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  1. Happy Birthday Lucy Kitten!

    Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Lucy Happy Birthday to you! And many many more! Although I have yet to meet you face to face I enjoy your banter on twitter! Have a GREAT Birthday Lucy!
  2. Historical in the Springs?

    Cave of the Winds in Manitou is fun to see and original. Phantom Canyon brewery downtown is a great beer joint downtown. They reference the real Phantom Canyon which is south of Victor CO. It’s a great scenic drive that is good for 2wd cars. Makes nice for a day trip. Hang out in the Garden of the Gods for a couple of hours to see this wonder. Drag the gut on Nevada on Friday nights. Just be careful. Kings Chef Diner at Bijou and Nevada has great burgers and Green Chili!
  3. P411

  4. P411

    Mine is down again too.
  5. P411

    Their twitter page says it is a hardware failure in the EU.
  6. Best/Worst Experience

    Maybe this will help this thread to get back on track……… I can say that out of every encounter I have had there are always positive thoughts. Always. Looking back I remember only one that did have more negatives then positives. The session was a complete train wreck. After arriving I was told no kissing except for the peck I received when I arrived. Only covered french which I had never read about in the many reviews the gal had. Those were the negatives I had never experienced in a session. This reality is be………. COMMITTED TO RESEARCHING before making contact!
  7. Her previous name was Olivia Martinez. There is one TER review.
  8. RIP Jeff Beck

    This is a tough one for me. Quick spreading Bacterial Meningitis got him. The hits just keep a coming.
  9. 411

    From her twitter page it sounds like she is on hiatus or retired. Her twitter is…… @xXdreamkittenxX
  10. Missed retired providers

    Mine would be………. Brooklynne, Nina Faulkner and RoxyRottic.
  11. JR Wolf April 29th, 2022 RIP

    I wondered what happened to JR. I liked the contributions he made to TOB. He had so many real life stories about the adult scene that was long before the internet. People, places and a memory that was unmatched. My first toast this afternoon will be in his honor!
  12. Guys and Gals

    A desire to be with a sensual women and variety is why I keep coming back.
  13. Ed meds

    I’m curious…….. why not ask your doctor for a prescription?
  14. Christine McVie

    I liked her so much. I still can’t stand Stevie Nicks.
  15. Favorite Female Body Pary

    By the way……… It’s the eyes………. you know within the first few minutes if there will be mutual favorable bliss.
  16. Favorite Female Body Pary

    I luv the direction this thread is going!
  17. What's Your Perspective?

  18. Why is Denver so Special?

    I got this……….. 1) Visit Rose Marie. 2) Visit Rose Marie. 3) Visit Rose Marie.
  19. best bbbj with cim in Colorado Springs

    Cherry I’m doing the best I can with that!
  20. Just joined!

    Welcome! The one tip I would recommend is………………. Let the search function be your guide! Its in the “Activity” box at the top of this page.
  21. Question for providers as well as gents.

  22. Your Idea Of a Perfect Provider

    My idea of the perfect provider is………….. A lady that will accept my request for a second visit! Lol
  23. Ray Liotta RIP

    He will be missed. Only 67 years old. I watched Goodfellas this past weekend. Way to young to pass.
  24. Famous or Semi-Famous Sayings

    These are easy ones…… 1 JFK 2 Ronald Reagan
  25. P411

    Mine is doing the same thing.