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  1. Does it Matter to You?

  2. Deal Breaker: Her/His profile said . . .

    I wish I had a p441 account. I was stupid to not have paid for one.
  3. Sooo Slowwww

    If you didn’t adjust your withholdings last year in January, you very well may have been upside down at tax time. Just sayin.
  4. TOB blocked at Starbucks

    Blocking is a very sad state of affairs.
  5. Did she or he?

    Yes yes yes! I try to make it more about her then me! I know that might go against the grain.
  6. International day of happiness

    The thing that makes me happy is giving. I have said this here before.............. You are either generous OR you are not. That is what the mirror is for.
  7. There is a fine line between being assertive and being aggressive. Go slow with the gals will be rewarded! The only thing that matters is R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Happy Trails!
  8. What's wrong the nowadays porn!?

    Very little sensuality in today’s porn. There are some exceptions. The rough stuff for me is not accurate as I am a sensual giver. Way to much fake incest. Not a turn on for me. Just sayin’
  9. Happy Birthday Audrey Astor

    I know it is late........... Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Audrey. Happy Birthday to you! And many many more!
  10. AOC / She's Hot, You're not

    My my, where to begin? You are dead ass wrong about Trump supporters...... We are extremely happy about the fiscal decisions that have been made. You snowflakes that are so concerned about social issues that it clouds the positive fiscal accomplishments. Let me guess, you still believe in Russian collusion. Yea I thought so. It will be a great day after the 2020 re-election. You will have 4 more years to bitch! Bottom line on your post is YOU GENERALIZE. Not a very good look for you.
  11. What is your Poison?

    My poison............ TOB, whisky and very hoppy IPAs!
  12. Standardization of Reviews

    This thing is a true mistory. I will never review anyone.
  13. Standardization of Reviews

    Strong point.
  14. Happy Birthday Laci French

    Happy Birthday Laci French! Go do something you have never done before, on your birthday! You have left such a lasting impression with everyone you that has meet you. Salute.
  15. Old tv shows! What are you re watching

    I don’t use Netflix or Hulu. Every Saturday I’m always up early and watch several episodes of The Rifleman on AMC. I luv how wholesome that show was..........a part of my Americana!