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    Hello Everyone.. I hate to be the one to bring negativity to the FORUM however I just want the other Providers to be aware that there is deff a Guy who is attempting to pull a fast one and he not only tryd with me but two other Providers that almost went for it,,, this is the scam lady (or man) there's no phone convo person says they cant talk at work and then says there na,me is Lauren and she is in cali and want to set up a session to surprise her husband ,,, want the provider to get the hotel room, and meet her hubby there and she will come in on the session unexpectedly and then slip an envelope in the providers bag allegedly wants to keep the fact of compensation out of the mind of her hubby idk... the potential client had no references had no way of getting the hotel secured it was all up to the provider ie, payment and hotel in provider name? when i went to verify the number i found it to be a text app and they mentioned they had a business providing house cleaning in the nude as well and offered me a job doing that had i been willing to interview for the position by sending nude pics.............obviously this is a scam however this person is so smooth that two providers almost fell for it... when it was all said and done they threatened bad reviews for my friend who is a provider and has over 80 reviews and any logical person would hopefully look past one bad one but ladies we all know how detrimental these reviews can be. Just wanted to put info out there so that no one else wasted there time on this client because it is only a scam nothing is legit or can be proven as such. Thanks everyone Triple X LeXXX xoxxoxoxo
  2. Dealing with Blackmail

    Hello TOB .. Ladies, Gentleman. I like to consider myself professional and discrete using good business practices, big on privacy and discretion.!!!!!! I have met a lot of great people and TOB helped me to grow. So excuse me for taking so long to get to the point I was hoping someone could give me some advice on how to deal with the issue of BLACKMAIL . Was dating someone who got to know me on a very personal level., (m so naive) once I was ready to move on the person began to blackmail me threatening to send pictures of my ads to my Job and my leasing office for my apartment, the threats got worse and I got tired of it so I obtained a restraining order., I even moved across town. Now that I am no longer playing his game by his rules he has decided to try his best to sabotage me., Posting fake ads on low budget sites spreading crazy rumors.. even hacking into my email account and obtaining my contacts and contacting people at random saying awful things that I don't even want to repeat. Now with all that being said I would like to apologize deeply for anyone that may have been affected by this. Also please know that I have taken extreme preventive measures to ensure that all information remains completely confidential. Now with that being said what can I do to fix the situation and gain back peoples trust; Anyone.... any advice? I've worked hard just to have it taken away by false information. THIS ISN'T JUST EMBARRASSING BUT ITS DEVASTATING AS WELL!!!!!!
  3. Threatening a bad reviews as blackmail

    OMG.... WoW .. I' m almost speechless. I took an unexpected break from TOB early this year because of this situation .. BAD REVIEWS VIA BLACKMAIL. So last night was my first night back on TOB in a couple months and today here I find myself in the forum seeing whats going on an whats new ... and well well well, apparently I'm not the only Provider who has to deal with ignorant issues. However this does have me wondering what do you Gentleman think when you see a provider who up until a certain point has steller reviews and then BAM out of nowhere she has a big fat thumbs down and is definitely not recommended?!? Do u take it with a grain of salt and do some more homework or is this pretty much a deal breaker? I'm genuinely asking. I pride myself on good business and I do my best to accommodation my clients and when I'm not feeling a good vibe or perhaps they seemed aggressive or hesitant for simple information, pretty much anything that makes me feel uncomfortable I politly let the person know that unfortunityly I dont think its going to work out good luck and have a great day. Beilive it or not I had a guy tell me that he was going to make a review on me, I replied how could he if he had never seen me! Needless to say BLOCK AND DELETE. SMH
  4. Colorado Springs

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  5. Helpp

    How do I change my password??
  6. Blacklist

    Hi Im not brand new..but I am still figuring all of this out... I guess im naive but I thought the term blacklist just ment I blocked u in my phone ..for whatever reason..ie..missed appointment..vulger language... Disrespectful..but theres an actual site I can go on? Can someone please fill me in...lol..but not really lol..😐
  7. Similar Names

    Yesss..I completely agree..Im Lexxx..its a sexy lexy a sexii lexii..a Lexy its crazy..but im Jus Lexxx .but ive heard of girl with the same name doing some of these things..it too late to pik another name...but its like damn..smdh..ugggghhhh..an i feel u
  8. Pictures

    Alot of providers on TOB have some amazing pictures....wondering if anyone has any suggestions im wanting to have some proffessional ones done ...can someone point me in the right direction...lol. Lexxx
  9. Hands down TOB is the best...

    Thanks LACI FRENCH
  10. Hands down TOB is the best...

    Im always trying to find different places that I can advertise sence backpage shut down...when asking clients where they saw my ad i noticed only a few people knew of any other place too look ..im guessing because TOB has been around for a while..skip the games..onebackpage..live escorts review..there are several but not many know about them..so i started to include my TOB link ect. I have noticed an increase in response ..just wanted to share .
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    Thank u too all of you.. every one has been so nice!!🤗😘
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    Hey everyone..I'm semi new to TOB... however I'm enjoying the professionalism I'm getting Just saying hello and introducing myself. I'm Lexxx thank You.