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  1. new vetting process?

    Had a new one hit me recently from a provider who asked for a pic from me prior to our meeting (said she wanted to know what to expect upon my arrival) So does this raise any red flags to anyone out there or is this just a new way for some to feel more comfortable? Would you reply back with a pic or turn and exit stage left? Thanks for your time...
  2. 411 on Rosie?

    Rosie 808-469-1349 Colorado Companion Anyone seen this ladys pic before, she looks familiar but can't place her.. Rosie 808-469-1349
  3. 411 on SamanthaSex-FAKE

    Samantha 209-600-3581 Colorado Companion Any info on this Beauty? join today two hours ago
  4. 411 on NikkiLikki

    NikkiLikki 303-594-6599 Colorado Companion Can't find anything on this cutie, anyone?
  5. Where Will You Discover Us?

    TOB and 411 for sure, if we get more ladies to switch their ter accounts to a Toronto location we'll have reviews back and all will be as it was. The ladies need exposure to clients and the gentlemen need reviews to weed out trouble.
  6. Favorite Parts

    Toned booty and legs, great kisser the rest is just icing on the cake! All women are beautiful in my mind, in their own special way....
  7. Were Is Everyone Posting?!

    411 is still my most reliable site, and with some help I've finally been able to access ter again and read some reviews. Always a way around new rules and regulations just have to feel through the dark and take a few hits on the shin...😊
  8. 411 on summer gypsy?

    Thanks mates,to many bad vibes for me, I'll pass
  9. 411 on summer gypsy?

    Summer Gypsy 720-809-3788 Colorado Companion Can't find any info on this number anywhere, does anybody have any information on this girl?
  10. 411 on Smokin lil blonde

    4 no's out of 6/7 reviews is "stay away" in my book, too many beautiful woman with glowing reviews!
  11. im new here

    Yes very nice, where you been hiding all my life? 😍
  12. Too many bp are coming to tob

    Not a good time to visit any newbes or ads without any reviews!
  13. 411 on Anadoe69720

    Anadoe69720 407-428-7919 Colorado Companion Just curious if anyone had any info on the young lady calling herself Anadoe69720? Pics look great but no reviews yet to date...
  14. Disappearing Listings??

    New laws in effect, best to read about posting ads over again, new rules for changing times...
  15. review details

    Agreed... Now let's all have a great 3 day weekend!