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  1. Late starting appts

    It’s one thing to delay the start time after getting inside the incall location. It’s another thing to be parked and kept waiting. The former is okay the latter is not.
  2. Spinners

    Spinners is a dominos game. Actually a very fun group game. The answer to where to find Spinners is............. game store or even purchase it online! I hope this helps you.
  3. Colorado Springs

    Welcome. Have fun with all of us sarcastic souls here. You should have some fun.
  4. If your crotch was...

    Highway to hell.
  5. How dolled up do you like your girl

    The clothing and makeup really don’t matter. The majority of the time it’s skin to skin contact. That’s what is all about.
  6. You Denver Girls are the Best

    I have had the opportunity to meet a familiar friend and a new friend recently. Yes, these Denver Girls Are The Best! Oh my!
  7. What do u do for r&r?

    Visit a lady I have not been with and enjoy her company.
  8. First meet - ladies outfits

    I make this request each and every time...... Bathrobe and birthday suite. Simple.
  9. New to this forum part of TOB

    Have fun. Welcome!
  10. Whitelisted

    I have never left a review or asked a gal for a reference. Every gal I have seen I would see again. I would bet they would see me again, we both shared fun times. The memories are priceless. I understand why there is a whitelist here.
  11. A Little Help Please

    I thought it was Perfect Ass White Girl.
  12. What’s your ATF book to recommend??

    The Happy Hooker by Xaviera Hollander.
  13. Hobby clothes?

    Maybe this would work........ Request no perfumes, oils or incense when you set the date up. I have never had a problem.
  14. Describe your cooking

    Overindulgence with flavor!