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  1. Red Flag?

    This one is a question for the ladies. So let’s say you receive an inquiry from a gentleman that seems polite and innocuous. He shares his TOB references with you and you notice that all of his references were added on the same day. Same thing with his reviews. Also he just joined TOB a week ago. My question is: if he was legit why is all this activity going on within a week. Am I being paranoid?
  2. Today

    This response is so spot on that I am a bit turned on. Don’t mind me.
  3. Quick Car Date

    Lol! It’s a Beyoncé reference 😅
  4. Quick Car Date

    “Driver, roll up the partition please!”
  5. A Screening Conundrum

    Sorry if someone already suggested this but it will save you a lot of headache to put rates etc on your website. That way you can direct potential clients to the helpful information. Whether or not they actually read the helpful information is not guaranteed 😅
  6. Eros?

    I guess the only way for a lady to prove she’s real is to keep up with social media? That’s a great way to tell. Look for her twitter/switter/ig
  7. Eros?

    I don’t understand how ads are fake? I had to submit photos of my drivers license etc to prove it was me in the photos, as well as prove I was of legal age. The ladies of Eros have high end marketing. Eros and TOB providers couldn’t be more opposite in terms of their marketing. Does that make it seem like they are fake? Or did you meet up with some providers and they were clearly not the woman in the ad? I’m extremely curious about the client perspective. Thanks in advance ❤️
  8. Lady Friends

    Welcome! People here are super friendly in my opinion, you should have no problem finding like minded ladies ❤️
  9. Ladies choice

    Bigger cities (NYC, LA etc) are going to be more expensive in general. I don’t think someone who charges upwards of 400 for their time is greedy or full of themselves. This is a business for a provider, nothing more or less. I would think a provider would raise her rates once demand is higher than her willingness to supply. It’s just basic economics.
  10. Parking lot questionable vehicles?

    I’m glad I’m not the only one with an intense fear of elevators 😢
  11. For the Ladies

    I’m not talking about clients I’ve seen before and had a great time. I mean a complete stranger lol In any case, our conversation would be much better in person anyway 😅
  12. For the Ladies

    Ok Ladies! Would you consider it rude if a gentleman wants a seemingly endless conversation with no intention of booking you? What is the etiquette for conversation? Maybe I just haven’t had my coffee yet and that’s why I’m aggravated? I need answers 😂
  13. Worst Movie

    The third 50 Shades of Grey movie 😩 It’s supposed to be freaky, nasty BDSM and yet they only have boring missionary sex with their clothes on most of the time 🙄
  14. Recent text message-

    Lol makes me want to tear out my hair and run screaming into the night 😅
  15. Time to hang it up ?

    Thank you! I’m a quick learner 😘