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  1. Grooming

    I know I prefer a small landing strip or shaved on a woman so I try to be very neetly trimmed. I do find it interesting that some like the full bush
  2. Just wanted to say hello

    Welcome, good luck and enjoy yourself
  3. Death or Sex?

    I got 10 right, thought i was better than that

    I have never gone to the Golden area, only for the reason that its to far away for me. I know this is not much help for you, I just had to put my .02 in
  5. business trip to Boulder next week

    Just need to do some research, There are some TOP Notch girls there
  6. PLUS 1 here I think the professionals are the way to go.
  7. I am not getting 6, I dont think even when I was in my 20s I was doing that
  8. Then what would I do most of the day at work?????
  9. I cant even imagine what you would be like for a travel partner ( although it would be fun to find out )
  10. OK.. so whats the deal here?!

    Tori, I agree with the other guys with this being unacceptable, good luck with your business
  11. The horse isn't quite dead...

    The reasons we dislike or have "preferences" are usually pretty shallow. Edited 5 hours ago by Lucy Kitten I guess every has a different view of shallow
  12. How many times do you see a provider

    I am proud of you Laplace keep up the good job
  13. The horse isn't quite dead...

    I disagree. That would be like the age old Chevy vs Ford battle. Everyone has a preference . Just because someone feels different than another does not make them wrong.
  14. Why should we stay???

    Thats Funny Kandi
  15. Positives about the new TOB

    Like with anything else... People have to allow time for change, not everything is going to be perfect on the first try. I do like that I see more women responding and posting
  16. I would like to introduce myself

    Hello, Welcome, There is a great bunch of guy and girls here. Enjoy your self
  17. Welcome, I wish you nothing but good luck and good clients
  18. Justina, I think you need to block him and report him to P411. I have had clients that call me at allhours of the night when they got flat tires or ran out of gas, those are customers that got fired. Good luck Justina
  19. Ladies and NOT giving references. I have a Rant!

    There are some women that wont give references, I personally think its crap because they have screening requirements. I have listed a couple of women that would not give references even though I had seen them a few times. I have made it a point to not see those girls again. Along with this goes some women wanting too much information !
  20. Who's free tonight

    Really???? WTF. Get a clue
  21. Tattoos

    I think it depends, I have seen sone sexy and some trashy ones there again bueaty is in the eye of the beholder.
  22. Place your hands behind your back Your under arrest Good topic Justina
  23. Location?

    I still think DTC because of the easy access from I25. Plus my main location is DTC.
  24. Outfits....

    I love to see a woman in a corset preferably a color other than black. If a woman is coming to me, I want them to dress very casual with a very sexy bra and panty set under it all
  25. Your worst hobby date?

    My worst was going to visit a girl and getting yelled at three seperate times before I even reached her incall. That was all I needed to let me know that girl was not worth seeing.