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  1. If you have nothing nice to say

    The first post was way too long and I didn’t read it. I just wanted to pop in and say that Megan is hilarious. I wish she had a stand-up comedy special on Netflix.
  2. Dining with your friend

  3. Dining with your friend

    Sex Ed is important. I recommend everyone do their own research. Know what to look for and get tested regularly and you’ll be fine. I personally get tested monthly. You should get tested after every new partner you dance with 😉
  4. Is P411 dead?

    I am waiting for the day that they accept providers again 😢
  5. Curious

    I wish I could see my first reviewer more often. He’s quite handsome and we have major chemistry 😍
  6. Hottest unintentional movie character?

    Aw yes, my favorite! Dining at the Y
  7. Hottest unintentional movie character?

    Lmao!!! Not Rachel 😂
  8. PSA-Illness and taking your vitamins

    This time of year I do not recommend kissing lol can we all switch to Eskimo kisses until March?
  9. How too for the new crowd. Do’s and Don’ts.

    I personally don’t reply to “hi, sup, are you available, how much” It just smells like newbie. In life you only get one chance at a first impression.
  10. Strippers make lousy escorts.

    I had an encounter with an escort who happened to be a former stripper and I fell in love a little bit lol so I am utterly, shamelessly biased.
  11. P411 Status

    What about a provider wanting to join 😢 I want to play too! Lol
  12. Dynamic Duos

    Just go to the ads section and pick two girls and ask if they will do a duo with you.
  13. Strippers make lousy escorts.

    Strippers are more sensual and physically beautiful (in my humble opinion) than non strippers and that’s a fact lol but yes you will get hustled to hell and back.
  14. Thanksgiving Plans

    A back up turkey is a great idea! Left overs for days Have you tried deep fried turkey? Would you recommend it ?
  15. Thanksgiving Plans

    Anyone getting creative with their turkeys? 😂