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  1. Sometimes you just wonder

    I sure wish you would of had the opportunity to give him a knuckle sandwich! That guy is nothing more then........... Trash!
  2. Florists

    God Bless you a million times over. We are all pulling for you. This will pass.
  3. Peter Fonda RIP

    He made choppers cool!
  4. HH vs HR

    I think you get to savor more of the experience with a hour. For me, I don’t want to rush away such a good time!
  5. Jeffrey Epstein Is Dead

    Good riddance to bad rubbish!
  6. BBFS Providers

    It will be good when school starts............. The OP will be in class and won’t have all this time to start such stupid fucking threads!
  7. ATFs

  8. Your Dream Ride

    1970 Ford Torino Cobra with a 429ci engine.
  9. For the Old-timers...

    Here’s one........... Casey Kasem’s American Top 40. Sundays 1:00 pm till 5:00 on KYSM radio in Colo. Spgs.
  10. For the Old-timers...

    Don’t forget all the beauties that appeared on........... Love American Style. I will now be singing the theme song all day!
  11. For the Old-timers...

    I don’t remember Pepsi ice cream floats. Coke ice cream floats RULE!
  12. For the Old-timers...

    Space Food Sticks......... Ahh, the memories of their taste!
  13. For the Old-timers...

    Talking to a young auto mechanic about changing out distributor points and condenser. He looks at me and turns his head back and forth and says.............. “What are distributor points?” I turned my back and walked away.
  14. Massage

    One of those vibrating beds in a cheap hotel that has a slot to put the quarters in. Buzz Buzz Buzz
  15. Taking chances with secret encounters

    Way way way too much risk. A hair, a comment from a neighbor, other family member stops buy, perfume or lipstick smear ................ No Way! Way way way to much risk. Just remember............ Your net worth will be cut in half and your future will NEVER be the same!