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  1. Looking for a surrogate provider.

    Seek therapy beloved
  2. It’s that time again..

    I’m embarrassed to be from Colorado and not know how to ski/snowboard. Can anyone recommend an instructor or just general advice? Also: ice skating.
  3. Those dinner dates could be trouble 😱

    I wish people could mind their own business 😅 the world would be a better place.
  4. Are TOB references useful as references?

    Providers aren’t notified when someone shares references. Your username is just added to a long list of other usernames. The best course of action is to send her a message notifying her that you shared the references. I hope this helps ❤️
  5. Stranded

    Lol! We printed out maps and had a legitimate excuse to be late.
  6. Stranded

    These past few days have been quite treacherous! Thank god for all the uber/lyft drivers ❤️
  7. SNOW DAY!!!

    I make a killer hot chocolate & kahlua cocktail 😉
  8. Wearing out your welcome

    It’s easy to assume the guy is simply taking advantage, 90% of gents arrive wearing a watch.
  9. Snap chat ladies?

    To the ladies that may be reading this: Do not give away for free what some would eagerly pay for. Listen to the OGs
  10. Where did they go?

    😉 *
  11. If you don’t provide references you can’t ask other ladies for references. That’s just unprofessional and dumb. It takes 2 minutes out of your day to help keep the community safe. You honestly have a lot of nerve as well as bad karma coming your way. Do better.
  12. New Member

    Pick a lady you think is cute and plan the date a few days in advance. If you wait till the last minute you probably won’t get what you want, just like every other aspect of life.
  13. Seeking Advice

    Definitely reach out ❤️
  14. Newbie and black

    Don’t give up! You must be feeling down in the dumps right now but I promise it will get better. Being a newbie is tough in all areas of life but through time and experience you’ll be able to iron out all the wrinkles ❤️
  15. So does it really matter

    What about the opposite end of the spectrum? When you start to like someone too much and agree to stop seeing each other before things get carried away....sigh
  16. Netflix and chill type of experience

    Don’t let a few bad apples ruin the whole bunch, love 💕
  17. Things that go bump in the night!

    24/7 😫
  18. Why are some hobbyists so disrespectful?

    Life is cyclical. Every generation says “kids these days are so rude and entitled” “back in my day I walked up hill both ways to school and broke my back for my elders” please give me a break 😅
  19. FBSM With Kissing?

    Kissing is sexy! It’s the tongue and slobber that I have a problem with 😅
  20. Kid in a candy store

    I’m a huge softy and would probably fall in love with the first provider I booked. This lifestyle is hazardous 😅
  21. BBFS Providers

    Can we ban this clown? Smells like bacon to me
  22. Today I got an email presumably from P411

    Don’t negotiate with terrorists. Send the email to the junk file ❤️
  23. Arriving at the appointment.

    Door cracked! And you with a bottle of champagne inside a brown paper bag 😍
  24. ATFs

    I don’t mean to take over your thread so i apologize in advance. But I met a provider back in October of last year for a duo. Obviously her body was to die for and her apartment was spotless. Ultimately what hooked me was her inviting, warm personality. She made me feel like we’d been friends for years. I’ve never met a woman so sensual and feminine. I couldn’t figure out whether I wanted to be her or be with her. ☺️