk yourself out of it and no one would fault you. You can also ask yourself why someone would go to the trouble of constructing that website just to get a photo of you holding your license with the address obscured? If I were as intrigued as you obviously are I would proceed through screening based on what I've seen on the ad and likely follow through with an appointment as she seems thoughtful, intelligent, and discreet. In the end you can always ride the coattails of others or you can be bold and satisfy your curiosity. Good fortune Sir! PS she also has an ad on Tryst: https://tryst.link/escort/avaoak
  5. I visited Leeloo today. She is legit, friendly, and gorgeous.
  6. 411 on Jessica - Tryst

    She is real. Photos are real. Go with confidence. Language barrier apparent during screening yet seems to disappear when fun starts. I saw her in September but she mentioned leaving town when she texted me in early December so I don't know if she is still in Denver.
  7. 411 on Ayla (Tryst)

    Ayla was a member of a group of lovely young ladies providing all tease and no please "sensual" massages with upsell at a number of incall locations around Denver. Obviously now independent. Can't say she hasn't expanded her offerings and I haven't seen her personally so your experience may be better than others have reported. See below for link to previous thread regarding Ayla:
  8. Nina Colorado Massage Yes, I understand, likely TGTBT, questionable reliability of ad site, but dang it I get intrigued every time she pops up (4 or 5 times a year). Has anyone had the pleasure of Nina's company? Any intel appreciated. https://adultsearch.com/colorado/denver/female-escorts/1732054
  9. 411 Stormy Ray COS

    I have no direct experience with this provider. The fact that there are many photos of her with a boyfriend/SO on the instagram page linked to her ad would give me pause. Certainly not saying a provide shouldn't have a SO, I would just want to be darn sure there was no chance of them appearing unexpectedly during an appointment, and the IG photos on this account would make me less confident of that.
  10. 411 Claire by cherry creek

    I saw her a couple of years ago. Photos are idealized/photoshopped photos but still cute. I don't recall rude, but controlling and ready to shut down any nonsense, also some upselling. I Apologize if that qualifies as a review.
  11. Anyone have any info?

    She also advertises on RubRatings https://denver.rubratings.com/250923 I have to agree with ilovewomen as to the ultimate outcome, but also with Hunter that getting an hour of undivided attention from a young, hot, partially nude young woman can't be a bad thing. At that donation you are not risking a whole lot, but in the end you may have to be master of your own domain.
  12. Sabella Las Vegas

    I have no personal knowledge of this lovely lady. I agree with your intuition that you are unlikely to get home with a woman that looks like that in Vegas for $300. It isn't out of the question, but the $300 could be an appearance fee, the photos could be old or heavily edited (she lists her age at 37 which could be 47) or she could be someone else completely. Vegas is a tough town, do some investigating, the worst that can happen is she shuts you down, and that is an answer in itself. Ask her if her donation is all-inclusive or a starting point, ask her if she'll face time you or send you a selfie. You get to verify too. There are no guarantees in life, if you gotta see her, you gotta see her. In the end it's only $300, not a huge risk. Good luck.
  13. Rose - Sensual Massage in Boulder

    I've seen Rose twice. Absolutely real and exactly as depicted. Go with confidence.
  14. 411 on Madeline Hart on Tryst

    I can second funtimes50's sentiment. A sensual journey describes the experience perfectly. Absolutely legit and enjoyable.
  15. 411 on Lydia Lavelle

    I had the same experience as Vaildog. Beautiful lady, very sexy, but lots of rules and directions, and seemed determined to finish the session with time to spare. Her RubRatings ads sometimes list the name Lydia, and I'm sure it is the same lady. I'm guessing you could negotiate around the deposit, but maybe just answer the RR ad and ask about upgrades? Happy Hunting.