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  1. What a Lovely Day!

    Yes it was, spent the day by the pool with a cold drink in my hand catching up on some days admiring the beautiful ladies! Wish everyday could be like today!
  2. Garden of the Gods Or Idaho Springs? // Altitude Sickness

    Garden of the Gods hands down for 1st timers, I could sit there and admire the beauty all day! That's just my 2 cents my love...🤗
  3. New to Denver...suggestions for food in dtc?!

    So many possibilities tell us what kind of food you prefer and if you have any price range?
  4. Suggestion

    I tend to agree with pfunk, only once for me since joining in 2014. But I try to do my research and tend to stay away from the ladies with multiple "no shows" my time is valuable to me as well and there are so many beautiful ladies on here that have stellar reputations why risk it? If these did really happen to you then reach out to the community to get some advice on your screening techniques to avoid a 40% blue balls situation! 🤣🤣
  5. 411 missmya

    Wish one of experts would TOFTT and fill us all in.... LOL
  6. Memorial Day weekend

  7. Memorial Day weekend

    Okay badboy, I apologize if you think I was referring to every younger kid today, I was referring to a majority of them that is all. I love to take in a couple cold beers whether I'm at a Rockies game, and outside Cafe or just people watching on the 16th Street Mall. The one constant that I see over and over is that 17 to 25 year old group and how disrespectful they are to anyone around them. It's like so many of them have never been taught any manners at all. They often mock and make fun of old people, disabled people, overweight people in an open manner that lacks any sensitivity to the people watching them act this way. I also have two well raised childen in this age group and I'd still pop them up beside the head if I ever seen them treat others the way I see "some" of these other kids do.
  8. Memorial Day weekend

    My guess is 3/4 of the younger crowd 18-30 don't even think about the meaning of this weekend, just an extra day off work! So sad! God bless America and ALL our brave soldiers....
  9. Good morning Colorado

    I've always seen myself as more of a dog person than a cat but this morning I'd rather be like the cat here! 20190521_043022_EZInSave.mp4
  10. Late starting appts

    I like being a few minutes early as well, because you never know about traffic but I NEVER EVER pull into the parking lot of the incall until I get a green light text from my appointment lady. I park nearby (busy restaurant or fast-food joint is my preference) Just my opinion but you should never sit in the car at an incall waiting for the come up text...big red flag!
  11. Smile or Duck lips?

    A great smile and eyes looking at the camera are my favs and key to my heart! (and my wallet) but many won't show face for privacy concerns which I totally understand.
  12. Riding...

    Oh yeah, warm weather and sunshine!
  13. Ladies from Matchless Beauties?

    Copy that.....
  14. Ladies from Matchless Beauties?

    Jenna 954-906-2179 Colorado Companion Just wondering if anyone has visited ladies from Matchless Beauties lately? Kiara and Jenna are currently visiting...
  15. What's the oddest place you've done it???

    Teenager, ferris wheel during a equipment breakdown and we were stuck on the top! (for awhile she was stuck on top of me) I still think about the girl today, she wasn't scared at all, a rarity today!