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  1. 411 on Smokin lil blonde

    4 no's out of 6/7 reviews is "stay away" in my book, too many beautiful woman with glowing reviews!
  2. im new here

    Yes very nice, where you been hiding all my life? 😍
  3. Too many bp are coming to tob

    Not a good time to visit any newbes or ads without any reviews!
  4. 411 on Anadoe69720

    Anadoe69720 407-428-7919 Colorado Companion Just curious if anyone had any info on the young lady calling herself Anadoe69720? Pics look great but no reviews yet to date...
  5. Disappearing Listings??

    New laws in effect, best to read about posting ads over again, new rules for changing times...
  6. Why even review now

    Agreed... Now let's all have a great 3 day weekend!
  7. Why even review now

    I think when dealing with a provider you are unsure with I think a PM to some previous clients might be helpful, I know I wouldn't mind answering a few questions to relieve someone's concerns. Just my 2 cents worth....
  8. 411 on Smokin lil blonde

    Bunny 407-428-7919 Colorado Companion Just curious if anyone had any info on the young lady calling herself bunny or swedish bunny? Pics look great but no reviews yet to date...
  9. References on TOB

    Mine says "request reference blocked" anyone know why? And what can I do to fix it?
  10. Escort Ads by State Cheat Sheet

    Miss you Syd. I think I'm in need of an early Xmas gift for myself..😍
  11. New review category?

    I'd like to offer a new review category for us Gentlemen to use, for those of you acronym people I'd call it "IA" for Immaculate Appearance, because for you ladies who spend all that time preparing for us you should be rewarded or acknowledged for your hard work. I've had a couple recent examples of that lately for me and oh my God how perfect every inch of these ladies were, nothing out of place, smooth as a baby's bottom, sweet smelling like a bouquet of flowers! But we've all seen the opposite as well and while I'm not trying to speak badly of any ladies who don't prepare as much for us I do want to highlight the ladies that do, thank you ladies, I for one do appreciate your "off the clock" work as much as your on the clock efforts. 😘😘😘😘
  12. 411 on Cleopatra of Matchless

    Cleopatra 954-906-2179 Colorado Escort Anybody meet up with her this weekend in Denver, no reviews listed... Pics accurate?
  13. Miss Marcie Colorado Escort Just wondering if anyone had any recent contact with MissMarcie and what they felt about her, pics accurate? Any problems or issues to speak of?
  14. Ladies.... picture or no picture?

    Ladies I was just wondering how you felt about clients having or not having a profile picture? Just throwing it out there for new gentlemen for considering what is the preferred method. Thanks for your time..😍
  15. Nicolette Marie or Hailey Bee?

    Who cares what she calls herself, its her performance that pays the bills so to speak, and I can for one say that her beauty and comfortableness makes her a must see, if CIM is big for you look elswhere, same goes for the tongue. Shes likes being safe, if somebody doesn't like that then that's their problem not hers. She does do bbbj when many others don't. Its personal preferance and they have that choice just like you do on who you'd like to spend your money on. Bad reviews often comes when someone expects something and doesn't get it. Clear communication with your provider solves most issues. Shes a hot college cheerleader type with a smoking hot body, I'd see her weekly if I could afford it!