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  1. Pet peeves

    Just for fun. What are some of your pet peeves? Not the stuff that makes you angry, but more of the eye roll kind. A couple of mine are these. The guy who says in a review that he debated writing the review because he wants to "keep her all to himself". Umm, bud, I have news for you. or the guy who admonishes other guys to "Take care of her" or "Treat her nice". Thanks for the reminder. I was thinking on being extremely rude to her until I saw that. What else related to this business causes you to roll your eyes?
  2. Atlanta georgia

    PM sent
  3. How do you take your coffee?

    I am your typical "addicted to Starbucks". I like their dark roast with just a hint of cream.
  4. Standardization of Reviews

    I really want to know only a few things. 1) That it is a legit provider and not LE. Only multiple reviews, regardless of what is written will convince me of this. 2) That she is not a scam or bait and switch. 3) That her pics were accurate. None of these have much to do with the text written. Though I do enjoy reading them, the details are nice to have and not a necessity.
  5. Denver!??

    I keep thinking that I need to come to some type of "arrangement" on my rental condo when the next renters leave. I figure I can make both myself and a lady happy. LOL
  6. What is the...

    What is the funniest, nerdiest, most outrageous or original outfit you have worn to an appointment? Would like to her from both the men and the women. For me, I was coming from a Halloween party and walked in dressed as a priest. Both the irony, and the look of shock on her face, was worth the price of admission.
  7. PAIN

    Stubbed my toe. Darnedest thing. Felt pain for like 5 minutes or even more. Still haunts me.
  8. Standardization of Reviews

    I have been happy with the reviews. I have had some rejected - most often because they were too vague and the provider did not have other reviews. It seems to me that, as a woman gets established, the reviews can be more general, but early on, it makes sense to give more details.
  9. Puffies???

  10. 411 Serenity Snow

    That would qualify. Eros verified only commits to the person being in the adult industry. Self service would apply.
  11. 411 Serenity Snow

    I TOFTT and I am happy to report she's legit. Review submitted. Per forum rules, PM in the mean time if curious.
  12. Which one?

    I agree. If I had discovered this hobby earlier, I never would have gotten married (and divorced).
  13. Which one?

    ...or do it as I did it. Start in Amsterdam where it is legal, then Germany where it is legal, then Canada where incall is legal, then the US....
  14. It always strikes me...

    It always strikes me how some beautiful ladies can get all kinds of reviews shortly after coming on the scene and other equally beautiful women can go forever without getting their first. I have waited and waited and waited on providers because they do not have reviews only to find out they are legit and wonderful. Given my job, I cannot TOFTT so I must be patient for more daring souls. It makes me curious. What are some other things that you, as a provider or participant, have observed about this industry?
  15. 411 Serenity Snow

    No one? Dang. Anyone willing to give an opinion given the above information. She is Eros verified, but I know that is not foolproof. Just want to make sure not LE.