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  1. What we need is...

    This is exactly what I meant. At no point did I say that people without reviews could not post. Just that some of us are only interested in verified providers only.
  2. What we need is...

    ...said the guy who has never done a review and joined 3 weeks ago. LOL Anyway, many of us on this board would not see an unverified provider. I should have used "unverified provider" instead of "riff raff" as that was a poor choice of words. I apologize to the women if any slight was taken. Not my intention.
  3. What we need is...

    ...a way to filter out any listings that have 0 reviews on them. Remove the riff raff fleeing Backpage.
  4. Marketing

    Correct. But it is not promoting if you are truly asking about things to do or similar.
  5. Marketing

    I know that a lot of boards have shut down their advertising section. I notice on several of them that have done so, you can still get to profiles and such by clicking on a provider's name when they start a thread in a forum section. So, if you are a provider, why would you not simply start a thread asking about the area as you will be "visiting next week", or something similar. Guys are smart enough to know what you really mean. I keep thinking of that scene from Jurassic Park with Jeff Goldblum.
  6. Deal killers and the opposite

    There have been many threads over the years on things that turn you on or turn you off. Was curious though on any very specific small physical things that may seem minor to other people that are either a deal killer or make you jump in enthusiastically regardless of other factors? For example: Nipple rings and tattoos on a woman's lower arm = deal killer for me. But, long nipples or wonderful abs and it is all back on the table again. The struggle is real....
  7. I Failed!

    Most guys masturbate while thinking about sessions they have had. He has probably had an orgasm over you 3 or 4 times already....
  8. Triple the fun

    For my 50th birthday in September, I am looking to do a triple - 3 women. Been a bucket list item for a long time. Looking for ladies who are into me and equally into the other women. Does anyone have any recommendations they can PM to me or, if you are a provider, please PM me.
  9. Mona BP 323💋406💋9542

    My bad. It was on this link that came up when I googled her phone number. https://www.eroticmonkey.com/mona-escort-sacramento-198649#erotic I then googled the two usernames listed in that link and it led to the link I posted above. Mona is just my type. Hope to find out she is legit!!!
  10. Mona BP 323💋406💋9542

    Here is a link to a user profile for one of the people that reviewed her on N6's link above. If you can verify that he is legit, she is most likely legit. https://www.nightshift.co/profile?userid=24779
  11. 411 on BP Chloe

  12. Well reviewed, but Lakewood

    Well, I am happy to say that I took the plunge and do not regret it. Review submitted. The YL was not aware of Lakewood's reputation when she moved there.
  13. Well reviewed, but Lakewood

    Yes ma'am.
  14. Well reviewed, but Lakewood

    Be fair - I have posted 29 times to your 46. I have been more active on TER as I have a traveling job and seldom see providers in Denver. I guess I am not seeing what your point has to do with the validity of my question?
  15. The Dirty Talk Challenge

    I find that describing the effect that the woman is having on me is one of the more effective ways to dirty talk. While inside of her, gently whispering how hard I am because of her body, her mind, her moves. That she is the one who is making me this hard and telling her what is happening to me is simple honesty and exciting. Have had a woman cum just from describing what I was feeling because of her.