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  1. Ummmm ....... I'll pass.

    I'll pass on the AI bs, that's why the review process is as it is. Not the person in the photos I'll pass and review to indicate as much.
  2. 411 on Nikki Nichole

    I think this is why these forums have taken a turn to silence, nobody can ask a question on here without ALL the pros coming out and kicking dirt in their face, lots of assumptions by you how about going back to basics to what our parents taught us! "If you don't have something nice to say then don't say nothing". You will be gone soon and these "newbies" will be running the show so let's teach them common courtesy instead of hate!
  3. Yellowstone is back!!!

    Best show on TV!
  4. Shots on Goal Assumptions

    I always schedule for 1 hour, sometimes I take the full hour to complete my mission sometimes it may only take 20 min, I just feel like something should be offered by the provider for the remaining time. (I don't want to assume) I've been offered another round, a massage, a mutual shower or even just some snuggle time and chat. Even then I'm usually on the leave early side vs being late. Just my 2 cents
  5. Ms. Torrington

    sign me up!
  6. Adrianna Marie Colorado Companion Anyone have some info on this beautiful lady?
  7. 411 on Emmeline Positano

    Her TER link....
  8. 212-509-2110 Colorado Companion Caught her on TER with 6 new recent reviews all spectacular but then noticed all are first time reviewers. Red flags are waving but has a website as well so I'm hoping someone has more info about this beauty.... Last pic on her site looks familiar, any help appreciated.
  9. Rip off artists

    Agree with the owl here, get a review written ASAP, you could be saving the next victim.
  10. Trust No One

    I sure don't understand why you can't just tell the community who this scumbag is, we have our way of leaving a review of any bad behavior on your part so why can't you? Come on TOB help this lady out here.
  11. 411 on mskali66

    Thanks MM and ILW, my big head was saying the same thing but the little head kept pulling me toward her...
  12. 411 on mskali66

    Aurora 469-271-3857 Colorado Companion anyone have any info on this lady, she seems to be on many sites out there but no reviews and all pics all come back to her advertising.
  13. Tell me about money

    Ok DJ, you ask for specifics I'll honestly do my best.... 1) prioritize your spending 2) save! 3) if you work 40hrs a week, work 45 or 50! 4) if extra hours aren't available at your job get a second 40 years I've NEVER not been able to find some work somewhere! These ladies earn every dollar they get and then some, we all look for a bargain its human nature, if their price is out of your budget move on or better yet save up till you can afford their luxury service.
  14. Tell me about money

    I think that is why DTC is so popular because the prices per night are very reasonable with many rooms under $100 per night, even the Sheridan in DTC is only $120 per night and is a great location, but back to the original post for us guys about the cost vs value and are we all lawyers or high tech guys or what, I can promise you that I am none of the above but I do have a set amount per month I use for this entertainment. I know some guys who drop $500 for a night going down to see an AVS game or Broncos game, I don't do either because I'd rather be in the arms of one of these lovely ladies for an hour or so. But to each his own, some like their 75 inch TVs or 80K Tesla's, again I have neither...But I do have some wonderful ladies I meet on a regular basis because they are my Tesla or 75in TV at least for that hour or so!
  15. Happy April Fools Day!

    Well I have to agree with the Queen that injuries or death should never be included for an April fools joke. My best (my kids tell me all the time it was the best) was on a April 1st that landed on a powerball drawing day, yep we were all around together that evening and after the drawing I held up my ticket and said I won, thankfully they never checked my ticket to be sure the numbers matched or it would have been a short joke. My son the oldest was figuring out all the tax deductions and came back in about 5 min declaring we just won 124 million after taxes with the cash option. They all jumped around like they all just won the world series or something, they started calling friends (I let them to deepen the burn) and they went on like this for almost an hour before I said lets celebrate and go get an ice cream, I broke the news over banana splits and milkshakes. Fast forward 5 years almost to the day when they repaid me with one of their own April fools pranks! They were all together shopping or something and borrowed my nearly new truck because of the room when I get a call from my Son saying: Dad I'm really sorry I don't know what happen but I hit a parking curb and heard a big thud and then the engine died and after we got out and opened the hood there's a big puddle of oil underneath. So I jump in my Sons little Ford Focus and headed out to chew him out big time, thinking all the way how he could be so dumb. I get there and they all sitting on a curb next to my truck dinking milkshakes and eating banana splits, my son handed me my milkshake and said April Fools!