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  1. An educational article written about TOB

    It reads like Ms Amanda walked into the project with some pretty heavy handed biases, and had a hard time viewing the site’s content past her own preconceived notions about sex work (i.e. it’s all sex trafficking) and the folks who partake. I don’t think she did much research past a couple of hours trolling the forums and reading a handful of reviews, found enough information to justify her already established point of view, and/or twisted it around enough to fit the narrative of a book she read. Regardless, it’s an interesting find.
  2. Oasis

    Definitely, she was a good one! It seems a lot of girls have been running into bad situations lately…
  3. 09112001 0646 Where Were You

    I was 20 and stationed overseas, it was around the end of my shift and I was logging on to check my email and saw that the first plane had hit. I ran out and grabbed everyone and we watched the second plane hit on the news. The entire dorm had a party that night, it was all alcohol, testosterone, loud music, and aggression, one of the only times I've seen so many people bond over one thing. We were pissed and ready for war.
  4. Favorite Roleplay Ideas

    How about the pizza delivery girl: "I'm sorry miss, I seem to be light on funds. Is there some other way I can pay you?" Or the plumber girl: "Thank God you're here! I've got a pipe that's all backed up and ready to burst, it's just in this room over here..." Or the nerdy IT technician girl: "I think you'll need to crawl under the desk and check the hardware." Or the martial arts instructor/student: "Now grab here, and wrap your leg around here, and pull in like this..."
  5. Maybe. But a professional sex worker, who's career is to turn men on, jumps naked into bed with a regular client (who's relationship up until this point has centered around sex) with absolutely no intention of having sex with him, after spending the whole day with him, and she's surprised/shocked he wants to bang one out? I'm not buying it.
  6. You're absolutely right about there always being more to the story, and I guess that was partially my point, that part doesn't fit. Eh, regardless, I doubt we'll get any more than this, and it's not really any of our business anyway.
  7. What I don’t understand is why would she jump into bed naked and say "closed for business"? That just seems a little cruel to me. Otherwise, yeah, lots of bad assumptions made all around. Hopefully you get the chance to patch things up, OP!
  8. Is Ashley Madison for real?

    Considering the hack and that 99% of the posts on there are either bots or scams, I personally wouldn't give them my payment information. If you're looking for affair sites, try looking around reddit. They have their own affair boards and some suggestions on other apps and sites to use (tinder and doublelist come to mind, but admittedly it's been a while since I went looking for a mutual affair).
  9. Petition for Decriminalization

    This is undeniably true. I was too young to care about politics when Reagan was president, so I can't speak to any of his policies, but to his credit this quote is dead on: "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the Government, and I'm here to help. "
  10. Petition for Decriminalization

    This comes up almost every year as a political talking point, and every year it fades away into the background. I want decriminalization as much as the next guy/gal, but I doubt it'll ever happen, at least not in the way providers and clients want. If the government is willing to go through the effort of no longer making prostitution illegal, they're probably going to want to just legalize it and wrap it in red tape and taxes so they can profit off of it too, likely introducing a new sin tax, requiring permits, enacting zoning restrictions (not allowed in residential zones, within 5 miles of a school, within city limits, etc), and so on. But that's only if they can get it by the morality police first. Here's to hoping I'm wrong!
  11. You can take my COVID vaccine if I don't.

    Anecdotally, when I get the flu vaccine, I get the flu. When I don't get the flu vaccine, I don't get the flu. I haven't got the shot in three years and I can't remember the last time i got sick. Besides, I'm in no hurry to get a vaccine for something my own immune system can handle. Also, I too was a guinea pig for some very suspect vaccines during my military service, and I'm not eager to go through that again. Finally, a vaccine developed at a rapid pace with no long term testing, by big pharma companies which all stand to make billions, for a hyper-politicized thank you. I'll happily let others take that leap of faith.
  12. Hey Friends..I wanna Get Nosey :)

    I picked up running again. Got really into board games (the more complex the better). Found out that I enjoy the hell out of building lego technic sets, and find the lock step direction of it therapeutic in a sense. Got way too involved in local politics. Gave up alcohol because it wasn't doing me any favors during lockdown(s). Now I'm patiently awaiting warmer weather so I can start working on improving my landscaping.
  13. Lack of legitimacy

    A website is nice, but I don't consider it a necessity. I can usually get all the info I need with a text, PM, or email, plus it's an easy start to open that line of communication. I don't consider a website a sign of legitimacy. Reviews on here make validating easy, but in the absence of those a P411 and/or original pics is a great start (even better if you can see her face). Also, providing a meet and greet option is usually a good sign. I'm more than happy to provide whatever screening information she wants, it's only fair. Just no deposits.
  14. Rising asset prices

    Wow, really?! I mean, you would think that if its too expensive prices would eventually adjust naturally when clients stopped calling. It had to be a pretty toxic situation to take it to the point of getting organized.
  15. Rising asset prices

    I don't get the point of rate threads, and there's a new one every month. This is a luxury, legally debatable, hobby. If you can't afford it, move on. It's not like we're going to band together and boycott hookers.