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  1. Who's on top??

    Thanks all I appreciate response!
  2. Who's on top??

    Ok ladies this one is after a topic I saw on Twitter, do you avoid being on top??? I saw a tweet where a lady was bragging about the many ways she would avoid being on top and the number of women joining in with the excuses as to why they don't do it.
  3. Too Soon for Spooky Things?

    I love this time of year, Hunting open up, Skiing starts soon hate pumpkin spice
  4. Tongue or No Tongue?

    I like kissing, i like it even more with tongue as long as breath is good and teeth are nice. Bad teeth would put a halt on kissing for me
  5. Melissa is a LEGEND. I can say she would have never kicked a guy out unless he was disrespectful
  6. Range

    Centennial gun club is great! I love my membership there. If you want to shoot a bunch fast try their VAST range
  7. I'm being Catfished!

    I am sorry, I have seen you and did not think most of the pictures you used were you.
  8. 411 on EmilyDMV

    What do you want to know? she has reviews from several people
  9. Visual turn ons

    For me its a great set of eyes and a smile
  10. Halloween

    Nikki, are you wearing the messy dress? handing out cigars? LOL
  11. Burning Man

    All I can say F**k Yea I had a blast there
  12. Recommended doubles?

    You just need to do your research
  13. Deposits

    I understand your frustration with NCNS and last minute calls, as a self employed mechanic for longer than I care to admit I know none of my customers would even think about paying a deposit, ( Hell most dont even want to pay diagnostic when they dont fix the car). I would not ever pay a deposit Just my 2 cents
  14. Fall in love with client♀️

    Jen, I can see how someone could fall in love with a client, (god knows many customer have fallen in love with a provider, including my self.) The young lady I still have a soft spot for retired from this and moved in with me for a bit until the newly wed bliss wore off. She has since moved on and out. We still bump into each other once in a while ( God I miss her Sunday pancakes). Sorry your guy ripped you off, Good friends someyimes are the best
  15. I slew The Dragon today

    Great Job Bit