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  1. Helpp

    How do I change my password??
  2. Blacklist

    Hi Im not brand new..but I am still figuring all of this out... I guess im naive but I thought the term blacklist just ment I blocked u in my phone ..for whatever reason..ie..missed appointment..vulger language... Disrespectful..but theres an actual site I can go on? Can someone please fill me in...lol..but not really lol..😐
  3. Similar Names

    Yesss..I completely agree..Im Lexxx..its a sexy lexy a sexii lexii..a Lexy its crazy..but im Jus Lexxx .but ive heard of girl with the same name doing some of these things..it too late to pik another name...but its like damn..smdh..ugggghhhh..an i feel u
  4. Pictures

    Alot of providers on TOB have some amazing pictures....wondering if anyone has any suggestions im wanting to have some proffessional ones done ...can someone point me in the right direction...lol. Lexxx
  5. Hands down TOB is the best...

    Thanks LACI FRENCH
  6. Hands down TOB is the best...

    Im always trying to find different places that I can advertise sence backpage shut down...when asking clients where they saw my ad i noticed only a few people knew of any other place too look ..im guessing because TOB has been around for a while..skip the games..onebackpage..live escorts review..there are several but not many know about them..so i started to include my TOB link ect. I have noticed an increase in response ..just wanted to share .
  7. New to TOB

    Welcome 😘
  8. Hello TOB

    Thank u too all of you.. every one has been so nice!!🤗😘
  9. Hello TOB

    Hey everyone..I'm semi new to TOB... however I'm enjoying the professionalism I'm getting Just saying hello and introducing myself. I'm Lexxx thank You.