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  1. Remi from Eros

    Do people trust Private Delights?
  2. Remi 202-935-6958 Colorado Companion Any information on Remi who is advertising on Eros would be appreciated. I did the usual searches and found very little. Any help out there? https://www.eros.com/colorado/files/5460383.htm?cat=1
  3. Gia Westbrooke Colorado Companion Any information on Gia? She is advertising on Eros and says Denver is home, but I have not seen her before. She could be new or UTR. Curious. Thanks all. https://www.eros.com/colorado/files/6270456.htm
  4. 411 on April Waters

    If you are concerned about whether she is legit or not, I can confirm she is. She is an independent that used to use the same scheduler as quite a few high end ladies I used to see. Every one of them was a top shelf performance. I would not hesitate. To be clear, I have not yet seen April. But, I am verified with her and will be seeing her when our paths next cross.
  5. Hey ladies, what are the reasons for no AA?

    Her body. Her rules. For any reason of any kind, a provider can say that she will not see an individual or group. I know the question was more of curiosity, but I just think the above needs to be said.
  6. 411 on Cleo

    Yikes. Thank you.
  7. Cleo 213-861-4033 Colorado Companion Does anyone have any information on Cleo on Eros? She has been responsive to my texts, but says that she is new and does not have reviews. Wondering if one of you people with your better sleuthing skills can find out any information. Thank you. https://www.eros.com/colorado/files/2753353.htm
  8. I believe "Her body. Her rules... in all cases".
  9. 411 on Amori Bordeaux

    Well, I TOFTT. So many of you have done so for me so figured I owed the community. But, it was easy. Turns out she is traveling with a friend who I had actually seen before so that removed the worry. Very legit!
  10. Amori Bordeaux Colorado Companion Curious on any information on Amori Bordeaux, 678-759-6569. Ad is on Eros at https://www.eros.com/colorado/files/4968256.htm?cat=6208&wn=1
  11. 411 julez on tryst

    Probably not. There is no purpose for including your sentence about local ladies at all. You could have said, "I am a proponent of supporting male providers" or "I am a proponent of mustard AND ketchup on hot dogs" and it would have been just as relevant as what you said. I don't think any cares about what you like to do. Good for you. The question was about something different. I am obviously just having some fun with it all and I had no problem with your original reply. But, when you called out receiving negative reputation, it needed to be explained why.
  12. 411 julez on tryst

    I would guess it was because your comment was off-topic to the post. That's nice that you support local ladies, as do many of us. But, it was irrelevant to the question. Go create your own thread to discuss that topic.
  13. Current turn-ons

    For the last few months, I have been turned on by women in fishnet stockings. That was not anything that ever I noticed before. I don't know if it is a fad or just what I am now. But, wear some fishnets and I am yours. It got me thinking... What is a turn-on for you that pretty new to you and not your usual thing? Something that you have not noticed in the past, but now can drive you wild just thinking about it?
  14. 411 on Kat Green

    I knew hate was going to fly over my positive contribution. It is people like you two that make this community a shit show. Two different providers that I saw independently for years moved to this scheduler after I first saw them. Don't trust it, totally fine with that. Make your own decision. I appreciate the folks who have PMed. You two bozos can suck yourselves.
  15. 411 on Kat Green

    I have not seen this particular provider, but I know her scheduler who works with many independent high-end providers around the country that I have seen. Once you get verified, the world opens up.