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  1. What did you do to stay alive during the blackout???

    Just so glad to have you all back again! Amen to all you ladies....
  2. What did you do to stay alive during the blackout???

    Can I cum over and help dirty it?...😘
  3. What did you do to stay alive during the blackout???

    Okay gentlemen find you favorite lady and take her dancing this weekend! Show them how much we care and how much we'd miss them if they went puff like tob did the last few days! I know I'm ready for some attention...😍
  4. Providers asking for deposit

    Understand it from the ladies perspective, hate hearing about all the missed appointments but I'd never pay a deposit unless I'd already met the provider before...
  5. Enough "honeybee's"

    Okay ladies, we have enough honeybee's in Denver now, can we find some new names? If you need some naming advice feel free to pm me I'd be glad to help.
  6. 411 DenverBabeNicole BANNED

    Yes please! Video, video, video!
  7. 411 babyjordann

    303-502-9661 Colorado Companion Anyone made contact with or have any info on babyjordann?
  8. New to Denver

  9. Anyone notice a lot of men low balling them

    There you girls go again picking on John again, I'm It's hard being a John in this hobby, I'm always being talked about.
  10. How Many

    It's like instructions to put things together, you go back and read them once you're in trouble not before, like who hasn't done that?
  11. 411 on Naomi March

    Well I'm meeting her tomorrow so I'll be sure to come back and give you my 2 cents worth! I sure hope she's the girl in the pics....
  12. new vetting process?

    Had a new one hit me recently from a provider who asked for a pic from me prior to our meeting (said she wanted to know what to expect upon my arrival) So does this raise any red flags to anyone out there or is this just a new way for some to feel more comfortable? Would you reply back with a pic or turn and exit stage left? Thanks for your time...
  13. 411 on Rosie?

    Rosie 808-469-1349 Colorado Companion Anyone seen this ladys pic before, she looks familiar but can't place her.. Rosie 808-469-1349
  14. 411 on SamanthaSex-FAKE

    Samantha 209-600-3581 Colorado Companion Any info on this Beauty? join today two hours ago
  15. 411 on NikkiLikki

    NikkiLikki 303-594-6599 Colorado Companion Can't find anything on this cutie, anyone?